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Soundbar Speaker

Soundbar Speaker
Better QualLity Lower Cost OEM For Your Brand
AUSMAN Soundbars

OEM Soundbar Speaker Manufacturer & Supplier In China
Can't Add Your Local Market Features To Soundbars?
As one of the leading Multimedia Soundbar manufacturers in China, the AUSMAN soundbar series offers you a wide range of options, including various shapes, colors, sizes and functions. 

We use high-quality raw materials and manufacture according to the international ISO system. This series encompasses mainstream elements and provides customized options to for worldwide market needs.
1000+ Clients Choose Us 
 Your Ideal OEM Factory 

Custom Soundbar Speakers to Enlarge Your Business
What You Need Is A Unique and Competitive Product
When tailoring solutions for customers, we take into account global market technology trends, popular elements, and consumption patterns in different regions. So, our Sound Bars are not only of high quality but also distinguished with unique features, making them more competitive.
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Soundbar Speaker: A Serie Worth Your Attention
It Will Add New Possibilities To Your Sales Business
With the increasing demand for high-quality audio, the Soundbar extends beyond TV use. Nowadays it serves as a portable speaker for various life scenarios, witnessing strong market growth.

Featuring a stylish design and easy portability, the soundbar delivers an immersive music experience anywhere, anytime.
Whether in a home theater, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, or outdoors, it provides excellent sound effects to you.
wireless soundbar speaker used in kitchen
Kitchen Music In Daily Life

Indoor Entertainment Parties

Music while watchign books
In The Living Room

Soundbar Connect with VR equipment
Connect with VR Equipment

Friends chatting on the beach
Friends Chatting On The Beach

Outdoor Leisure Vacation

AUSMAN: Your Leading Manufacturer in China
Find A Reliable Supplier For Wholesale Is Never Easy
As a professional OEM manufacturer of Soundbar Speakers, our manufacturing capabilities and experience can help you solve problems related to soundbar design and development. Therefore, you can customize the most brandable and competitive soundbars here.
Our 9 Advantages In Soundbar Manufacturing

1. Experience:  10 years of soundbar speaker manufacturing and exporting business.
2. Style Selection:  Over 40 mass-production models.
3. Case Materials:  Precision processing of materials: Plastic/Metal/Wood.
4. Tactile Option:  Offer Cloth/Silicone/Spray and other surface process to accommodate customers
5. Full-Channels:  2.1/3.1/4.1/5.1/6.1 channel soundbars.
6. Tailored Size:  400 mm/760 mm/880 mm/920 mm/980 mm length size options.
7. OEM Solution:  Logo/Enclosure/Color/Sound Solutions/Inputs/LED Lighting/Software, etc.
8. Development:  Idea to production in 30-45 days.
9. Cost Control:  Provide competitive Soundbar Price For Wholesale.
Soundbar wireless BT subwoofer
Soundbar wireless BT subwoofer
High Quality 2.0 Channel Soundbar Wireless Bluetooth Subwoofer
Soundbar with Bluetooth For TV
Soundbar with Bluetooth For TV
Bass Boost 1.0m Soundbar with Bluetooth For Home TV
Outdoor Bluetooth Soundbar
Outdoor Bluetooth Soundbar 
Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer
Wireless Soundbar Speaker For TV
Wireless Soundbar Speaker For TV
Subwoofer LED Wireless Soundbar For TV with LCD Screen 
Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer
Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer
 Buetooth High Qualtiy Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer
Soundbar Speaker BT Subwoofer
Soundbar Speaker BT Subwoofer 
Pink Case OEM Soundbar Speaker Bluetooth Subwoofer
Soundbar Speaker Bluetooth Subwoofer
Soundbar Speaker BT Subwoofer
Custom Fashion Soundbar Speaker Bluetooth Subwoofer
Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer
Soundbar with Subwoofer
OEM Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer
Surround Sound Soundbar Speaker
Surround Sound Soundbar
HiFi Subwoofer Surround Sound Soundbar Speaker with LED Lighting

Professional, Fast and Reliable
AUSMAN AUDIO is a professional Sound Bar Speaker Supplier in Guangzhou, one of China's primary hubs for speaker production. We focus on developing and manufacturing Tailor-made Soundbars, and keep optimizing to improve quality or reduce production costs.
Our Mission: Improve product quality and competitiveness, and reduce your project costs.
Soundbar Speaker Structure Diagram
①-Control Panel  ②-Dustproof Steel Mesh ③-Sealed Front Acoustic Chamber ④-Driver Uint 
⑤-Passive Radiator ⑥-Lithium Battery ⑦-Rear Acousticchamber ⑧-Audio Power Amplifier(PCB)

Soundbar Speaker Manufacturing Process
Add More Possibilities To Your Business
Manufacturers must meticulously oversee every production detail to ensure quality standards and stability, cultivating a positive corporate reputation and securing customer support.

AUSMAN upholds this perspective and actively applies it throughout the Soundbar Speaker Manufacturing process, striving to deliver superior products.
wireless soundbar speaker used in kitchen
Model Design
Unique Custom– appearance, material, performance, hardware, etc.
SMT process
SMT Process
Design and manufacture PCBs according to your requirements.
soundbar cases manufacturing
Case Production
Use plastic extrusion molding process, 
producing 8000 pieces/day.
soundbar assesories assembly process
Material Preparation
We will double-check the materials to ensure the quality.
soundbar  speaker driver assembly
Speaker Assembly
Our factory is equipped with efficient semi-automated assembly line.
soundbar speaker driver assembly line
Main Body Assembly
Professional workers + efficient production lines, 3000 Units/day.
soundbar speaker manufacturing test
QC & Inspection
Each soundbar online will be tested with professional instruments.
soundbar speaker packing in the production line
Triple protection packaging: PE Film + Foam + Outer Carton.
soundbar speaker in storehouse
Monitor temperature/humidity to prevent oxidation or damage.

What Can We Do For Your Soundbar Wholesale
Unique Product Makes Brand More Identifiable
Soundbar exploded diagram
l For Brand OEM
Tailor to match your brand and budget. Opt for a distinct series that sets your brand apart with lower project costs.

l For Brand ODM
Begin with a concept or design, and swiftly generate a fresh lineup of Soundbar Products tailored to your specifications.

l Steady Production Capacity
We can achieve a monthly output of 200,000 units with two production facilities. So we can deliver on time to ensure your promotional schedule.

Brand Customized Solutions For Soundbars
Why Need Customs for Your Brand?

Brand customization is not just about placing the company logo on soundbars, it is the integration of products and local markets.

We can offer highly Customized and Localized Soundbar Speakers to customers for regions, ensuring they align with local consumer preferences and contribute to boosting your sales.

Dedicated to soundbar production and export for over 10 years, our soundbar speakers have reached over 50 countries and regions worldwide.
Stereo bass Wireless Soundbar Speaker AS-HSB104

Our Soundbar Case Molding Advantages
AUSMAN Offer Quick and Low-cost Molding
We use the Extrusion Molding Process to make PVC Soundbar CasesWhy Choose This Manufacturing Process?
First, PVC is a renewable plastic with ample raw material and has lots of advantages: lightweight, strong, scratch, corrosion resistant, etc. It allows flexible designs to ensure the model's uniqueness. Meanwhile, PVC supports large and rapid production, with a daily output of up to  8,000 pieces(Factory AUSMAN). 

Therefore, compared to other case designs (e.g. Front + Rear Panel), this process effectively reduces product costs.
Soundbar speaker PVC case
Soundbar speaker PVC case
Soundbar speaker PVC case

Soundbar Speaker Input Solutions
Design Interfaces According To Your Market

The access capabilities of AUSMAN Soundbar Speakers encompass all currently popular options: Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, 3.5 Aux in, USB playback, HDMI (ARC/CEC), and FM. 

So they can easily connect with home appliances or electronic devices such as TVs, DVD players, and mobile phones.

And we also offer personalized options. You can flexibly add or reduce some of the functions based on the needs of the local market and product projects.
soundbar assembly diagram

Your Reliable Supplier and Exporter in China
Provide More Competitive Soundbars to You
As an integrated Manufacturer and Exporter of Soundbars, AUSMAN is committed to advancing and innovating within the closed loop of product design, production, and market feedback. 

Certainly, all our products must adhere to the principles of healthy and sustainable development. We rigorously enforce pertinent testing and operational standards (ISO 9001: 2015) starting from the raw materials. 

Our Soundbar Manufacturing Ability
Better Quality with Lower Cost
Wireless Soundbar Speaker AS-HSB104

AUSMAN AUDIO operates from Two Production Facilities featuring a comprehensive production line, starting from molds, and multiple production lines meeting international quality standards. 

With over 300 employees, we achieve a monthly output of 200,000 units.

Our emphasis is on product quality, and we are dedicated to delivering highly customized Media Bars a low cost to meet the unique needs of customers.

How To Control The Fabrication Quality
Quality Is Always Our Top Priority

l Green and sustainable production
All AUSMAN Soundbar Speakers comply with environmental protection and energy saving standards: RoHS and REACH.

l Quality System and Certification
AUSMAN factory has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification and some soundbars pass the test such as CE, FCC, SASO, BSCI, etc. 

l Customization For Wholesale
Building upon the ISO framework, we develop quality standards for customers from different countries to meet quality requirements.
AUSMAN Certifications

The Timeline and Shipment
Quick Production, Delivery On Time
The reputation is the foundation of the corporation, so we'll strictly adhere to the contracted delivery timelines. 
The Factory order production may vary with the season, typically peaking towards the end of the year, and the actual production time might be longer (usually within 15 days).

When placing an order, we will notify you of the delivery time to prevent any disruptions to your sales plan.
Order Quatity
Production Time
Shipment Term
1000 Units ≦
15 Days
15-20 Days
1000-5000 Units
20 Days
20-30 Days
5000-10000 Units
30 Days
30-40 Days
10000-50000 Units
45 Days
45-60 Days

Our After-sales Support and Guarantee
Efficient After-sales Makes Your Sales Easier

l Professional Sales Team
We'll deploy a sales team well-versed in your local market to support you in both sales and technical aspects.

l Rapid Response
For events of technical or production-related issues, we will quickly analyze and offer solutions for you (Normally Within 3 days).

l Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrades
Benefit from a one-year product warranty and unlimited technical support to ensure your product features stay ahead.
After-sale support

The Complete FAQ Guide Of Soundbar Speakers

1. What Is A Soundbar Speaker?
A Soundbar is a flat and elongated audio device that integrates multiple-channel speakers and amplifiers into a single elongated enclosure, designed to enhance the audio performance of a television or audio system. 
The Soundbar Speaker can be considered tailor-made for TVs, delivering powerful audio quality.
With the application of Bluetooth and WiFi technology on Soundbar speakers, they are no longer limited to pairing with TVs alone. 

They can now connect seamlessly to digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth, greatly expanding their application range. Sound Bars are suitable for various scenarios, including home theaters, TV viewing, and music playback, offering an outstanding audio experience. 

The development of especially embedded battery modules has transformed Soundbar speakers into portable audio devices, and due to their moderate power (commonly available in 5W/10W/15W/20W/25W/30W), they typically provide a battery life of 6-10 hours.

2. How Is A Soundbar Different From Traditional Speakers?
Compared to traditional speakers, Soundbars are typically more compact, with more focused sound, providing clearer audio effects and the ability to simulate stereo sound.

3. What's The Estimated Budget For Mold Opening Costs?
We employ an extrusion molding process, known for its advantages of Low Mold Costs (within $1000), high efficiency, and suitability for large-scale production, effectively reducing the unit cost per order.

4. What Is The Wholesale Price For AUSMAN AUDIO Soundbars?
Wholesale prices depend on the order quantity and customization requirements, with significant price variations for different quantities and customization features. Factors influencing prices include speaker quantity, shell material (PVC or ABS), molding process (extrusion molding), logo, chips, Bluetooth version, WiFi features, sound schemes, etc.

5. What Is The Mass Production Cycle In AUSMAN AUDIO?
The production cycle depends on the order size and the degree of product customization, typically completed within 30-45 days after placing the order.

6. What TV Sizes Are AUSMAN Soundbar Speakers Suitable For?
Our Soundbars are suitable for various TV sizes, allowing customers to choose the right model based on their specific requirements.

7. Does The Soundbar Support Audio Technologies Like Dolby Atmos And DTS:X?
Yes, some models of our Soundbars support advanced audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, delivering a more immersive audio experience.