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  • How Is Your Company's R&D Capability?

    AUSMAN is a speaker manufacturer in China that focuses on R&D and innovation
    Our R&D team has more than 20 people, mainly working on optimizing the performance of existing products, customizing products for customers and researching the latest technologies.

    From the establishment of the company to the end of 2022, the company has developed more than 500 sets of product styles and molds, and the total number of new products developed or developed for customers every year exceeds 20, most of which can be mass-produced.

    We believe strong R&D capabilities are critical for organizations that want to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing business environment. 

    It enables them to innovate and develop new products and services to meet the changing needs of customers and markets.
    This principle applies to any industry.

    About the Article for R&D of AUSMAN:
    1. Acoustic Design Research
    2. Circuit Design Research Case of the Amplifier
    3. Material Experiments of Speaker Enclosures
    4. Speaker System Integration
    5. User Experience Design

    The work of our R&D team mainly focuses on the following :
    1. Acoustic Design Research
    The design of the speaker needs to consider the acoustic effect, including frequency response, distortion, sound pressure level and other indicators. Therefore, acoustic design is an important item in speaker development.

    This is the basis for all research and development work on speaker audio.
    2. Circuit Design Research Case of the Amplifier
    The circuit design inside the speaker is the key, which determines the performance of the speaker such as power, signal-to-noise ratio, and dynamic range. Circuit design needs to take into account various audio signal processing techniques, such as filtering, equalization, limiting, etc.

    This involves the collocation of the scheme, and the quality of the circuit design is directly related to the overall performance of the speaker.
    3. Material Experiments of Speaker Enclosures
    The selection of speaker shell and internal materials directly affects the appearance, texture, weight and sound characteristics of the speaker. Therefore, the selection of materials is also an important item in the research and development of speakers.

    The research of materials is mainly to develop different categories of products:
    Such as wooden boxes, mainly solid wood and MDF.
    Plastic boxes, mainly PP and ABS. For example, the Portable Speaker System AS-219 is made from ABS. Its appearance, durability, sound, and matching function is better than most PP material speakers.

    The speakers made of each material are different in the appearance, sound quality, price, and consumption acceptance.
    These differences will change according to different regions of the world and different consumer groups.

    In short, the main purpose of R & D is to provide different types of speaker products to meet user needs in various regions.
    4. Speaker System Integration
    A loudspeaker is a complex system that requires the integration of multiple components, including speaker drivers, power supplies, control circuits, audio inputs, and more. System integration requires various tests and validations to ensure that the various parts work together.

    The speaker system integration is a very complicated job. Engineers need to repeatedly debug, adjust parameters, and replace parts.
    If which battery is used, lithium batteries are or lead -acid batteries, and design boost solutions.

    Each adjustment needs to be confirmed repeatedly with our customers.
    Behind a speaker finished product contains countless loss of schemes.

    Because the cycle of speaker system integration is relatively long or even months, it is generally carried out at the same time in multiple items, so that more people are needed, but it can effectively shorten the research and development cycle.
    5. User Experience Design
    In the development of speakers, the user experience needs to be considered, including usability, operation mode, appearance design, etc. These are critical and can affect users' satisfaction with speakers and willingness to purchase.

    Our engineers will communicate directly with customers to understand the product performance or listening habits required by customers, so as to customize products that customers need and like.

    Ausman pays attention to every detail of the product, and the user experience is the most important, because this is the work direction and basis of our engineers.
    Because all of our R & D work is the ultimate goal to provide customers with a speaker that satisfies them.

    The research and development of AUSMAN speakers involves many aspects such as acoustics, circuits, materials, system integration and user experience, so as to ensure that our products are innovative and competitive.

    What Is The R&D Capability of A Company?
    Research and development(R&D) capability refers to an organization's ability to conduct research and development activities effectively and efficiently.

    It includes a range of activities such as identifying research opportunities, developing research proposals, conducting research projects, analyzing research results, and translating research findings into products, services, or other tangible outcomes.
    Apr 24,2023
  • What Technology Custom Solutions Can I Get From AUSMAN?
    Technological Production of speaker assembly in AUSMAN
    In fact, our engineering team has been busy with product research and development or providing technical services or custom solutions for customers.

    For example
    1. The effect of the LED light ring is too monotonous, and a full-screen flame lighting effect needs to be made.
    2. The buttons in the control area need to be redesigned to adapt to the usage habits of local customers.
    3. The speaker power needs to be increased by 50W, then the power system needs to be adjusted. 
    Apr 24,2023
  • How Can You Guarantee The Custom Speaker Quality ?
    Speaker manufacturers in china AUSMAN
    Quality Assurance: Professional Speaker R&D and Production For 12 Years
    Audio manufacturer AUSMAN China has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, which can assurance the OEM/ODM manufacturing and quality.

    All AUSMAN speakers can pass CE, ROHS, BIS, SAA and other certifications, including Blue tooh Party speakers, Portable Pro speakers, wireless Pa speakers, floor-standing speakers, home theater systems and classical speakers with leather and so on.

    Each AUSAMAN speaker must pass 4-QC inspection before delivery, IQC inspection - Semi finished inspection -finished speakers inspection -Aging testing. 

    We will guarantee what we deliveried are you need for your brand.
    Apr 1,2023
  • How Long Will It Take To Custom A New Speaker?
    AUSMAN custom services
    ODM Production in 40 Days
    New product customization, from drawing, sample making, mold making to mass production, we only need 40 days. 

    Our rapid customization service is very helpful for the promotion of the market or new projects of the wholesaler's new products.
    If you have this need, please contact our engineering team.
    Apr 24,2023
  • Can You Adjust The Performances During Speaker Manufacturing?
    Speaker manufacturer China AUSMA
    AUSMAN China Provides Kinds of Speaker Box to The World
    AUSMAN is a professional speaker manufacturer and exporter, most of our orders come from the OEM or ODM of customized categories. 
    For example, all of our PA speaker and party speaker series are sold to aboard.

    Our R&D team will create exclusive speaker system deployment solutions for customers to meet the needs of customers' consumption habits in different regions of the world.
    During the cooperation, we will always listen to the needs and opinions of customers at any time, and make reasonable adjustments to speaker products.

     Can We Adjust The Performances During Speaker Manufacturing in AUSMAN?
    So all our jobs are carried out around customers, including the development of new products, order production and after -sales.
    In other words, AUSMAN AUDIO's team work is to solve problems for customers just as what we said above.

    If the speakers you ordered are already in mass production and need to adjust the product, please contact us right away.
    Our R & D and production team will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two plans of the speaker model, so as to provide you with the most valuable feasibility solution.

    If there are indeed serious problems in the current plan, we immediately stop production and redesign the lowest cost.

    Apr 1,2023
  • Adjust the OEM Blue Tooth Portable Speaker Battery Capacity?
    Blue Tooth Portable Speaker

    What Is The Battery Capacity For Blue Tooth Portable Speakers?
    The battery reserve capacity for a portable speaker refers to the amount of electrical energy that the integrated battery inside the speaker can store. 
    It's typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh).
    The larger the capacity, the longer the speaker can play music continuously after a single charge.

    Can We Adjust The OEM Speakers' Battery Capacity?

    OEM manufacturing collaboration entails the manufacturer producing products according to your requirements, which means you can customize aspects such as product design, specifications, and performance.
    These customizations certainly include adjusting the capacity.

    However, since altering capacity requires reevaluation of transformers, power adapters, and the internal volume of the portable speaker, AUSMAN needs to formulate a new plan and provide a revised quote.
    Here are the factors we need to consider:

    Here are the factors we need to consider:

    Battery Capacity and Playtime
    For instance, increasing it can extend the speaker's playtime, but it will also affect the product's weight and size.
    This could influence users' portability and user experience. You need to decide on an appropriate capacity based on the product's intended usage scenarios and user needs.

    Cost and Price Will Change
    Larger capacity usually adds to manufacturing costs. You should consider whether this pricing remains competitive in the local market compared to similar products.

    Battery Life and Reliability
    Changing (increasing or decreasing) capacity could impact lifespan and stability.
    AUSMAN Audio's engineering department would need to conduct new charge-discharge experiments for the product, leading to delayed delivery times.
    You should also consider whether this will affect your product promotion plans.

    Example: Cut Down The Capactity OF Karaoke Speaker AS-1213

    The capacity of Karaoke Speaker with Wireless Microphone AS-1213 is 7.4 V 3600 mAh, and the normal life is 3-6 hours.
    One of our customers in South America thought about reducing the capacity to reduce costs, and then adjusted the solution to 7.4 V 1800 mAh.

    Because it is a 12-inch portable playback system and brings built-in lighting effects, the original solution is also a compact design.
    If the capacity is further reduced, it will reduce its outdoor use time, and we suggest customers not to adjust it.

    But the customer insisted again and again. 
    After the prototype was finished, I sent it to the customer for testing. 
    When the volume was at maximum volume and the LED lighting effect was turned on, the working time is only 2 hours.
    So, later we switched back to the original plan.
    Not every adjustment yields positive results.


    As a Blue Tooth Portable Speaker OEM supplier, AUSMAN Audio can adjust the system's battery capacity for you.
    Redesigning the product plan will increase the production cycle, causing a delay in delivery times—usually an additional two weeks on top of the original time frame.
    Additionally, these adjustments will result in cost changes.
    However, we will respect your choices and provide the most favorable and feasible OEM manufacturing plan for you.

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    Aug 15,2023
  • How Does AUSMAN Audio Design High-quality Speaker Prototypes?
    OEM trolley speaker project

    Overview For High-quality Speaker Prototypes Design
    AUSMAN has been engaged in the production and export of speakers for more than 10 years and has cooperated with more than 200 companies.

    We have a long-term supply of party speakers, trolley speakers, professional speakers, PA speakers, retro series, etc.

    In these cooperation cases, only few customers directly place bulk purchase orders without confirming the speaker prototype (the ratio does not exceed 5%).

    The focus of our engineering department is also speaker custom design in the early stage of cooperation.
    These customized items include sound schemes, speaker box design, logos, boot screens, control panels, power amplifier boards, crossovers, voltage supplies, battery power, and Bluetooth.

    Therefore, the customization and confirmation of high-quality prototypes are very important to both customers and us. 
    This operation process is suitable for OEM & ODM customization.

    Speaker 3D prototype
    1. Why Is the Quality of The Prototype So Important?
    Loudspeaker prototypes play a key role in product development.
    It allows us to evaluate design, functionality, and performance before final production.
    Ensuring the quality of the prototype helps ensure the success of the final product and meets the needs of the customer.

    15 inch speaker prototype design
    15-inch Profession Speaker Drawing
    2. How Does AUSMAN Audio Handle The Quality Control?

    At AUSMAN Audio, quality control runs through our DNA.
    We follow a rigorous process to ensure that each speaker prototype meets the highest standards.
    Our engineers and technicians rigorously evaluate every aspect of a prototype, from design accuracy to audio performance.

    3. What Steps Are Involved In The Quality Control Process?

    Design review 
    It is jointly completed by the sales department, technical engineering department, and production department to ensure that the speaker prototype conforms to the customer's specifications and industry standards.

    Acoustic Testing
    We analyze sound quality, frequency response and distortion levels.

    Physical Inspection
    Prototypes undergo a thorough physical inspection, such as burn-in/charge-discharge experiments, to check for any flaws, blemishes, or deviations from design.

    The whole machine curve scanning
    When all tests are completed, we will scan the whole machine curve for the product at the end. All tests are issued with relevant test reports.

    Customer Feedback
    We actively invite customers to participate in the review process and incorporate their feedback to make necessary improvements.

    Based on the results, we will provide customers with customized solutions and test them again.

    4. How We Address Potential Issues During The Prototype Phase?

    In the initial stage of the project, several departments such as sales department, engineering department, production department and purchasing department will carry out several project discussions.
    The purpose is to discuss the potential problems and countermeasures of the project, which is conducive to reducing the probability of unexpected problems.
    If any problem occurs during the prototype stage, our engineers will work closely with customers to find out the cause and provide an effective solution within two days.

    5. How We Guarantee Commitment To Customers?

    Confidence: Customers can be confident that the final product will meet or exceed their expectations, thanks to our rigorous quality control process.
    Time and cost savings: Solving problems at the prototype stage reduces the risk of costly revisions during mass production.
    Performance Guarantee: Customers can be confident that the acoustic and functional performance of their speaker prototype will match their vision.

    Design Frequency Division Circuit and Curve Simulation
    6. Can Customers Request Specific Tests For Custom Project?

    We understand that different projects have unique requirements.
    Customers can request specific tests or evaluations tailored to their project needs, such as signal-to-noise ratio, frequency response, and other related project tests.

    7. The Difference From AUSMAN with Other Companies? 

    The greatest value of AUSMAN is to create value for customers.
    We combine technology, skilled workmanship and a customer-centric approach to formulate exclusive process solutions for our customers to ensure that our cooperation is in line with the commercial interests of our customers.


    A loudspeaker prototyping is an essential step in the process of cooperation, especially transnational cooperation.

    Unlike pure OEM companies without research and development capabilities, AUSMAN's biggest advantage is that it can solve unknown and unsolvable technical problems for customers.
    Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd will offer a better custom solutions for your project in kinds of speakers.

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    Aug 10,2023
  • What Is the ODM Process?
    AUSMAN ODM Process of Speakers
    7 Steps For Your ODM Process Of Speakers

    1. Contact AUMSAN and describe your custom requirements.

    2. Drawing and 3D model drawing.

    3. The casing, structure, power amplifier board or PCB scheme formulation and production of the speaker.

    4. Preliminary testing and performance optimization of physical prototypes.

    5. Make the most customized speaker sample prototype.

    6. Samples are sent to your company for testing and confirmation.

    7. Prototype detail optimization and bulk order arrangement.

    Mar 10,2023
  • Suggestions For Hot-sell Speaker Models in your side?
    Professional Marketing suggestions for you
    We Can Help You Make Fast Decisions and Deize Business Opportunities
    Our sales team is divided into multiple groups, and different groups are responsible for different sales areas around the world.

    Each group will count the import and export situation of the audio industry in their sales areas and make an analysis report. They know the speaker prices and popular styles of each district.

    I believe our suggestions will help you make the right purchase decision quickly.

    Apr 24,2023
  • Can You Make The Drawings or Prototype For Me?
    Free Drawings or Prototype For You | AUSMAN China
    AUSMAN's provides speakers many projects speaker ODM custom services, and we will develop different optimal solutions based on the customer's needs and requirements.
    Our initial customization services include the following four aspects:

    1. Speaker Design: The primary task of ODM customization of speakers is to design them to meet the customer's needs and requirements. This includes the design of the appearance, functions, and sound schemes of the speakers.

    2. Audio Parameters: Customers need to inform the ODM manufacturer of the speaker's important parameters, such as sound quality, volume, frequency response range, distortion rate, and so on.

    3. Speaker Materials: Customers can request the ODM manufacturer to use specific materials to make the speaker's outer shell or internal structural components to achieve specific sound or appearance effects.

    4. Speaker Accessories: Customers can request the ODM manufacturer to select specific accessories, such as speaker driver units, electronic components, and so on.

    5. Sample Production: ODM customization of speakers requires the production of samples to confirm whether the design and audio parameters meet the requirements of the customer.
    Apr 24,2023
  • What Are The Advantages of AUSMAN?
    AUSMAN is a production-oriented audio manufacturer, we specialize in audio product design, research and development, production and export sales. We can customize and produce various types of speakers for global customers, such as party speakers, PA speakers, professional speakers, multimedia speakers, etc.

    We have our own R&D team and production line, can conduct independent R&D and production, and sell our own products in the market.
    At the same time, we can also customize production according to customer needs to meet customer-specific audio requirements.
    Our corporate advantages can be summarized as the following 7 points:
    1. 12 years of speaker manufacturing experience.
    2. 5 complete speaker production lines, the monthly supply can reach 200,000 sets.
    3. 500 sets of speaker molds are available for you to choose, and at the same time support technology to open molds for customization.
    4. The R&D team has more than 20 people.
    5. More than 20 new products are developed and put on the market every year.
    6. AUSMAN's products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

    Of course, there is still a gap between us and well-known international production audio manufacturers, including JBL, BOSE, Yamaha, Mackie, Behringer, etc. Their technology and experience are still our learning goals.

    But efficient ODM service, flexibility in procurement quantity and ability to quickly solve problems for customers are our advantages, and these are also what customers need.
    Apr 24,2023
  • How to Place A Bulk Order of Speakers to AUSMAN?
    The Process of Place an ODM Oder to Manufacturer AUSAMN

    If you want to place a bulk order of speakers to us, here are our recommendations and steps:

    1. Determine your needs: You need to determine the type and quantity of speakers you want to order. You need to consider factors such as your budget, speaker size and performance requirements, and usage.

    2. Product pricing and positioning: Before placing a large order, please confirm the retail price and target consumer group of the product.

    3. Sample confirm: We will create a sample prototype according to your requirements, to determine if it meets your budget and requirements.

    4. Sign the contract: Once you decide to order the speakers, you need to sign a contract to ensure delivery and payment conditions, which can ensure our mutual rights and obligations.

    5. Payment and delivery: Once the contract is signed, you need to make the payment and determine the delivery method and date.

    It should be noted that large orders require careful planning and preparation. 
    Our team will have in-depth discussions and negotiations with you, and carefully check the details such as contract terms and delivery dates to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

    Apr 24,2023
  • How About Production capacity In Manufacturing of AUSMAN?

    Speaker Manufacturer AUSMAN Audio China
    AUSMAN has been focusing on the research and development, production, and export of speakers since 2010. At the same time, we have always adhered to the concept of synchronizing products with the market and have been deeply rooted in the speaker manufacturing industry.

    Here are some introduction of our factory's production capacity in manufacturing to procurement or wholesale buyers. We also hope that companies with further cooperation intentions can send representatives to visit our factory in person.

    We would like to introduce our factory scale to you through five aspects: Employee number, Production area, Annual output, Equipment number, and Production lines.
    1. Employee Number: More than 400
    AUSMAN has more than 400 employees, including a research and development team of 25 people, a sales team of 40 people, a logistics team of 20 people, and more than 300 administrative staff in production.

    2. Production Area: 25000m2
    AUSMAN's factory covers an area of approximately 25,000 square meters, including several main areas such as the mold workshop, speaker assembly workshop, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, research and development department, and administrative office.

    3. Annual Output: 2 Million Sets Per Year
    According to statistics in 2022, AUSMAN's speaker production can reach an average monthly output of 200,000 sets, with an annual output of 2 million sets.

    4. Equipment Number: More than 40 Mold Injection Machines
    There are 40 large and small mold injection machines in the factory, used for producing speaker shells and plastic parts. There are two PCBA and SMT assembly lines for the production of amplifier boards, program improvements, or customer customization, including soldering equipments and automated packaging equipments.

    5. Production Lines: 5 Speaker Assembly Lines 
    We have 5 speaker assembly lines for the production of speaker units and speaker unit assembly lines which was put into operation in 2022.

    Since 2020, we have focused on technical research and development to apply more advanced technologies to our products, such as APPs and artificial intelligence control.

    By monitoring and analyzing these indicators, you can comprehensively understand the manufacturing production capacity in manufacturing of our factory, which will help you make reasonable decisions on production planning and expanding sales.

    Looking forward to cooperating with you.
    Apr 24,2023
  • What Are The Benefits of ODM For You From AUSMAN?
    With the rapid development of network technology and logistics transportation, the global market and production have become closer to our daily lives. 
    ODM manufacturing has become an inevitable and necessary production model, and the speaker manufacturing industry is no exception.

    The reasons why companies seek cooperation with ODM speaker manufacturers may include the following:Content
    Labor Costs: For example, the statutory minimum wage in the United States is no less than $7.25-$15 per hour, while the minimum wage in China is $1.6 per hour, giving developing countries a huge advantage in terms of labor costs.
    List of countries by minimum wage on Wikipedia 

    Technical Needs: The production level in each country and region is different, and some countries may experience insufficient production capacity, outdated technology, or substandard quality control in certain industries, making it an excellent option to look for ODM manufacturing.

    Completeness of The Industrial Chain: There are cases where local manufacturers have advanced technology, but due to the inadequate upstream and downstream industrial equipment in the country, raw materials or certain important parts are lacking, and mass production is impossible.

    Legal and Regulatory Factors: In some areas, the law does not allow the import of whole speaker systems, only components, which are referred to as knockdown (SKD or CKD) parts. 

    Among our cooperating clients, Iran's law prohibits the import of whole systems, and SKD import is a major procurement method for local speaker manufacturers.

    Regardless of the reasons, ODM manufacturing is a win-win cooperation model and the current popular production form.

    AUSMAN's product range covers mainstream speakers such as outdoor portable speakers, battery-powered speakers, musical instrument speakers, professional speakers, PA speakers, party speakers, rolling speakers, stage speakers, retro speakers, and multimedia speakers.

    At the same time, we offer a perfect set of functional options for you to choose from, such as battery life, wireless Bluetooth components, power size, whether or not to include dynamic lighting, and material selection (wood or plastic), among others.

    In short, you can customize the perfect speaker product that suits your local market here.

    So, what substantial benefits will you get from partnering with AUSMAN for ODM manufacturing?
    We can provide a comprehensive analysis from the following 5 points:

    1. Professional Technical Support
    AUSMAN has rich experience in speaker manufacturing and professional knowledge, which can provide you with all-round technical support, including product design, production process, and quality management advice and guidance. 

    Our technical team will provide technical assistance throughout the entire cooperation process, whether it is the purchase of the whole system or knockdown parts, from pre-sales product design, market analysis to later sales and product upgrades.

    2. Reduced Production Costs For You
    AUSMAN has rich experience in speaker manufacturing and professional knowledge, which can provide you with all-round technical support, including product design, production process, and quality management advice and guidance. 

    Our technical team will provide technical assistance throughout the entire cooperation process, whether it is the purchase of the whole system or knockdown parts, from pre-sales product design, market analysis to later sales and product upgrades.

    3. High-efficiency Production and Stable Supply
    AUSMAN has advanced production equipment and technology, which can help you improve production efficiency, shorten product development cycles, accelerate product launch speed, and supply later on.

    4. Reduce Market Risks
    Cooperating with AUSMAN can reduce your market investment risk, as our factory has better production capacity and experience and can help you develop more market-competitive products.

    5. You Can Focus On Your Business
    After cooperating with us, you can be free of worries about production and supply, and focus on your core business, without having to pay too much attention to production and manufacturing issues, thus better achieving your company's strategic goals.

    Our pursuit is long-term and sustainable win-win cooperation, solving problems for customers, and obtaining benefits is one of AUSMAN's primary principles. 

    Learn more about AUSMAN' ODM manufacturing.

    What is ODM Manufacturing?

    ODM stands for "Original Design Manufacturer".

    ODM manufacturing means the product of A's is designed and manufactured by Company B, but the final product has either no logo or is labeled with Company A's logo (what we commonly refer to as "private labeling"). 

    After Company A takes possession of the goods, they may further processed or sold directly.

    In this context:
    A company - Buyer (Principal)
    B company- ODM Manufacturer (Contractor)
    Apr 24,2023
  • How Is The Logistics Coordination In Your Factory?

    The logistics team manages the speakers in AUSMAN according to two principles, the principle of product packaging safety and the principle of maximizing the utilization of container space. 

    A. The principle of packaging safety means that we need to ensure that the damage rate of speaker products during loading, unloading and transportation is less than 2%.

    B. Based on the principle of maximizing the utilization of container space, we will simulate and accurately calculate the required space according to the volume and shape of the goods, so that customers can load the most goods with the least transportation cost.

    Mar 8,2023
  • What's AUSMAN's Storage Way of Speakers In You Factory?

    The speaker products ordered by each customer will be stored in the warehouse in an orderly manner after the order production is completed, and the relevant details of the order will be posted at the same time. When shipments are required, workers can be ready to retrieve the corresponding goods without error. 

    Mar 8,2023
  • How to Resell The Bluetooth Party Speakers of brand AUSMAN?
    Thanks for your trust. AUSMAN has been always looking for long term cooperated business partners over the world,now we have distributors in American , Colombia , Vietnam   
     You can sell our speakers by our brand Please contact us for details if you are interested in selling our Bluetooth Party Speakers
    Mar 8,2023
  • How About The Warranty and After-sales Custom Services?

    Our warranty is 1 years, but considering the long transit time to oversea customers, we offer 2 years warranty. For any failure (no-human included), we shall provide you free spare parts and instruction for repair.

    Mar 8,2023
  • Can We Visit Your Factory To Investigate Before Cooperation?

    Yes, welcome to AUSMAN. 

    We located in Guangzhou Baiyun District, it is near to Baiyun International air port, please drop a visit to us when you in Guangzhou ,we'll pick you up at the airport.

    Mar 8,2023
  • I Want to Learn About You Custom Multimedia Speakers?

    AUSMAN's multimedia speakers provide users with a variety of options, from 2.1 to 5.1 surround sound systems, users can quickly build surround sound systems.

    Stylish appearance, excellent surround sound, can create a sound home theater for you

    Mar 8,2023
  • What's The Advantage of Your Pro & PA Speaker Series?
    For this series of speaker products of AUSMAN, we provide you with many high-quality choices, including performance, configuration and product appearance.       
    Such as Pro speaker system AS-219, 15"" stage PA speaker AS-PA01, column speaker AS-VC16, etc. are very good hot-selling products in this series.      "

    Mar 8,2023
  • What Is The Custom Portable speakers of AMUSN?

    Our portable speakers are built with the latest modern hardware modules and functions, such as wireless Bluetooth, LDE lighting and EQ adjustment, APPs etc.

    Mar 8,2023
  • Could You Introduce Your Private Model Customization Service?

    As professional speaker & audio manufacturer,our private speaker products developing can even from the design concept, our team can transform your ideas into real speaker products.

    Mar 8,2023
  • What Are Your Product Categories of Custom Speakers?

    We have a wide range of speaker products,including Portable Speakers, Pro & PA Speakers, Multimedia Speakers, and Retro Speakers, the speaker product models is more than 300.

    Mar 8,2023
  • How's AUSMAN's Global Wholesale Market Distribution?
    Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions, covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, Europe.                                                  
    Europe: 23.05%, North America: 16.51%,  South America : 20.02%,  Asia: 20.32%, Middle East: 15.66%. 
    For market data details, please check the "About AUSMAN" page, thank you!
    Mar 8,2023
  • Can I Get A PA Speaker Sample For Confirmation At First?
    Of course. AUSMAN provide kinds of samples for you: Pro & PA speakers, Bluetooth speakers system, Portable speakers, party speakers, instrument speakers and so on.

    For the sample, you need to pay the sample fee and shipping cost for it. The sample price will be added 15% more. But sample cost can be refund after the total order quantity over 1000 pcs.

    In addition, we also mention the prototype of the speaker product, also called private model customization.

    Welcome to contact us for more details.

    Mar 8,2023
  • How long is the shipment time to Brazil?
    The time it takes for our goods to be transported to different regions is different.
    It takes 30-40 days to Americas, 35 days to Africa, 30 days to Europe, and about 25 days to Asia.
    We only give an approximate time, and the specific time will be affected by weather and other reasons.
    Jan 13,2023
  • Can I Custom My Brand LOGO On the Speaker?
    We store products and pack them properly. 
    For example, we use strong cardbox (export carton) stuffing with enough foam/ bubble and inner boxes for air shipment or express, and optional pallet packing could be used for LCL sea shipment
    for better protection.                                                                                                           
    The damage rate of our products during transportation is generally below 2%.
    Jan 13,2023
  • How's The Packing of The Speakers For Transportation?
    We store products and pack them properly. 
    For example, we use strong cardbox (export carton) stuffing with enough foam/ bubble and inner boxes for air shipment or express, and optional pallet packing could be used for LCL sea shipment
    for better protection.                                                                                                           
    The damage rate of our products during transportation is generally below 2%.
    Mar 8,2023
  • Can I Custom My Brand LOGO On The Speaker?
    We support customized services such as Appearance design, product performance,Logo,User Manual ,Warranty Card , Package,etc.
    Apr 24,2023
  • What's Delivery Term After Payment Large Order?
    The quantity is less than 5000 sets, the lead time is 30 days.
    If the quantity is more than 5000 sets, the lead time needs take 30-60 days.
    The specific time needs to be based on the actual situation of different orders and models to have an accurate answer.

    We will quote and deliver strictly on the terms of FOB Guangzhou/Shenzhen.
    Of course, CIF, C&F trade methods are also possible, no matter what kind of terms, we will operate according to the content of the contract.
    Apr 24,2023
  • What is Your Payment Term?

    We accept the payment ways of the TT, and 30% depoisit before production and TT 70% balance before shipment.             

    Meanwhile, the payment of LC is also OK, we only need to confirm the details of the contract.                   

    Mar 8,2023
  • What is the MOQ(Minimum Order Quatity) For wireless Speaker?
    All speaker models of us are customized products, because regions of the world has different requirements for speaker performance, so the MOQ of each speaker product is different, and the MOQ ranges from 50-500 sets.
    For details, please contact our sales to confirm the details.
    Mar 8,2023

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