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  • ISO9001 Certification
    ISO9001 Certification in 2022 AUSMAN developed from a team of several people to hundreds of companies in 2023, we think they are both important of providing customer with high -quality product services and the enterprise management.No rules we will lost ourselves. The Talent and innovation are the necessary conditions for the development of enterprises, but how to manage and evaluate  talents and products is equally important.Therefore, from when ISO900, to now ISO9001, we have never attached importance to corporate management, because this is the basis for the survival, development and better serving customers.After the introduction of the ISO900 or 9001 quality management system, all employees of Ausman have always used its work and inspection standards for our factory.This makes us operate more standardized, and the quality of the product is guaranteed, which is also the fundamental development of Ausman.For 12 years, AUSMAN has focused on speaker production and innovation, and has also sought long -term cooperation worldwide.If you are looking for speaker ODM manufacturers from China, please contact us.Send Your Inquiry Now(Click)
    Mar 6,2023