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Custom Retro Speakers

Custom Retro Speakers

Retro speaker AUSMAN AS-P06
High-quality Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker from Facotry China
Ausman Audio is a professional speaker manufacturer that is committed to providing customers with the most individual and high-quality speaker products.

AUSMAN retro speaker series has unique design styles and high-quality sound effects, as well as wireless Bluetooth and other functions, which can support indoor and outdoor use.

Our team is composed of a group of superb and experienced professionals. 
They continue to innovate and develop better retro speakers with wirelss BT.

We have advanced production equipment and a strict quality management system, which can ensure that each speaker meets international standards and meets the needs of customers.

If you are looking for an excellent portable retro speaker with Bluetooth for your brand, then don't hesitate to contact us! 
We believe that our professionalism, research and development capabilities will help your company.
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What are Retro Speakers?
Retro speakers, also called vintage speakers, are a sound system that has a classic old-fashioned look, but has advanced technology inside. 
It usually has a special look, shape, and is capable of delivering an awesome high-quality sound. Retro stereos can be used to play CDs, radios, cassette players, and even connect to smartphones, computers, and iPods. 

One of its main advantages is that it has excellent sound quality, which can provide amazing sound quality. Also, they are generally durable enough for long-term use, even in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. 
All in all, a retro speaker is a high-quality audio system that delivers great sound quality and is the perfect choice for audiophiles who love the old-school look.
Advantages of Retro Speakers
1) Classic Old-fashioned Appearance: Retro speakers have a unique appearance and shape, which can meet the needs of users for a classic and old-fashioned appearance.

2) High-quality Sound: Vintage speakers are made of high-quality wood and the drivers are stronger, so they have an excellent sound quality and can provide amazing sound quality.

3) Rugged and Durable: Retro speakers are generally durable and can be used for a long time without problems even in high temperature and high humidity environments.

4) Multi-function: The retro stereo can not only play CDs, radios, and recorders, but also connect to smartphones, computers, iPods, and other devices.
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