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Tower Speaker

Tower Speaker

One-Stop Multifunctional Tower Speaker Manufacturer
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OEM Tower Speaker Manufacturer & Supplier In China
Products Based On Your Unique Brand Design
AUSMAN is an experienced manufacturer of Tower Speaker manufacturing since 2010 from China, specializing in Bluetooth Tower Speaker design and manufacture. Tailored to your local market requirements, we offer over 100 feature custom solutions such as power output, LED lighting, wireless connectivity options., etc.

Benefit from AUSMAN's speaker accessories factories: plastic injection molding factory, wooden box factory, speaker driver factory. These factors make our tower speaker manufacturing cost much lower than others, and wholesale, import, distribution or OEM will be more advantageous.
1000+ Clients Choose Us 
 Your Ideal OEM Factory 

Custom Tower Speaker to Skyrocket Your Business
Get AUSMAN Design To Delight Your Customers
If your company is considering importing or OEMing Tower Speakers From China, it's crucial to meticulously assess the supplier's products: cabinet design, features, Brand customization, and quality.

AUSMAN is the speaker manufacturing expert in this field. We offer professional, dependable, and speedy design and manufacturing services, from customizing prototype testing to mass production.

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Tower Speaker: Market Potential In The Future
A Business Section Worthy Worthy Of Investing
Unlike traditional Floor Standing Speakers with a professional audio focus, the LED Tower Speaker series is more appealing to average consumers due to its design, lighting system, and connectivity options. 

While it is not a professional-grade Floor Standing Speaker, AUSMAN's Tower Speaker series still delivers an immersive audio experience. With user-friendly operation, diverse entertainment features, adaptability to various life scenarios, and reasonable pricing, it has witnessed a consistent growth in market demand in recent years.
TV Sound System
TV Sound System

Karaoke Speaker System
Karaoke Speaker System

2.0 Home Theater Speaker System
2.0 Home Theater Speaker System

Soundbar Connect with VR equipment
Bar Audio Sound System

Musical Instrument Amplifier
Musical Instrument Amplifier

Dance Studio Sound Equipment
Dance Studio Sound Equipment

Your Leading Manufacturer In China
Professional Manufacturers Solve Problems For You
Since 2000, we've been dedicated to LED Tower Speaker R&D and manufacturing. Over this time, we've continually upgraded technology and customized different models to meet various regional markets all over the world. 
Our comprehensive production capabilities support OEMs of various sizes.
Wireless RGB Tower Speaker
RGB Tower Speaker
15" Wireless Bluetooth RGB Lighting Tower Speaker
DJ Tower Speaker
DJ Tower Speaker 
High Quality 2.0 DJ Tower Speaker With 6*10" Bass Driver
LED Tower Speaker Pair
LED Tower Speaker Pair
Dynamic LED Light Show Dual 12 inch Tower Speaker Pair
Karaoke Tower Speaker
Karaoke Tower Speaker
6*10" Bass 2.0 Karaoke Tower Speaker with Wireless Microphone
Party Tower Speaker
Party Tower Speaker
Dual 12" Portable Blutooth 5.0 Party Tower Speaker
Tower Speakers With Subwofoer
Tower Speakers With Subwofoer
12" Powerful LightingTower Speakers With Subwofoer

Professional, Fast and High Quality
Expert and top-notch manufacturing stems from continual experience refinement and exceptional craftsmanship in the long-term production process. AUSMAN has over 10 years of experience in Tower Speaker production, holding ISO9001:2015 and BSCI audio certification.

We produce Wireless Tower Speaker,  Bluetooth Tower Speakers, LED Tower Speakers, RGB Tower Speakers, Party Tower Speakers, DJ Tower Speakers, Portable Speaker Towers, Tower Speakers with FM radio, 2/3 Way Tower Speakers, Wooden/Plastic Box Tower Speakers, etc.

Tower Speaker Manufacturing Process
Professianl Process Ensures Quality and Reputation
AUSMAN boasts over a decade of experience in Tower Speaker production. We rigorously enforce a quality management system to ensure excellence.

And we consistently integrate new technologies or processes to enhance product performance and minimize costs. This enables us to meet diverse purchasing needs.
AUSMAN's production time for Tower speakers is typically 20-60 days.
Tower Speaker Model Design
Custom Design
Design: cabinet volume, sound scheme, circuit and software.
SMT process
SMT Process
Make PCB motherboard according to the designed circuit.
Enclosure Production
MDF Enclosure Production
Make the tower speaker enclosures with high-quality MDF.
Tower Speaker Assesories Assembly Process
Assesories Assembly
Assembling/welding the front panel, driver, crossover, power supply, etc.
Tower Speaker Assembly Line
Tower Speaker Assembly
The whole machine assembly, online test, etc.
Tower Speaker Manufacturing Test
QC Test
Test Project: Appearance, interface, performance curve, aging, etc.
Tower Speaker Packing In Workshop
Adopt triple protection method of PE film + Foam + Colored Carton.
Tower Speaker In Store House
Store and regularly monitor temperature and humidity.
Ship according to the contract or customer agreed time.

What Can We Do For Your Brand Wholesale
Add Brand Value To Tower Speaker For Better Sale
LED Tower Speaker
l For Brand OEM
AUSMAN OEM saves you lots of R&D costs and time, offers options for local customization of Tower Speakers.

l For Brand ODM
If you already have an influential audio brand, developing a new brand can attract more customers. 
Our Fast ODM: 40 days from idea to mass production.

l AUSMAN Stable Supply
We offer 30,000 units month output, so you don't need to worry about supply and inventory problems. You can flexibly adjust your sales strategy to market changes.

Custom Solutions: Brandalised Tower Speakers For You
More Than 80 Models of Custom Templates
The main structure of the tower speaker consists of three independent parts: the cabinet, top plate and front face. This design provides more options for customization.
As a professional Tower Speaker Manufacturer, we offer flexible designs for it: the speaker front face, control area, LED lights, side lights, ceiling lights, etc.

Each customized Tower Speaker is unique, it makes your brand attract more eyes.
Stereo bass Wireless Soundbar Speaker AS-HSB104

Boxes Design: High-quality Materials & Fashion Looks
High-quality MDF Speaker Box + ABS
MDF wood allows sound to resonate throughout the system and eliminate distortion. The robust 19mm thick MDF wooden board box ensures durability. Extensive use may cause the 0.8/1.0mm MDF cabinet to loosen, leading to resonance and impacting sound quality. While 2.0mm MDF enhances durability and sound, the improvement isn't substantial and increases costs. 
Therefore, we recommend using 1.2-1.5mm MDF.

For plastic parts, we opt for ABS over the more economical PP. Beyond durability and acid-alkali resistance, ABS provides a glossy, high-end appearance, leaving a positive first impression on customers.
The AUSMAN MDF Speaker Enclosure Manufacturing Workshop
High Quality MDF Material
Excellent consistency,
MDF Enclosure Factory
Well Equipped Workshop
Factory with professional facilities and machinery
CNC Cutting Machine
Fast CNC Cutting Machine
 Efficient, fast production with highly precise
Tower Speaker ABS Control Panel
Durable ABS Control Panel
High strength, anti-acid and alkali, durable

Special Feature Solutions For Yor Brand
It Makes Product Match The Local market Perfectly
Speaker special functions include added product features to cater to specific groups or markets.
These unique features set your product apart from local competitors, making it more distinctive in the local market.

For Instance:
The Tower Speaker's MP5 function is particularly popular in the Middle East. And The APP function allows users to control the speaker through their mobile phones, managing lighting, volume, sound balance, etc.
soundbar assembly diagram

Personalized Packaging Tailored For Your Brand
Exquisite Packaging Will Add Points To Sales
The speaker's outer packaging box is crucial for sales, offering protection to the product while also serving to attract consumers, convey the brand image, and provide product information.

AUSMAN AUDIO's professional design team will tailor the outer packaging of your product to align with the cultural characteristics of your country, brand image, and products. 
Please check the following Packing Design for Our Customers.
Party Tower Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box
Bluetoth Party Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box

The Reliable Tower Speaker Supplier in China
Provide More Competitive Products To Your Company
We are a Tower Speaker manufacturer and exporter, specializing in this field for over ten years. We believe that advanced technology and exceptional quality are the most effective method to win customers' trust, especially in B2B business.

AUSMAN AUDIO's Manufacturing Ability
Better, More Stable and Lower Price
Wireless Soundbar Speaker AS-HSB104
AUSMAN boasts extensive Tower Speaker OEM manufacturing capabilities with two production bases, a 20+ member R&D team, and over 300 staff.
We offer diverse varieties of Tower Speakers, and starting from a concept, AUSMAN can independently handle customizations or developments for you at a lower cost.

With a monthly output of 20,000-30,000 units, you can rest assured about the supply and concentrate on your sales efforts.

How To Control The Tower Speaker Quality
Quality Is The Most Effective Weapon
l Green Production
All AUSMAN Tower Speakers are RoHS and REACH certified.

l Certifications
Our factory quality certification includes two parts: ISO 9001: 2015 and CE, FCC, SASO, BSCI, etc.

l Quality Control
AUSMAN's quality control begins with materials (IQC), continues through production (IPQC), and concludes with final inspection (QC), in order to meet the standards of customer.
AUSMAN Certifications

The Timeline and Shipment
Fast Production and Ship On Time
We consistently prioritize customers' interests, ensuring production and shipment adhere strictly to the contract timeline. In the event of special circumstances like epidemics or disasters, we'll promptly notify you, allowing you to adjust your sales plan.
Order Quatity
Production Time
Shipment Term
1000 Units ≦
15 Days
15-20 Days
1000-5000 Units
30 Days
30-40 Days
5000-10000 Units
40 Days
40-50 Days
10000-50000 Units
50 Days
50-60 Days

Professional After-sales Support 
AUSMAN Team Is Always Here For You
l Professional Sales Team
Our team comprises Sales and Tower Speaker manufacturing engineers dedicated to providing you with expert support.

l Rapid Response and Solving
Quick problem solving can effectively reduce customer losses, and we will provide solutions within 3 days after receiving feedback.

l Ongoing Support and Upgrades
Through continuous upgrades, your products will always be at the forefront of the local market.
After-sale support

The FAQ Guide Of Tower Speaker

1. What sets AUSMAN's Tower Speaker apart?
AUSMAN Tower Speaker seamlessly blends the features of a party speaker and a traditional floor-standing speaker. With a power output typically exceeding 200W, it ensures robust sound performance. The dynamic light system enhances the scene's atmosphere, all aimed at delivering users a superior listening experience.

2. The types of Tower Speakers AUSMAN supplys?
AUSMAN is a professional Tower Speaker manufacturer, primarily supplying multi-power Tower Speaker systems. Additionally, we offer various customization options for target wholesalers and brands, including 
Cabinet Options :1 Box or 2 Boxes System 
Wireless Connections: Bluetooth/WiFi
LED: Ceiling Light/Side lights/Dynamic Lights/DISCO Light Ball and so on.
We can  custom realize functions according to your design or market needs.

3. What devices are compatible with This Series?
The AUSMAN LED Tower Speakers are versatile playback devices that work seamlessly with everyday electronics such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Additionally, our products feature AUX3.5mm and MIC access ports, ensuring easy connectivity and playability.

4. How is the market distribution of the AUSMAN Tower Speakers?
In 2023, our Tower Speaker series saw a total export volume of 100,000 units, reaching markets in the Middle East, South America, South Asia, and Africa. For specific sales information in your local area, please reach out to the AUSMAN team.

5. How Much is the Molding cost of a new Tower Speaker?
AUSMAN's Tower Speaker structure is detailed in the article: MDF cabinet + ABS control panel + ABS decorative options (e.g., top lights, side lights, dynamic LEDs, etc.). 
Mold making for an MDF box is cost-effective, typically under $2,000
For plastic shells like ABS material control panels or decorative areas, hydraulic molds are needed, costing over $30,000
The exact cost depends on the complexity of the product structure and will be accurately quoted.

6. What is AUSMAN's supply capability?
Unlike speakers with all-plastic cabinets (AUSMAN's production can reach 20 units per month), the production cycle of Tower Speaker's wooden cabinets is much slower. 
And due to the Tower Speaker's larger size, the finished product assembly is also slower compared to Party Speakers, PA Speakers, Soundbars, etc. AUSMAN's maximum production capacity is 30,000 units per month.