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ODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From China

ODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From China

ODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From China
ODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From ChinaODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From ChinaODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From ChinaODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From ChinaODM Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker From China
CategoriesTower Speaker
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Business TypeWholesale/Custom
Drive Unit6*10" Woofers + 4x2.5" Tweeter
Power Supply220-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Function & ConnectivityBluetooth/USB/SD/FM/Aux/Mic
CertificationBSCI/FCC/CE/ROHS/REACH ext.
PackingPE Bag+Carton
Place of productionChina
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeMay 23,2024
Detail Information

Your Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker Leading Supplier In China

Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25 is an eye-catching OEM/ODM speaker made by manufacturer AUSMAN.

It is equipped with advanced audio technology and DISCO lighting system.

AS-PS25 provides clear and realistic sound performance.

For various global markets, AUSMAN offers over 100 performance options to fulfill the wholesale sales demands of different regions.

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  • 6*10"

  • 4*3"

  • LEDs

  •  300W

Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
1000+ Clients Choose AUSMAN
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Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
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Why AUSMAN Can Offer Products Meeting Your Marketing
l AUSMAN Audio is an OEM/ODM speaker manufacturer from China.
l We have customized differentiated Floor Standing Speakers for more than 10 years.
l We offer customized AS-PS25 that can meet your local needs.
l Logo, sound, appearance, and all other performances can be realized for your brand.
l What you need to provide is just the idea, and we will finish the work rest.
home audio tower speakers AS-PS25

Custom Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker According To Your Market
Item No:
Plastic ABS+Metal
Power Output:
Driver Units:
6*10" Woofers+4*3" Tweeters

Input Voltage/Adapter:

110-240V/AC, 50/60HZ
30 Kg/ 66Lb
Minimum Order Quantity:
200 Units
OEM Price:
Delivery Time:
15-45 Days
Optional Accessories
AUSMAN AS-PT6006 speaker accessories
AS-PS25 Options For Wholesale:
To meet different market needs around the world, we offer a variety of tailor-made accessory combinations.
Accessories: Wired/wireless Microphone, Accessory Logo, Remote Control, Tripod Stand, Color Custom, etc.

Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Home audio tower speaker AS-PS25
Retro Speaker Box AS-GH907 and books
dancers practicing with music


Let's Drive Into This OEM/ODM 2.0 Karaoke Speaker System
Good Sound Starts With High-quality Materials
Overall size: main box 330*370*1250 mm, auxiliary box: 330*370*1195 mm.
The main box is assembled with MDF, and the front face and top are covered with iron mesh and ABS plastic.
The MDF speaker cabinet can effectively reduce resonance.
The iron mesh and plastic can not only protect the speakers but also play a decorative role.

Brand Custom Options
AUSMAN can redesign and define the AS-PS25 reference for you to meet your branding needs.
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
600 Watts: Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Subwoofer
Why can AUSMAN AS-PS10 bring you a shocking sound experience?
Let's take a look at its parameters:
Power: 300W(R.M.S), 600W(P.M.P.O)
Drivers: 4x12"Woofers +4x3"Tweeters

Brand Custom Options
We can provide different versions of power supply (110V-250V) to meet the power requirements of different countries.
Wireless Bluetooth and 6 Input Options
Floor standing speaker AS-PS25 is equipped with Bluetooth function, which allows you to connect various Bluetooth devices wirelessly.
You can easily play your favorite music and streaming services.
It also has 6 other input options: USB/SD card reader/3.5mm AUX input/6.5mm microphone/guitar input/FM radio.
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25
Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Gorgeous Disco Lights
The main color of this model is black.
It has built-in multiple colored LED lights, including colored backlights for panel knobs.
When we turn on the LED switch, the main box and the auxiliary box immediately form a beautiful DISCO lighting effect.
We can present a colorful light show according to the rhythm and beat of the music.
These light effects will add a unique ambiance to your party, gathering, or outdoor event and get everyone excited.
Multifunction Control Panel
The top control panel of AUSMAN AS-PS25 provides a simple and intuitive operation.
You can easily adjust the volume, switch tracks, pause/play music, and adjust sound settings.
In addition, the control panel features lighting control options that allow you to customize and adjust lighting effects.
No matter warms the party atmosphere or creates a romantic environment. It can easily realize your ideas.
The top control panel of AUSMAN AS-PS25
Powered Home Audio Tower Speaker AS-PS25
Powered Home Audio Tower Speaker AS-PS25
Besides excellent sound effects, this home theater floor standing tower speaker also provides a variety of connection options, allowing you to easily connect with various devices wirelessly or wired.

Its DISCO lighting effects add more fun to your parties and gatherings.
While the convenient top control panel enables you to easily adjust music and lighting settings.
The powered functions will impress your customers and enlarge your business.

Where Can We Use This Wireless Floor Standing Speaker?
It is a wireless speaker system, so we can use it in many places, and it is very convenient.
Whether it's a family gathering, party or outdoor event, AUSMAN AS-PS25 is the perfect companion for creating a musical frenzy.
In terms of sound quality, connectivity, or lighting effects, this model is an impressive audio product.

Bar audio equipment
TV audio
Couples create atmosphere
Practice room sound equipment

Production Tracking & Shipment Term For AS-PS25

We will adhere strictly to our contract and provide you with timely progress updates to ensure the delivery.
The production time for an order is contingent upon factors such as order quantity, customization, and factory orders. 

Order Quatity
Production Time
Shipment Term
1000 Units ≦
15 Days
15-20 Days
1000-5000 Units
30 Days
30-40 Days
5000-10000 Units
40 Days
40-50 Days
10000-50000 Units
50 Days
50-60 Days
home theater floor standing tower speaker AS-PS25

What Is The Best Floor Standing Bluetooth Tower Speakers
In our opinion, the best floor-standing Bluetooth tower speaker is one that has certain features that make it better than its peers.
These characteristics may include the 7 points below.
The suggestions can help you when you choose floorstanding Bluetooth speakers.
1.Excellent Sound Quality
It should provide clear and balanced audio performance, with a wide frequency response range and good audio resolution to ensure a high-quality music playback experience.

2.High Fidelity
It should deliver powerful sound on large rooms or outdoor spaces without distortion or weakening.

3.Easy Connection and Wide Compatibility
It needs to support multiple connection methods, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wired, etc., in order to be compatible with various audio source devices.
This way people can easily use it on different occasions.

4.Various Comprehensive Functions
It can have various functions, such as a built-in mixer, radio, audio input/output interface, etc.
People can switch between different purposes at will, such as playing music, karaoke, giving speeches, listening to radio news, etc.

5.Attractive Design and Appearance
Attractive appearance and high-quality production quality can directly impress consumers.
At the same time, it can also be able to coordinate with the home environment or office space.

6.Good Operability and User-friendliness
It should provide an easy-to-use control interface and operation, allowing users to easily enjoy music and other audio content.

7.Good Brand Reputation
The success of well-known brands comes from the good evaluation of a large number of users.
The best audio model review criteria, as it pertains to personal music preferences and specific needs.
But we believe that there may not be the best in this world, but there must be the most suitable.

The above summary can help people who are choosing such speakers.
If you need more details, don't hesitate to get in touch with AUSMAN Audio engineers.

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    2. Deep Investigation
    Visit our factory or schedule a video conference to verify if our manufacturing capabilities align with your sales requirements.

    3. Keep Growing With Technolical Support
    Feedback on the market response to AUSMAN team, keep optimizing to ensure its competitive advantage.

Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker AS-PS25

Customization Is An Effective Integration of Product With Your Brand and Local Market. 
 We Can Help You Realize It 
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