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Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd is a speaker & audio manufacturer from China with 12 years of manufacture. We have a wide range of speaker products: Party Speakers, Pro & PA Speakers, Multimedia Speakers, Trolley Speakers, column Speakers, and Retro Speakers, as well as private mold design and custom services.

Our products and customization services are fast in supply with many customization options, which will be greatly helpful and beneficial for small and medium-sized wholesalers and assembly factories. Whether you are looking for OEM manufacture or develop new model(ODM), AUSMAN Audio will provide you with the most affable solution.

We have always focused on R&D and production of speakers, and already formed a stable, efficient system from raw materials, production to global logistics transportation.

AUSMAN Audio will be one your most trusted speaker manufacturer and supplier in China.


12 Years speaker ODM manufacturing


The R&D team has more than 20 people for new model development


More than 500 sets of speaker molds for you to choose


200,000 sets of speakers per month


40 speaker shell injection molding equipments
5 Speaker Assembly Lines


More than 20 new speaker products every year


New model custom only needs 40 days: from design to production


Products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions

The Production Views In Manufacturer AUSMAN

AUSMAN speaker factory includes 6 departments: Sales, R & D, production, QC&QA, storage and logistics transportation.

The sales department pass the order to R&D to confirmed, after it, the production department will arrange the production and QC will inspect them.

Products will be transfered to the warehouse later. At last, the logistics department send them to port and ship.

  • Product R&D

    Our R&D team has years of experience, from drawing design to prototype testing, or mass production, we will provide you a most affable solutions at lowest cost.

    Custom Process
  • Manufacturing

    There are 5 speaker assembly lines, more than 40 injection molding machines, SMT machines, PCBA assembly, welding and packaging machines in the factory.

    The complete production management system and 12 years of speaker manufacturing experience, which can ensure product capacity and quality.
    ODM Process
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

    AUSMAN has a strict quality system for raw materials or finished products, we have obtain the ISO9001:2015 system certification, and QA&QC will ensure that every speaker is a qualified product.

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  • Storage

    After order production, the goods of each customer will be stored in a designated area and save in the system. When shipping, the workers will transfer the goods based on the information in system.

    We will check and check every process, which can avoid errors.

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  • Logistics Coordination

    The logistics team manages the goods according to two principles, the principle of product packaging safety and the principle of maximizing the utilization of container space.

    A. The principle of packaging safety means that we need to ensure that the damage rate of speaker products during loading, unloading and transportation will be less than 2%.

    B. Based on the principle of maximizing the utilization of container space, we will simulate and accurately calculate the required space according to the volume and shape of the goods, so that customers can load the most goods with the lowest transportation cost.

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Main Market

AUSMAN China focuses on speaker manufacturing and exporting, more than 90% of our products are shipped to different parts around the world every year.


Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland, France, Netherland


North America

USA, Canada, Mexico


South America

Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil



Korea ,Japan ,Russia ,Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India


Middle East

Israel ,Iran ,Saudi ,Arabia ,Iran ,UAE ,Qatar ,Pakistan ,Egypt ,Libya ,Sudan , Tunisia


AUSMAN has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. The products can pass CE, ROHS, BIS, SAA and other certifications.
Hot Questions | Audio Speakers
  • How Is Your Company's R&D Capability?
    We provide services from drawing design to prototype production, from sample testing to mass production of new products, we will provide customers with the highest quality audio products or solutions at the lowest cost.
  • What Technology Custom Solutions Can I Get From AUSMAN?
    Our engineering team has been busy with product research and development or providing technical services or custom solutions for customers.
  • How Can You Guarantee The Custom Speaker Quality ?
    AUSMAN has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.
  • How Long Will It Take To Custom A New Speaker?
    New product customization, from drawing, sample making, mold making to mass production, we only need 40 days.
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