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“As a professional audio equipment manufacturer, we must be familiar with products, markets and customer needs, and solve product pain points for customers, so as to reflect our professional value.”

The founder of the company has been engaged in audio production and sales for more than 15 years. Randy is familiar with the raw materials of speaker equipment, assembly equipment, assembly process, sales and export, and is a living dictionary of audio production.Randy has been to Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United States and other countries to negotiate with customers or provide technical support for customers.

---Randy Zhao

The Founder of AUSMAN

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Every brand has a soul, we can associate the information or stories contained through the brand's stylish text and logo images.

AUSMAN, we can split it into"A-US-MAN"

-represents the individual, that is, every member of the team.
-represents different departments and small teams.
-means power.

Of course,the power does not form without a reason, and we are more curious about where the power comes from.

Brand “AUSMAN” means the strong power and organization comes from the result of the joint efforts of every member of the team, and Creativity, strength and other characteristics of the team are elegantly displayed in our loudspeaker products.

AUSMAN is not a simple company or organization, but the fruit created by the team, and the crystallization of wisdom, sweat and creativity.

Just like in a successful man, we see not only his power, confidence and elegance, but also the trust, understanding and support from his family, parents, wife, children and so on.

These will turn into a man's belief and motivation to fight hard and expand his territory.

AUSMAN is just like this man. It is every member of the team AUSMAN that gives the company creativity and power, makes the company continue to innovate and advance.

Creativity, Power and Elegance, this is AUSMAN.

Company History

2011-2023, AUSMAN insists on R&D and innovation in speaker manufacturing, providing and customizing innovative products for global customers.

AUSMAN starts from China, providing you with high -fast ODM services or product solutions for types of speakers.

We can finish a new product in 40 days, from drawings or even ideas to mass production.

2010, Established

Guangzhou Wanminle Audio Equipment Factory was established. At that time, the company was just a small speaker OEM assembly factory without its own R&D team.

2015, Rapid Growth

We expanded the scale of production and R & D team, which means that our company has transformed from OEM foundry to ODM manufacturers.

2018, Exhibition in Guangzhou

We participated in the Asia World-Expo electronic products exhibition, established preliminary contacts with many customers from Southeast Asia, and developed long-term business partners with some of them.

2021 Product Business Restructuring

Ausman Audio divided the products into four customized categories: Party speakers, Pro & PA Speakers, Multimedia speakers, Retro speakers.

Through the adjustment, customers can understand our products and business scope very precisely, and at the same time, it is beneficial for us to provide better customized services to customers.

2022, the Trip of Iran

Randy went to Iran to for the business cooperation and was invited to participate the local business seminar of audio industry.

Hot Questions | Audio Speakers
  • How Is Your Company's R&D Capability?
    We provide services from drawing design to prototype production, from sample testing to mass production of new products, we will provide customers with the highest quality audio products or solutions at the lowest cost.
  • What Technology Custom Solutions Can I Get From AUSMAN?
    Our engineering team has been busy with product research and development or providing technical services or custom solutions for customers.
  • How Can You Guarantee The Custom Speaker Quality ?
    AUSMAN has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.
  • How Long Will It Take To Custom A New Speaker?
    New product customization, from drawing, sample making, mold making to mass production, we only need 40 days.
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