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Speaker OEM&ODM Manufacturing Since 2010

AUSMAN is a speaker audio equipment manufacturer and custom solutions provider headquartered in Guangzhou, China.Our speaker OEM&ODM service advantages include low-cost and fast OEM, new product development, upgrades, and cost solutions.We can finish the project in 40 days, from design to production.Contact us to start your OEM
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AUSMAN Efficient Manufacturing Process

We provide efficient speaker OEM/OMD customization services to help you make fast decisions such as product market positioning, selection, or configuration.

You can develop new products ahead of local peers in a short time

7 Steps For The Custom Speaker Project


Tell us your custom requirements or ideas.


AUSMAN will make the 2D/3D demo and discuss details with you.


Design the Prototype, amplifier board and PCB


Test the initial prototype.


Make the standard sample and do tests.


Delivery the sample to you for the confirmation.


Performance optimization and mass production arrangement.

Idea To Mass Production Only Needs 40 Days

How AUSMAN Helps Your Brand In Speaker OME/ODM?

One-stop Solutions for Custom Speakers Manufacturing

1. AUSMAN provides unique capabilities and technical support in speaker and audio manufacturing to ensure our customers benefit from cooperation.

2. We have 12 years of experience in audio equipment customization, production and custom solution, and we know how to carry out precise prototyping and solution improvement in our R&D department.

3. Work with AUSMAN gives you a range of exclusive advantages to get the audio equipment and program improvements you need at the lowest net cost.

4. Whether it is portable speakers, stage speakers, or multimedia speakers, our team will provide you with accurate and comprehensive operations, confirming that the products or services we deliver can solve your problems and benefit from them.

Please contact us, we will solve the questions for you.

Fast 3D Design For Free

If you are a brand owner or distributor of speaker & audio equipment, you plan to develop a new product, which currently it just is an idea.

So how can you turn the ideas into real product prototypes?

Please contact AUSMAN, our engineer team will complete the process from concept to 3D model for you.

Our engineers will show your ideas on 2D and 3D drawings, and you can change the product details according to your actual needs until you are satisfied with the appearance and color of the product.

Download Files For model Choosing

Marketing For You

The sales team is divided into regions, the person knows well about the market of region he or she in charge.

Our suggestions and solutions will allow you to make a quick decision, and you can know in the shortest possible time whether certain speaker products need to be purchased in bulk and the next explosive products that may appear next time.

You can effectively seize business opportunities and strive to maximize profits in a short time.

More FAQ to Know AUSMAN

Samples For You

AUSMAN has a free sample plan.

Any customer can get a free speaker sample by contacting our sales staff and registering with valid information.

After the customer gets the samples and tests, our team can optimize and upgrade the existing solutions according to the customer's regional performance requirements to meet the customer's market demand.

In this way, both of us can achieve effective cooperation progress at the lowest cost, and the customers can quickly decide whether to cooperate with AUSMAN.

Click For Samples

Technology Support and Custom Solutions

Loudspeakers and audio products also need to be updated or some features customized.

In fact, our engineering team has been busy with product research and development or providing technical services or custom solutions for customers

For example

1. The effect of the LED light ring is too monotonous, and a full-screen flame lighting effect needs to be made.

2. The buttons in the control area need to be redesigned to adapt to the usage habits of local customers.

3. The speaker power needs to be increased by 50W, then the power system needs to be adjusted.

4. Customers need to develop a separate APP for one of their PA speakers for the convenience of customers.

Product certification

The product certification required by each region is different, and the cost is also expense.

Such as certification in the United States: FCC, California Proposition 65.

Certification required in Europe: CE/ROHS

Certification required in India: BIS/WPC

Australia Required certification: SAA

Certificates required for Saudi imports: SASO

All of the above cost customers a lot of time and money.

If you are working with AUSMAN, these will not be the problems for you, the AUSMAN team will solve them for you.

AUSMAN has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

The products can pass CE, ROHS, BIS, SAA and other certifications.
Hot Questions | Audio Speakers
  • How Is Your Company's R&D Capability?
    We provide services from drawing design to prototype production, from sample testing to mass production of new products, we will provide customers with the highest quality audio products or solutions at the lowest cost.
  • What Technology Custom Solutions Can I Get From AUSMAN?
    Our engineering team has been busy with product research and development or providing technical services or custom solutions for customers.
  • How Can You Guarantee The Custom Speaker Quality ?
    AUSMAN has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.
  • How Long Will It Take To Custom A New Speaker?
    New product customization, from drawing, sample making, mold making to mass production, we only need 40 days.
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We offer a wide range of solutions for OEM/ODM speaker manufacturing.
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