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AUSMAN provides a wide range
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* Speaker & audio customization* Prototype development and testing* Product performance upgrade
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AUSMAN is a professional speaker and audio equipment manufacturer in China.

AUSMAN provides a wide range of speaker products and related custom services: from product design and development, sample production and testing, to final mass production.

We will follow up the whole process, in order to make sure it is the product and service you want.

And the AUSMAN speaker products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in pass 12 years.

CEO & Founder - Randy Zhao

Randy started working in audio manufacturing 2008, and he really loves it.He is the chief planner of the company's development and product positioning, this because he has the keen sense of the developed direction of audio products and years of work experiences in speaker manufacturing.

Vice President & Marketing Excutive

With 12 years of foreign trade sales experience, she knows every process of production and export .Janet will analyze the potential problems of each customer, including the production and transportation of orders, and make plans ahead to provide better service.She often said: "We don't just sell products, in fact, we need to solve problems and create benefits for every customers."

Technology and R&D Supervisor

Bryant is the general manager of AUSMA technology and R&D team,Since 2011, he has been in research and development of audio products, and now he is a technical expert of this field.Bryant's work includes: development of new products, performance optimization, technology upgrade of existing products, and provide customers with feasible product solutions.Click here for help from us
Hot Questions | Audio Speakers
  • How Is Your Company's R&D Capability?
    We provide services from drawing design to prototype production, from sample testing to mass production of new products, we will provide customers with the highest quality audio products or solutions at the lowest cost.
  • What Technology Custom Solutions Can I Get From AUSMAN?
    Our engineering team has been busy with product research and development or providing technical services or custom solutions for customers.
  • How Can You Guarantee The Custom Speaker Quality ?
    AUSMAN has a strict quality management system and has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.
  • How Long Will It Take To Custom A New Speaker?
    New product customization, from drawing, sample making, mold making to mass production, we only need 40 days.
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