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Floor Standing Speakers

Floor Standing Speakers
Custom High Tower Speakers To Delight Your Customers.
floor standing speaker AS-PS06

AUSMAN Audio, Floor Standing Speaker Manufacturer In China
Save Huge Mold Costs By Working With AUSMAN
As one of the leading manufacturers of Tower Speaker in China, AUSMAN AUDIO provides you with extensive customization options.
Floor Tower Speaker Serie is AUSMAN's superior product, accounting for 60%of AUSMAN's annual sales.
Therefore, we can provide you with the best solution whether in product design, production or after-sales.

Need A New Model That Belongs To Your Brand Design?
l Specialized in high-quality floor-standing speaker production over 10 years.
l Always improve quality and performance continuously to ensure each product.
l We focus on providing customers with perfect solutions and services.
l ASUMAN supports a production capacity of 5000 pairs per month.

Custom Floor Standing Speakers to Enlarge Your Business
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AUSMAN Floor Standing Speakers Meet Your Local Market
AUSMAN is a manufacturer and wholesaler with a history of 12 years.
Some countries call them the 2.0 Karaoke Speaker System, for example, countries in the Middle East.
We can make plans according to each customer's needs, including prototype customization and mass production.
floor standing speaker AS-PS01
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  4x10" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS02
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  6x10" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS03
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  4x10" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS04
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  4x12" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  6x12" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS06
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  6x10" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS08
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  4x10" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS08
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  4x10" Woofers +4x1" Tweeters
floor standing speaker AS-PS25
Power:  2x150W (R.M.S)
Driver:  4x12" Woofers +4x3" Tweeters

Custom Manufacture Process in AUSMAN AUDIO
AUSMAN's ability and experience in manufacturing can support any customization.
The customized projects include sound solutions, materials, multimedia components, or feature functions-MP5.
Demand Communication
Demand Communication
AUSMAN designs a preliminary product plan according to your local market demand and brand image.
We design the 3D model and hand-made solid model so that you can quickly confirm the design plan.
Program Improvement
Prototype adjustment, including design, box material, electronic components., etc.
Sample delivery
Sample Confirmation
We send the prototype to you for tests and make adjustments according to the feedback from you.
Trial Production
Trial Production
According to the final plan, draw up a plan for small production(50 units or less), and conduct routine tests.
Mass production
Mass Production
The production is adjusted to meet the large-scale production needs on the base of trial production.

12 inch floor standing speaker AS-PS04

Why AUSMAN AUDIO Floor Standing/DJ Speaker?
As one of the manufacturers from China, AUSMAN has been focusing on providing differentiated products for global customers since 2010.
So we can provide better manufacturing services in this field.

Provide One-stop Trade Services
We have a complete and stable supplier-development-production-global logistics and other industrial chains, which allow us can follow up on the purchase from China from every detail.

At present, AUSMAN China has two automatic production lines for floor-to-box pairs, and the monthly supply is 20,000 pairs/month.

Professional Design Capabilities
AUSMAN have an experienced design team who can design model with exquisite appearance, excellent sound quality, and complete functions for you.

You can purchase AUSMAN existing models, customize your brand logo(OEM), or some featured functions.
For example, colors for the cabinets.
Advanced and Perfect Process Manufacturing
AUSMAN factory has completed manufacturing processes and advanced production equipment, including injection molding machines, SMT placement machines, welding machines, packaging machines, etc., with a total of more than 200 sets.

We pay attention to every detail, using high-quality materials and components to ensure that the performance meets your requirements.

AUSMAN's Experience Can Help You Expand Your Business

floor standing speaker with lights AS-PS03
The Ultimate FAQ Guide 
We're going to answer all your questions about floor standing loudspeakers.
Whether you want to know more about the classification, performance, manufacture, or quality standard, you find the answer here.

What are Floor Standing Speakers?
Floor-standing speakers are a common type that is generally placed on the ground.
People also call it a tower speaker.

They are the largest sound system at home, of course, larger than other kinds, and also with better bass dispersion and soundstage.

The appearance is usually more exquisite, the number can be a single, two, or more, widely used in commercial and home entertainment PA systems.
What are The Driver Types of Floorstanding Speakers?
We usually classify according to the number of drivers, and there are three types: two-way, three-way, and four-way.

2-way: A tweeter and a woofer.

3-way: Contains a tweeter (for high-frequency), a midrange driver(for mid-frequency dialogue) and a woofer (for high-frequency).

4-way: It is to add a super high-pitched speaker on the basis of the three-way frequency speaker.

The more drive units, the more delicate the division of sound frequency bands, the richer the layering, and the better the sound of course.
How are Floor Standing Speakers Manufacturerd?
The manufacturing process can be divided into the following steps:

1. Scheme Design
The R&D team will determine the appearance, size, driver type, circuit design, acoustic compensation, and other factors based on the data.

Here you need to consider the product's target market, budget, and manufacturing costs.

2. Stocking for Materials
Once the design team has identified all the parts, it's time to start sourcing those parts.

These components may include cabinet materials, drivers, power amplifiers, circuit boards, coils, chips, capacitors, power supplies, etc.

It should be noted that the solutions of each model and different customers of the same model are different, and the required materials also change.

3. Assembly
In the assembly stage, the parts are assembled into a complete loudspeaker.

Assembly includes securing the drive, mounting the circuit board, connecting wires, and assembling the case.

The assembly speed of floor-standing speakers is much slower than that of PA speakers or party speakers because the volume is larger, this increases the difficulty of assembly.

4. Debugging and Testing
Once assembled, tuning and testing are required to ensure the performs to specification.
This includes testing for tuning circuits, acoustic balance, burn-in, and other items.

5. Pack and Store
The last step is to pack and store, then and notify the customer to confirm the delivery date.

The above process is floor-standing speaker production, each part is very important, in order to ensure they are what customers need.
What are the Main Materials For the Cabinet?
At present, the main material of the cabinet of the series is wooden plywood.

Some high-end brands will use solid wood, because the size of the box is large, and the price of solid wood is expensive.

At the same time, plastic materials such as PP, ABS, and acrylic are used for the decorative parts of the operation panel and front face, and the grille is mainly made of metal materials as the covers.
What Are The Placement Methods Of Floor-Standing Speakers?
The sound performance of floor-standing speakers is not only related to the quality themselves but also closely related to the way they are placed.

Because the placement method will affect the distribution of the playback sound in the space, choosing the correct placement method can have better sound performance.

Placement methods:
1. Vertical Placement
Place vertically on the ground. Generally, it is necessary to leave a certain space for them to vibrate freely, so as to obtain better sound quality.

2. Wall-mounted
Hang on the wall. It should be noted that the speakers on the wall need to use special brackets and fixing equipment to ensure safety and stability.

3. Ground Cushion Type
Add a suitable cushion between the floor sound and the ground to isolate the resonance and vibration of the ground, thereby improving the sound quality .
The bracket or floor mat can effectively prevent the vibration from interfering with the sound when sounding.
The common ones are isolation feet, plinths, and stands.

4. Corner Type
Place in the corner of the room. This method can take advantage of the acoustic characteristics of the room and improve the low-frequency response and sound pressure level.

5. Built-in
Place on a bookshelf or other fixed structure.
This method can prevent them from shaking or moving during use, and improve stability and safety.

The placement of floor-standing speakers needs to consider factors such as the size of the building, the placement of furniture, and sound quality requirements.
It is best to consult professionals for advice.
How long does it take to customize a floor-standing speaker?
AUSMAN is a professional speaker manufacturing enterprise, we can develop a new model within 40 days, from drawing design, and prototyping to mass production.

In the field of manufacturing, we provide you with the most professional customized services.
What are The Advantages of Floor Standing Speakers?
Clearer Sound: More drivers and larger cabinets, result in clearer, more accurate sound, especially in the low frequencies.

Better Bass Effect: Equipped with larger woofers, which can produce more powerful bass effects and create a more powerful music atmosphere.

Larger Sound Field: Due to the larger volume, more drive units can be placed, so the sound field produced is wider and deeper.

Easy to integrate into the home environment: Floorstanding speakers are usually stylish and simple in design, easy to integrate into the home environment, and can also meet the needs of home entertainment.
How to Choose: Floorstanding vs Bookshelf Speakers
They are two common types of home audio speakers.
Here we will briefly compare the two kinds.

I hope that through this article, you can understand them correctly and buy.

1. Floor standing speakers
They are usually larger, and they have a greater number of sound generators (drivers), so they can provide a more balanced and rich sound performance over a wider frequency range.

Since they have their own bases or stands, they can produce more stable and clear sound and perform better in the low-frequency range.

However, they are also more expensive and often require larger rooms to accommodate their size and shape.
If put in a narrow space, the sound performance will not be the best.

2. Bookshelf speakers
Bookshelf speakers are usually smaller and less expensive.
They usually need to be placed on a stand, shelf, or desk rather than on the floor.

Due to the size, structure, and cost, their low-frequency performance may be limited,

But in the mid-to-high range, bookshelf speakers are often comparable to floor-standing series.

Another advantage of bookshelf speakers is that they are more portable, as they are smaller and lighter.

3. Are They Portable?
Although there are some small models, such as AUSMAN AS-PS27 with Bluetooth.
However, with a height of 1.2 meters and a box weight of 8KG, it is still very bulky and difficult to realize this function.

4. How to Choose?
If you have enough space and budget and want a better sound quality and live experience, floor-standing speakers are a good choice.

If you're on a tighter budget or you need to move it to take it somewhere, bookshelf speakers might be better.

What Features Can You Add To Your Customization Project?
AUSMAN provides professional customization services for your company and strives to create competitive and differentiated products for you, making you ahead of local competitors.

1. Customized Sound Quality
This includes the speaker's frequency response, sound quality balance, distortion rate, and other indicators.

The manufacturer AUSMAN can choose the appropriate components and technologies according to your requirements and budget to achieve the desired sound effect.

2. Custom Power and Sensitivity
This refers to the power output and response of the floor stander to the input signal.
High-power and high-sensitivity speakers can produce louder sound and better dynamic range, but may also require larger drivers and higher cost.

3. Customized Size and Appearance
The size and appearance may have different requirements for different customers and purposes.
Some customers may require smaller or larger sizes, or specific designs and materials.

4. How Your Speakers Are Connected and Controlled
How your speakers are connected and controlled can also affect their performance and usability.
For example, some customers may require a wireless connection, while others may require a wired connection and multiple input options.

5. Customized and Personalized Portability
Refers to whether the floor and bass speakers of the floor-standing speakers can be designed with the function of quick disassembly and assembly so that they can be easily carried when going out.

When customizing floor-standing speakers, we usually discuss the above factors with the customer and provide the best solution according to the customer's specific requirements and budget.
What are the selling points of tower speakers with LED light show?
Tower speakers with LED light show(floor standing speaker) have a cool LED light show function, which can automatically change according to the rhythm and beat of the music, bringing very shocking visual effects.

Users can also customize the effect and color of the LED light show through the APP or remote control, so that users can enjoy the fun of the light show.

When used at home, because the tower speaker is at least half higher than the average, it can create a bar-like live effect for us, which will bring us a very good experience.
Where to find floorstanding speaker manufacturers in China?
We can find Chinese floorstanding speaker manufacturers in the following ways:

1. Search the Web
You can use a search engine, such as Google or Bing, enter keywords such as "China floor speaker manufacturers" or "China speaker manufacturers" and other related words in the search bar, and then browse the relevant web pages to obtain information.

2. Participate in The Exhibition
By participating in famous international trade exhibitions in China, such as Canton Fair (held in March every year), Shenzhen Electronics Fair (held in April every year), Shanghai Fair (held in September every year), etc., communicate with participating manufacturers and learn about product information and manufacturers.

3. Ask the Industrial and Commercial Bureau
You can consult your local industry and commerce bureau or industry association
They usually have relevant business directories or manufacturers' directories that can provide useful information.

4. Manufacturing Platform
You can use China's well-known manufacturing platforms, such as Alibaba, Made in China, Dunhuang, etc., to find information about relevant manufacturers.

Finally, it should be noted that when choosing a suitable manufacturer of floor-standing speakers, you should consider many factors.
For example, the degree of matching between the product and your brand, product quality, production capacity, after-sales service, etc.
And you need to ensure that the selected manufacturer can meet your needs. and request.
What are The Quality Standards
The quality standards of floor-standing speakers are similar to another kind, and we will not introduce the repeated parts in detail.

1. Frequency response
This refers to the responsiveness of output sound at different frequencies, including bass, midrange, and treble.
Generally speaking, a high-quality, high-quality floor-standing speaker should have a balanced frequency response and be able to output clear and lifelike sound in various frequency bands.

2. Distortion Rate
The distortion rate refers to the degree of error between the sound signal and the input signal when the outputs sound.
A good floor-standing speaker should have a low distortion rate and be able to accurately restore the original audio signal.

3. Sensitivity
The sensitivity refers to the loudness of the sound output when the same electrical signal is input.
Generally speaking, high-quality speakers should have high sensitivity and be able to output louder sounds.

4. Dynamic Range
The dynamic range refers to the difference between the maximum output and the minimum output, that is, the difference between the loudest sound and the smallest sound that can be output.
If it has a larger dynamic range and can output richer music details, it can be regarded as a good one.

5. Harmonic Distortion
Harmonic distortion refers to the fact that when the speaker outputs sound, it will produce multiplier harmonics different from the input signal, thereby affecting the sound quality.
A good speaker should have low harmonic distortion and be able to accurately restore the original audio signal.

6. Phase Response
Phase response refers to whether the sound output is consistent with the original signal in time.
A good speaker should have a good phase response and be able to accurately restore the original audio signal.

7. Speaker Distribution
This point needs to be explained emphatically, because they have a larger cabinet and more drive units than ordinary ones, so the uniformity of sound distribution becomes very important.

In a multi-system, the location is also one of the factors that affect the sound quality.
A good floor standing speaker should have a soundarrangement that distributes sound evenly throughout the room.

Can  We Use ThemTo Build A Surround Sound System?
Surround sound systems usually consist of multiple speakers for more realistic sound and stereo effects.

Of course, they can be used as one of the types to play specific roles, such as front speakers, rear speakers, center speakers, etc.
For example 5.1 surround sound system.

To build a surround sound system, you need at least one AV receiver or audio processor.
This device distributes audio signals from a TV, Blu-ray player, or other audio source.

For floorstanding speakers, you can use them as front and/or rear speakers to create a full surround sound experience with the front, rear, left, and right channels.
We can use it as a center channel in your audio system

However, it should be noted that building a surround sound system requires certain professional knowledge and experience.

Therefore, if you do not have the relevant knowledge and skills, it is recommended that you seek professional help to ensure that the system is properly configured and functioning.
How To Pack And Ship The Floorstanding Speakers?
Because floor-standing speakers are relatively small in size, they are generally sold in sets of two.
The length of the main box and the auxiliary box is not consistent, which increases the difficulty of packing and loading.

We usually use three layers of packaging to ensure that the product is not scratched or impacted:
Wrap the box with PE film first.
Wrap it in custom-made styrofoam, which can keep them from shifting during transportation.
Put it into a thickened carton and seal it.

It is also a complicated task to load the floor-standing audio cabinets, because the lengths of the main box and the auxiliary box are different, which makes it impossible to place them neatly and orderly when loading the cabinets.
We will calculate the most reasonable and maximized cabinet loading plan based on the actual product size.

The two core issues of our packaging and shipping are that the damage rate is less than 5% and the quantity is maximized.
This can maximize the protection of customer interests.
The Names of Floor-standing Speakers in Different Regions
Different regions may use different terms to describe them. 
Although these terms are used in different regions, they generally refer to a tower speaker with a larger size and suitable for placement on the ground.

The several common names around the world:
In Iran:اسپیکر‌های ایستاده, which translates to "standing speakers" in English. Sometime they call 2.0 Karaoke Speaker System, 2.0 DJ Speaker.
Middle East: السماعات الأرضية, which translates to "floor speakers" or "ground speakers" in English.
South America: caixas acústicas torre, which translates to "tower speakers" in English
North America: floorstanding speakers" or simply "tower speakers.
Europe: "floorstanding speakers" or "floorstanders." 
Africa:  "floorstanding speakers" or "tower speakers."