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Customized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from China

Customized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from China

Customized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from China
Customized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from ChinaCustomized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from ChinaCustomized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from ChinaCustomized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from ChinaCustomized Karaoke Speaker System with Lights from China
CategoriesFloor Standing Speakers
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Business TypeWholesale/Custom
Minimum Order Quantity100 sets
Drive Unit6*10'' Woofers+4*3" Tweeter
Power Supply220-240V 50Hz/60Hz
PackingPE bag+carton
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJul 16,2024
Detail Information

Your Leading Supplier For Karaoke Speaker System with Lights In China

AS-PS10 is a floor-standing Karaoke Speaker system, designed by speaker manufacturer ASUMAN China.

This product is divided into two parts, the main box and the sub-speaker, and the box is made of wood MDF.

It will have six 10-inch woofers, four 3-inch tweeters, RMS power of 240W, and powerful sound effects.

* AUSMAN Floor Standing Speaker Serie

  • 6*10"

  • 4*3"

  • LEDs

  •  300W 

Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
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About Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS10
AS-PS10 is an active speaker with dynamic light show for various occasions, such as parties, karaoke, etc.
Model NO.
Product Type
Floor standing speaker/Party/K-song
Size/ Packing Size
Adapter, user manual, remote control, wireless microphone*2(optional)
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10

K-song with karaoke speaker system AS-PS10
Home Theater Karaoke System for K-song
Wireless system with wireless bluetooth 5.0
Shocking sound Karaoke Speaker with 6 woofers
Tower bluetooth speaker for outdoor activities
Tower bluetooth speaker used as a guitar AMP

Floor Standing Design
Floor standing 2.0 DJ speaker sysetem AS-PS10 adopts a simple floor standing design.
It is is divided into two parts: the main box and the sub-main box.
The operation panel is installed on the top of the main box, so it should be 10-15 cm higher than the sub box.
The cabinet design is simple, individual, and highly recognizable.
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
Elegant MDF Wooden Cabinet
karaoke sound system AS-PS10 is made of high-quality MDF material.

The wooden cabinet can withstand the bumps of daily use.
It can also effectively reduce resonance and produce high-quality sound.
 Karaoke Speaker with Dazzling Lights Dazzling
In order to provide more dazzling visual effects, this BT speaker karaoke is equipped with lighting function.
You can choose different lighting modes and colors for tones.
This pair of speakers are 1.20 meters, it can easily become the focus of the audience
The perfect fusion of light and sound adds a unique charm to your karaoke night.
Fully Control For K-Song On the Top
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
600 Watts High Power Output
AUSMAN AS-PS10, RMS is 240WM, peak power reaches 600W.
This powerful system delivers high-quality sound, from punchy bass to detailed highs.
Excellent Sound Effects
2.0 karaoke speaker AS-PS10 adopts advanced audio technology.
It is equipped with high-performance speaker unit and optimized audio processor.
Whether it is karaoke, concert or family entertainment, you can expect an incredible music experience.
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
Portable Karaoke Machine
Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Connection
AS-PS10 provides convenient connection and input functions, enabling you to use and enjoy music with ease.
Bluetooth/USB and SD card /AUX input/wireless microphone connection.
You can also freely connect wireless microphones and smart audio sources to make your music experience more enjoyable and enjoyable.
Karaoke Speaker with Screen
On the operation panel, we have prepared two 6.5mm microphone inlets.
So, you can start your K-song performance very easily.
Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
occasions of karaoke speaker system
Where Can You Use It
AS-PS10 has perfect performance in various occasions.

For example, home audio, parties, band practice.
During use, you can sing along with your friends and family, creating a joyous atmosphere.
Customization Services for AS-PS10 in AUSMAN
The manufacturer China AUSMAN, pays attention to customer needs and provides personalized customized services for 2.0 DJ speaker AS-PS10.

You can customize the appearance and function of the speaker according to their own preferences and requirements.

Whether you want special appearance design, individual functions, lighting effects or greater driving power, 
AUSMAN's team can realize it for you.
What Is the Best Karaoke Speaker System?
To determine this question, there are several factors to consider.
As a professional professional karaoke speaker system manufacturer, ASUMAN provides some suggestions for you to make a better judgment.

1. Excellent Vocal Details
It is often used for K-song.
Its sound quality should be clear, lifelike and balanced, especially when it comes to vocal processing.
It should be able to accurately reproduce the details of music and vocals, making the song more beautiful.

2. Power and Volume are Big Enough
There is no clear indicator here
For example, ASUMAN's floor-standing Karaoke Speakers are generally divided into main/sub-boxes much bigger than party speakers.

But it should be able to provide enough volume for large parties or performances, while keeping the sound quality solid and clear.

3. Versatility
The best system should have a variety of features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB and SD card slots, multiple audio input interfaces, etc., so that users can easily connect different devices and audio sources.

4. Durability and Quality
They also should be made of high-quality materials and components to ensure its durability and long life.

5. Wide Range of Applicable Occasions
Including family gatherings, karaoke parties, concerts or commercial venues, etc. 
They should be able to provide the required volume, sound quality and functionality to meet the needs of a particular occasion.

6. User Feedback and Word of Mouth
This is the most direct reference.
A good product must stand the test of the market and consumers and be recognized by them.

There may not be the best one in the world.
Bust according to personal needs and budget, we can definitely choose the best karaoke speaker system for us.

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Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS10
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