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Custom Column Speakers

Custom Column Speakers

Custom High-quality Column Speakers To Delight Your Customers
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Professional Column Speaker OEM Manufacturer in China
Looking For A Reliable Factory To Assist Your Wholesale?
AUSMAN is a professional column speaker manufacturer from Guangzhou, China. Since 2010, we have been engaged in the design, production, wholesale and export of column speakers, including OEM/ODM.

We focus on providing high-quality column speakers and manufacturing cost solutions globally. From idea to real marketing product only needs 40 days in AUSMAN AUDIO.
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Custom Column Speakers to Meet Your Local Market
Customization Can Effectively Help Your Sales
AUSMAN provides a variety of column speakers for different scenarios, including portable, stage, home, etc.
Our Column product collection combines innovative design and high-quality manufacturing to meet your needs.

Whether you're looking for high performance, reliability, or customization, we have the best solution for you.
Choose AUSMAN, which means that you have chosen professional manufacturing and excellent quality.

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 Reliable Column Speaker Manufacturer AUSMAN Advantidges
As a professional China manufacturer of column speakers, AUSMAN has been devoted to developing and producing products that combine advanced technology and popular elements.

We provide column line array speakers in various materials, types and occasions, and the cooperation methods include OEM or ODM.

AUSMAN China provides you with the most professional sound column manufacturing services worldwide.

AUSMAN Column Speakers Customization Case
This is a customized project of our customer in China.
The prototype of column speaker is our AS-VC16.

We added brand features on the product.
This makes its brand image and advantages more prominent.

Custom Column Speakers to Skyrocket Your Business
AUSMAN column speaker AS-VC101
Column Speaker PA System AS-VC101
AS-VC101 is a high-quality two-way column speaker made of ABS material.
Its column part and bass box can be disassembled, and you can put them into a portable travel bag to carry out.

AUSMAN provides hardware and software customization for it.
AUSMAN column speaker AS-VC16
Wooden Column Array Speakers AS-VC16
AS-VC16 is a 500W high-power wooden column speaker, the sound system.

The sound range  is composed of bass, midrange, tweeter and other speakers.

With durable ABS pulleys at the bottom, we can move it easily too.
AUSMAN column speaker AS-VC17
Powered Column PA System AS-VC17
A general column PA full-range system with a high peak power of 800W(PMPO).

Wiht a of weight of 35Kg and big size, we suggest use it in a large indoor environment.

Private Label Manufacturing (OEM) and customization(ODM) for you.

Professional Column Speaker Manufacturer & Supplier in China
Initial Idea & Drawing of Pro speaker AS-219
Initial Idea & Drawing Design 
AUSMAN provides conventional and portable column speakers to meet different user needs.

You can choose right type according to the application scenario.
3D Modeling For Speakers
3D Modeling For Column Speakers
AUSMAN will create a 3D model for you before making new prototype of the column speakers.

So you will have a full view of them and make changes in time.
Different Material of Speaker Shells
Different Material Speaker Shells
We provide you custom column speakers with shell of Soild wood/Plywood and ABS/PP plastic.

You can customize according to different customers' needs.
Porable column speaker and column speaker
Different Types of Column Speakers
AUSMAN provides conventional and portable column speakers to meet different user needs.

You can choose right type according to the application scenario.
column speakes
Column Speakers In Different Frequency
We provide two-way and full-range (three-way) column speakers according to your local market.

Here you can find complete solutions for column speakers.
Column speaker AS-VC715
OEM & ODM Service For Your Company
Ausman has more than 10 years of experience in ODM production of column speakers.

We will one of the most reliable you candidate manufacturers in China.

Why Choose Column Speaker AUSMAN Factory?
AUSMAN is a China speaker audio brand with a history of more than 12 years. 

Our speaker products cover fields from portable speakers to live performance series, home theater PA speakers etc.
Column speaker is one of the most representative series products of our company.

The advantages of AUSMAN column array speakers lie in advanced technology, excellent sound quality, performance and good after-sales service.

AUSMAN has won the recognition of many users, and its products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Part1: About AUSMAN Column Speakers

 1. High-quality and Clear Sound Column Speaker

 2. Technical advantages of AUSMAN Column Speaker

 3. The New Development Direction of Column Speaker

 4. Efficient and Rapid Mass Production of Column Speaker Systems

 5. Quality Control of Column Speakers

 6. After-sales services will follow up the whole process

Part2: AUSMAN Helps You Create A Complete Product Industry Blueprint

column speaker AS-VC17
amplifier of column speaker AS-VC17
1. High-quality and Clear Sound Column Speaker
AUSMAN China has been committed to the innovation and development of audio technology, and has accumulated rich experience and technology.

AUSMAN has completed research and development and production departments. 

Our team will design corresponding changes and experiments for the product according to the various needs of users, and apply the performance that meets the needs in actual production.

In recent years, the theme of AUSMAN's R&D on column speakers is how to combine high-quality column speakers with portability, so as to meet the needs for using speaker column in different scenarios in the current market.

Our portable column speaker AS-VC101 is one of the product of this trend.

AS-VC16 column speaker enclosure
amplifier of column speaker AS-VC16
2. Technical advantages of AUSMAN Column Speaker
AUSMAN has advanced audio technology and a professional R&D team, which can provide users with a better audio experience.

AUSMAN column line array speakers adopts sound column technology, which can provide better sound performance in different occasions, whether it is in live performance or in home theater, it can provide excellent sound quality.

AUSMAN's column array pa system also have some innovative functions, such as our active column array speakers AS-VC101, AS-V16, which can be set up by connecting to the speakers wireless Bluetooth, which is convenient for users to adjust and control.

Another direction of research and development in AUSMAN is ABS shell column pa speakers, because the traditional wooden box has single shapes, heavy weight and volume, and it is difficult to move.

The shape of the ABS shell can be various, so we can design column enclosures with pop elements.

And the quality and volume are much smaller than the wooden box, which is very suitable for the needs of modern people.

The disadvantage is that the mold cost is relatively high, generally around 100,000 US dollars.

At present, we are trying to cut down the cost of the mold of column line array speakers.
So that the ABS sound column speaker can be mass-developed at a more reasonable cost like the production of PP speakers.

AS-VC16 column speaker enclosure
amplifier of column speaker AS-VC16
4. Efficient and Rapid Mass Production of Column Speaker Systems
Column speaker manufacturer AUSMAN Audio has advanced production equipment and technology, which can guarantee the production quality and production efficiency of products.

AUSMAN uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and the products produced have undergone strict testing and quality control to ensure product reliability and stability.

Our column speaker systems also have waterproof, dust-proof and other functions, which are suitable for various complicated occasions and have higher reliability and stability.

front view of Column speaker AS-VC17
operation panel of Column speaker
5. Quality Control of Column Speakers
Column speaker manufacturer AUSMAN attaches great importance to product quality control and has a complete quality management system (ISO9001) and production process.

AUSMAN products are strictly tested and inspected in the production process to ensure that the various indicators of the products meet the standards.

after-sale service from AUSMA
6. After-sales Services Will Follow Up the Whole Process
AUSMAN has a professional after-sales service team, which can provide fast and efficient after-sales service.

Our after-sales service team has rich experience and skills, and can quickly solve the problems encountered by users.

AUSMAN China also provides regular maintenance and overhaul services to ensure column speaker performance and reliability, allowing users to use AUSMAN products with more confidence.

Part2:AUSMAN Helps You Create A Complete Product Industry Blueprint
If you are looking for a column speaker with excellent performance and high reliability to expand your company's sales territory, choosing AUSMAN column speaker is a wise choice.

AUSMAN's excellent quality and professional after-sales service will provide you with high-quality column speakers and excellent technical services.


The Ultimate FAQ Guide of Column Speaker
Today, we're going to answer all your questions about column speakers.

Whether you want to know more about the classification, performance, manufacture, quality standard or size of column speakers, you can find all the information here.

1. What is a Column Speaker?
2. How are Column Speakers Manufacturerd?
3. What Are The Cabinet Materials For Column Speakers?
4. What Scenarios Are Column Speakers Suitable For?
5. Are The Column Speakers Waterproof?
6. How to Choose the Ideal Column Speaker Supplier For Your Brand?
7. What Performance Characteristics Can You Incorporate Into Your Column Speaker Customization Project?
8. What Factors Determine the Manufacturing Cost of Column Speakers?
9. What are The Quality Standards For Column Speakers?
10. Where Can You Buy Column Speakers?

Column speaker AS-VC17
back view of Column speaker AS-VC17

1. What is a Column Speaker?
Column speakers, which typically consist of multiple speaker units in a column and basic box.
And All the speaker units can also be mounted in a single enclosure and connected to a TV or audio source by cable or wireless connection.

Column speakers can significantly improve the sound quality of TVs, theaters and playback systems because they provide larger speakers and better sound field distribution, making the sound clearer, brighter, more powerful and lifelike.

At present, most of the column speakers usually also have some smart functions, such as wireless connection, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, making them more convenient and easy to use.

The column part of the column speaker
the components of the column speaker

2. How are Column Speakers Manufacturerd?
The manufacturing process of column speakers includes the following steps:

1. Scheme Design
The R&D Team will determine the size, shape, power and other parameters of the column speakers according to the product's use scenario and user needs, and design the appearance and structure.

2. Material Preparation
The column speaker materials usually include wood(soild wood and Polywood), metal, plastic(ABS/PP), sound-absorbing materials, etc.
The production department needs to prepare these materials and handle them to meet design requirements.

3. Processing and Assembly
The workers process and assemble wood, metal and other materials according to the design drawings to make the shell and bracket of the speaker.
At the same time, sound-absorbing materials also need to be cut and pasted to ensure the sound quality of the speakers.

4. Assembly of Audio Components
The audio components of the speaker include speakers, partitions, circuit boards, wires, etc. 
The column manufacturer needs to install these components into the speaker according to the design requirements, and perform wiring and debugging.

5. Finished Product Test:
The column speaker manufacturer will conduct various tests on the speaker to check whether the sound quality performance, power output, frequency response and other indicators meet the design requirements.

The workers will adjust and retest if there is problems.

6. Packaging and Shipping
Package and label the speakers, and ship them to sales channels or end users.

The manufacture of column speakers needs to go through multiple parts, involving knowledge and skills in multiple professional fields, and requires manufacturers to have professional technical and management capabilities.

AUSMAN has rich experience in the design and manufacture of column speakers, and can independently develop and customize new column speaker models for your brand or company. 

Please contact us to get the further custom details.

Wooden column speaker AS-VC175
Wooden Enclosure Column Speaker AS-VC175
Column Speaker PA System AS-VC101
ABS Enclosure Column Speaker AS-VC101

3. What are The Cabinet Materials for Column Speakers?
There are mainly the following types of cabinet materials for sound columns and speakers:

1. Wood Material
Wood is one of the most traditional cabinet materials, and its advantages are the expressiveness and naturalness of the sound, and at the same time it can give people a noble feeling.
The commonly used wood materials are solid wood, plywood and so on.

2. Plastic Material
Plastic material is one of the most commonly used speaker materials at present. Its advantages are light, strong and relatively cheap.
Commonly used plastic materials are ABS plastic, PP plastic, PC plastic and so on.

3. Stone Material
Stone material is a relatively rare speaker material, commonly used materials are marble, granite and so on.
The cabinet made of stone material can increase the weight and stability of the speaker, and at the same time improve the expressiveness of the sound quality. 
The manufacturing time is long, the process is cumbersome, and the cost is very high, which is also not suitable for mass production.

Different box materials of column speakers have a certain influence on the sound performance of the speakers. Choosing the right material can make the sound quality of the speakers better. 

The selection of the speaker cabinet also needs to refer to the market positioning of the product, cost accounting, production cycle and local market purchasing habits, etc. 

If you encounter problems with material selection during the development of column speakers, please contact AUSMAN for detailed consultation.

bar performance
Bar Performance
Party Between Friends
Party Between Friends

4. What Scenarios Are Column Speakers Suitable For?
Column speakers are more powerful than party speakers and are not suitable for use in small spaces.

The sound coverage area can reach 200-600 square meters, which can be used for music playback and sound amplification scenarios placed indoors or outdoors.

The scenarios of the column speakers include:

Home Entertainment
Column speakers or speakers can be used as part of a home entertainment system to play music, movies and TV shows, etc.

Party Activities
Sound columns or speakers can be used in outdoor parties, birthday parties, weddings and other occasions to provide high-quality sound effects and music experience.

Sports Activities
Sound columns or speakers can be used in indoor or outdoor sports venues, such as gymnasiums, basketball courts, football fields, etc., to provide background music or play the voice of event commentators.

Commercial Places
Sound columns or speakers can be used in commercial places, such as restaurants, bars, shops, etc., to provide background music or sound for advertising.

In general, column speakers can be used in a variety of life scenarios.

5. Are The Column Speakers Waterproof?
Some column speakers are waterproof, but not all of them, it depends on the application scenarios and needs of different customers.

Generally speaking, the waterproof level is usually expressed in the form of IPXX.

For example, IPX7 means that the device is completely dustproof and can be submerged at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

And the column speaker series of AUSMAN has a waterproof rating of IPX4 and has a splash-proof function.

Generally speaking, we can check the product manual to determine its waterproof level.

AS-VC16 Wholesale Factory Supplied Line Array Speaker (16)
AS-VC16 Wholesale Factory Supplied Line Array Speaker (11)

6. How to Choose the Ideal Column Speaker Supplier For Your Brand?
There are several things to consider when choosing the ideal column speaker supplier for your brand:

1. Brand Matching
First, you need to determine whether your brand matches the product of the speaker supplier.
You need to find a supplier that understands and communicates your brand voice.

2. Product Quality and Performance
The quality and performance of your loudspeakers are critical to your brand image.
You need to choose a column speaker supplier with high quality and excellent performance to ensure that your brand sound is presented at its best.
Check the production line and latest styles of the supplier's column speakers, so that you can understand its quality control capabilities for column speakers.

3. Innovation Ability
whether you can integrate the latest technology and popular elements of column speakers in the current market into products, such as wireless Bluetooth, Dolby sound effects, portable column speakers and App development, etc. These determine whether your products will be accepted Consumer acceptance and market competitiveness.

4. Service Level
It is very important to choose a speaker supplier with a high service level.
The supplier should be able to provide you with good customer service, including timely response to your needs, providing consultation and support, and so on.
You can learn about the supplier's service level by communicating with the supplier, checking the supplier's customer evaluation and word of mouth, etc.

5. Price and Delivery Time
Of course, price is also one of the important factors you need to consider when choosing a speaker supplier. You need to strike a balance between price and quality. In addition, you also need to know the delivery date of the supplier to ensure that the supplier can deliver on time.

6. Cooperation Trust
You need to choose a supplier who can establish a good cooperative relationship for long-term cooperation.
You need to choose a trustworthy supplier and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the supplier.

In conclusion, choosing the ideal column speaker supplier for your brand needs to consider many aspects, including brand sound matching, product quality and performance, service level, price and delivery time, and cooperation trust.

7. What Performance Characteristics Can You Incorporate Into Your Column Speaker Customization Project?
Private Label Manufacturing Column PA System AS-VC17
 Column PA System AS-VC17

AUSMAN offers the following performance or project customizations for the performance of the column speakers:

1. Sound Quality
This includes the speaker's frequency response, sound quality balance, distortion rate and other indicators.
The manufacturer AUSMAN can choose the appropriate components and technologies according to your requirements and budget to achieve the desired sound effect.

2. Power and Sensitivity
This refers to the column speaker's power output and response to the input signal.
High-power and high-sensitivity speakers can produce louder sound and better dynamic range, but may also require larger drivers and higher cost.

3. Size and Appearance
The size and appearance of the column speaker may have different requirements for different customers and purposes.
Some customers may require smaller or larger sizes, or specific designs and materials.

4. Connections and Controls
How your speaker is connected and controlled can also affect its performance and usability.
For example, some customers may require a wireless connection, while others may require a wired connection and multiple input options.

5. Portability
Refers to whether the column column and subwoofer of the column speaker can be designed with the function of quick disassembly and assembly, so that it can be easily carried outside.

6. Durability and Reliability
The durability and reliability of the loudspeaker are also very important.
Including all aspects of the speaker's materials, build quality and warranty period.

At last, when customizing the column box, we usually discuss the above factors with the customers, and provide the best solution according to the customer's specific requirements and budget.
In Ausman China, you can customize the perfect sound pillar speaker that conforms to your brand.

8. What Factors Determine the Manufacturing Cost of Column Speakers?
The manufacturing cost of a column speaker depends on several factors, including but not limited to the following:

1. Components and Materials
The manufacturing cost of columns and cabinets depends on the type and quantity of components and materials required. High-quality components and materials are usually more expensive.

2. Production Process
The production of sound columns and speakers requires a certain amount of process and labor costs, such as design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, assembly, etc.

3. Labor Costs
The manufacture of sound columns and speakers also requires labor costs, including production line workers, technicians, managers, etc.
The cost of labor is closely related to the location of the factory. At present, the cost of labor in factories in Asia is much lower than that in Europe and the United States.

4. R&D and Innovation
Some high-end sound columns and speakers need R&D and innovation to develop unique functions and designs, which will increase manufacturing costs.

5. Transportation and Logistics
After the sound column and speakers are manufactured, transportation and logistics costs are required, including storage, packaging, distribution, etc.

To sum up, the manufacturing cost of column speakers and speakers depends on several factors, which interact to make column speakers vary in price and quality.

Therefore, if you need to purchase column speakers internationally, you need to make a choice according to your needs and budget.

If you plan to purchase in China, you can contact AUSMAN China for details.

8. What Factors Determine the Manufacturing Cost of Column Speakers?
The quality standard items of column speakers are the same as other speakers, but each series and model is also different.
We can only sort out the relevant standards for your reference, and cannot provide specific data, because each customer has different requirements for the following project parameters.

Frequency Response
This is one of the important criteria to measure the performance of sound columns and speakers, indicating the degree of output balance of the equipment in the entire frequency range.
Generally speaking, the frequency response should be as flat as possible, that is, the output sound should be roughly the same at different frequencies.

Distortion Rate
Distortion refers to the deviation between the sound output by the device and the input signal, which causes problems such as noise, distortion, and noise in the sound.
Therefore, the distortion rate of the sound column and the cabinet should be as low as possible.

Sound Pressure Level
The sound pressure level refers to the maximum output volume of the device. 
High-quality sound columns and speakers should be able to provide enough volume to meet the needs of users.

Signal-to-noise Ratio
The signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of the sound output by the device to the noise of the device itself. 
High-quality columns and cabinets should have a high signal-to-noise ratio to provide clear sound.

Sound Quality
Sound quality refers to the quality of the output sound. 
Good-sounding columns and cabinets should be able to deliver high fidelity, rich sound quality, and precise positioning.

The column speaker should have sufficient durability to withstand external force factors such as shock and vibration during long-term use and transportation.
Furthermore, they should be able to withstand various environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc.

Appearance Design
The appearance design of the sound column speaker should meet the aesthetic needs of users, and the material quality should also be high-end to improve the overall sense of quality.

If you need to know more detailed data of column speakers, please contact AUSMAN China.

10. Where Can You Buy Column Speakers?
In China, you can find countless suppliers, distributors, retailers and resellers of Column Speakers for sale.

You can find them through the search engine Google or social media, but some still don't have a website or online store.

Many of them cooperate with merchants on Amazon and Ebey platforms, and individual customers can easily order on the corresponding platforms.

In addition, we can find relevant manufacturer information from import and export fairs held in China, such as China(ShangHai) International Technology Fair and China Import and Export Fair.

If you can not find any information, you can also consider purchasing from AUSMAN, a leading local column speaker manufacturer in China.
We can provide you with one-stop customization and solutions of Column speaker.