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Professional speakers

Custom Party Speakers

Party speaker, people also call it party box. AUSMAN offers more than 100 models for you to choose and customize. Brands, wholesale dealers, contractors, or assembly factories, we provide you all kinds of party speakers and cooperations you need.

Custom Trolley Speakers

Trolley speakers are integrated speaker systems with speakers, amplifiers, and a portable design. AUSMAN Audio is one of the leading manufacturers and Wholesalers of trolley speakers in China. Over a hundred models for you to choose from, or you can opt for a custom design, from mold development to product optimization.

Floor Standing Speakers

AUSMAN is one of the floor-standing speaker manufacturers from China. We provide high-quality models, customization, and export services. The custom projects include Box design, Sound scheme, Lighting scheme, New model development, and Product upgradation.

Custom Column Speakers

AUSMAN provides high-quality one-stop column speakers manufacture and comprehensive custom export services
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