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AS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From China

AS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From China

AS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From China
AS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From ChinaAS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From ChinaAS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From ChinaAS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From ChinaAS-219 Portable Pro Speaker System From China
CategoriesCustom Pro & PA Speakers
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Business TypeWholesale/Custom
Drive Unit1*8″ Woofer+Tweeter
MaterialPlastic ABS
Battery14.8V/6000mAh Lithium Battery
CertificationFCC/CE/ROHS/REACH ext.
PackingPE bag+carton
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJun 14,2024
Detail Information

Your Portable PA Speaker Leading Manufacturer In China

AS-219 is an 8-inch portable Pro PA speaker system with a built-in battery, which is made in China and wholesale globally.

AS-219 has a fashionable shape and durable ABS shell, and the manufacturer AUSMAN provides two custom colors: Black and Green.

  • 8"

  • 6h

    Battery Life
  • Live

  •  6.95kg

Portable PA System AS-219
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AUSMAN AS-219 Structure Diagram
From design to production, all processes are completed by the Ausman Team.

We support custom OEM manufacturing services: Logo, Color, Sound Plan, or Battery Plan.
Model NO.
Speaker Type 
Pro Speaker System/Woofer
Adapter, user manual, remote control, wireless microphone*2(optional)
Place of production
Portable PA System AS-219
An All-in-one Portable PA Speaker
Thanks to advanced built-in DSP modules and excellent sound solutions.
This system can still reach 150W though the bass driver is only 8 inches.
Therefore, its sound quality is excellent, and the speaker is clear and brighter.
It has a 180-degree sound field coverage and can provide uniform audio projection in a wide range of areas.
We can adjust it as needed so that the best sound projection angle can be obtained in different locations and occasions.
It will take you into a new realm of music experience.
Durable & Corrosive Plastic ABS Enclosure

The enclosure of the portable pa system AS-219 is made of plastic ABS, and we support two colors for custom: Black and Green.
The advantages of ABS material are strong, corrosion-resistant, strong texture when touching, and good looking.
When you knock on the box, you will hear a sound similar to when hitting MDF.
And the sound response is fast and crisp. Because the ABS hardness is high, it can effectively reduce resonance.
Its shell density formula is a conclusion that we have obtained after many different density shell molding experiments.
Portable PA System AS-219
Portable PA System AS-219
Portable Speaker Box Design

AUSMAN AS-219 has a compact appearance.
Its size is 278*267*394 mm, and it will not take up too much space. We can easily put it in a storage bag or the trunk of the vehicle.
It weighs about 15 pounds and has a portable handle on the top, which can be carried with one hand.
You can easily bring it to various occasions, such as performances, activities, parties, or outdoor activities.
This is very convenient for professional musicians, DJs, or performers who need to move the speakers frequently.
Custom All-in-one Portable PA System with Mixer

AS-219 integrates the basic features of a PA Speaker. It is a small portable all-in-one sound system. 
Thanks to its powerful amplifier board performance, you can easily adjust the volume and sound effects. 
For example, the adjustment of treble and bass, echo.
It provides ports of XLR/1/4 inch input, two 6.5mm, 3.5mm AUX, mixer input/output, and multiple sound effect adjustment buttons.
So you can easily connect to audio equipment: microphone, guitar, keyboard, etc. 
Portable PA System AS-219
Pro Portable Speaker System AS-219 for bands
Feature Function: Live Streaming

Using AUSMAN AS-219, you can easily build live broadcasts with fans.
You need only one to connect to the mobile phone or other devices, or other devices.
Because it has a built-in battery, you can easily start the live streaming whether it is indoors or outdoors.
Portable Pro PA speaker System with Wireless Bluetooth
Wireless Bluetooth is currently the mainstream function in the market because it is convenient, stable, and low in cost.
The built-in Bluetooth is version 5.0, you can easily connect and play songs with Bluetooth equipment.
In addition to Bluetooth 5.0, manufacturer AUSMAN also offers Bluetooth 4.0/5.1 and other versions.
This depends on your local market for Bluetooth versions.
Pro Portable Speaker System AS-219 for bands
Portable PA System AS-219
Built-in Battery Powered 
With a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, it can meet continuous playback of 6 hours at a time.

Therefore, it can easily cope with your daily music needs: music appreciation, outdoor parties, street performances, and live broadcasts
Three Placements for Different Scenarios

Method 1: 45 degrees, sound can be spread to a farther place. It's suitable for a conference with many people.
Method 2: Placed on the bracket to play music. We mention two options: metal and plastic tripod.
Method 3: Placed horizontally at 45 degrees. It can provide a shocking live sound to the audience and is mostly used for the stage or performer to hear.
Placements methods of pa speaker
Accessories of AUSMAN AS-219
Customized Accessories of AUSMAN PA System
We provide you with customized options for multiple accessories, such as backpacks, microphones, tripods, etc.

We can also put your exclusive brand logo on all your accessories.

Custom the Hot-sell Portable Pro Speaker System of Your Brand
AUSMAN, a manufacturer and wholesaler from China, relies on years of experience and innovation.
Our customized PA Speakers have been sold to parts of the world. Hot-selling models include AS-216/AS-219/AS-PA01.

We can provide you with a full range of customized options, including shell color, driving unit inch, RMS/PMPO, Bluetooth version and power solution.
At the same time, related accessories such as storage backpacks, stands, etc., can also get a solution here.
customized backpack fo AS-219
customized backpack fo AS-219
portable PA system used for guitar AMP
beach vacation with portable pa system
Play guitar with portabe pa system
street dance and portable PA system
Children's Band Practice Using Portable PA System
use portable PA system to create songs

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Portable design with handle AS-219
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