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Dual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier

Dual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier

Dual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier
Dual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument AmplifierDual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument AmplifierDual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument AmplifierDual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument AmplifierDual 6.5" Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier
CategoriesCustom Pro & PA Speakers
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Drive Unit2 x 6.5" Woofers +2 x 2.5" tweeter
BatteryBuilt-in DC battery
PackingPE bag+carton
Minimum order quantity200 sets
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeFeb 28,2024
Detail Information
Product Description

with the drive unit of 2*6.5 inch bass and 2*2.5 tweeter, is a PA speaker with very professional performance. 

We can use it as a daily music player, as a monitor speaker on a small stage, or as an amplified speaker for a guitar or keyboard. 

In addition, we can provide different hardware options or logo customization for brand vendors.

  • 2*6.5"

  • 6h

    Battery Life
  • 100W

  •  Active

Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier AS-216

About the AS-219

* Awesome Sound, Unbelievable Value
As a professional musical instrument speaker, AS-216 may have a relatively simple form of performance. The box shape is simple and classic, without cool LED lighting effects.
It is because we put more emphasis on its performance and transformation of music, and these performances are more in line with the needs of musical instruments.

Wireless instrument PA system AS-216 provides two instrument XLR interfaces and two MIC XLR interfaces, in addition to two 6.5mm instrument interfaces and two 6.5mm MIC interfaces, this design provides a lot of convenience for instrument users, we can according to Choose the appropriate connection method according to the interface of your own instrument.

* Various music modes 
When we connect the guitar or keyboard to Portable PA speaker system AS-216, it has 6 different AMP models for us to choose, respectively rhythm, blues, tube, clean, IC clean, metal, we can choose according to our performance style corresponding mode.
After selecting the music mode, we can also fine-tune the details of the sound, such as the adjustment of each part of the treble, midrange and bass, the size of the echo, the sound delay, etc.
In short, if you are a fan of musical instruments, you will love this musical instrument amplifier AS-216.

* AUSMAN's customized service
As a professional Pro & PA speaker manufacturer, AUSMAN can provide custom-made professional musical instrument speaker series products in addition to conventional products. If you need this aspect, please feel free to contact us.

Model NO.

Wireless stereo speaker

Drive Unit
 2 x 6.5" Woof +2 x 2.5" tweeter

Built-in DC battery


Built-in DC battery

Adapter, user manual, remote control, wireless microphone*2(optional)
PE bag+carton
Place of production


Product Application Scenario
Portable Instrument Amplifier AS-216
* Music Playback Speaker

AS-216 plays music as an ordinary speaker, which is its basic purpose and its strength.
It is very well-prepared for the music and vocals, as well as the high, middle and bass in the song, and it will bring you a different listening experience.
* Why Call It Musical Instrument Speaker?

We all know that the manufacturer will position the performance and use of each speaker product when it is designed.
Some focus on convenience and entertainment, such as small desktop speakers or karaoke speakers. Some focus on portability, which is mainly for users who need speakers for outdoor use, such as our portable speaker series, which are light in weight, comprehensive in function, and strong in mobility.
And some audio products will delete most of the entertainment functions, such as lighting effects. These products use the cost to improve the sound and performance, which is what we call professional performance. Their customer base may be some music practitioners. personnel or instrument lovers.
Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier AS-216
Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier AS-216
* All-in-one Amplifier

This active 6.5 inch portable musical instrument amplifier   features a 3-band EQ, so you can tweak the Highs, Mids and Lows for a clear, true sense of your performance; 
Dual 6.5" woofer for punchy and deep bass, and a high-performance 2.5" high-frequency compression driver for the ultimate in sound quality. 
What can we do for you?
  • Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.(our normal working time:6:00~22:00)

  • Experienced staffs answer all your questions in time.

  • Customized design is available.

  • Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.

Portable Musical Instrument Amplifier AS-216
If the above models are not suitable for your workpiece, please contact us to tell us your needs,  we'll send you the most satisfactory answer or custom solutions.
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