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Party Speakers Leading Manufacturer & Developer in China
l AUSMAN China provides a wide variety assembly solutions. 
l As a ODM Manufacturer, we constantly design and develop new models. 
l Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and markets around the world.
l 200,000 units per month output can fully meet your supply needs.
l You can get your perfect product and solutions in AUSMAN.

AUSMAN Helps You Improve Your Brand Satisfaction
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AS-2801 Brings Powerful Music to Rave Party

Your Leading Party Speaker Supplier and Solution Provider
Party speaker AS-0813
AUSMAN China is a supplier of high-quality customization services worldwide for over 10 years.

Comprehensive customized options for you.
l Prototype production, solution, OEM&ODM manufacturing
l Enclosure options: PP/ABS/Acrylic/Wood
l Drive Units options: 4"/5"/6.5"/8"/10"/12"/15"/18"
l Amplifier options: Digital amplifier/simulation amplifier

AUSMAN will provide you with the best solution according to the local market, brand positioning and budget.

How to Customize Your Party Speaker in AUSMAN China 
AUSMAN will start the project with you from market research, solution design, prototype production to mass production.
We will complete the customization of the the whole project with you.
Market Information Exchange
Market Information Exchange
By information exchange, we can estimation costs of the model you need.
Custom an optimization plan for you.
Party Speaker Solution Design
Solution Design
AUSMAN will make the 3D diagram and list all the subjects of the program.
Such as materials, drive units, amplifier board, etc.
Party Speaker Prototype
AUSMAN will make the physical model and verify the design plan of the speaker.
Make plas for the assembly process. 
party speaker test
Test & Confirmation
Tests for the prototype: aging, sound pressure, distortion, sensitivity.
The result will be sent to you to confirm.
party speaker Feedback & Adjustment
Feedback & Adjustment
You can modify the custom parameters based on our test data.
Make adjustments and feedback results.
party speaker production
Conventional Production
All the production according to your order requirements for the party boxes.
For exmple: process, detection, packing.

Why Choose the AUSMAN Party Speaker?
AUSMAN's party speaker series is a high-quality and cost-effective serie.
The serie is modern aesthetics, visual impact and music experience audio equipments. 
It can be widely used at home, department stores, restaurants, schools, conference rooms and outdoor.

party speaker used at outdoor
AUSMAN Unparalleled Design
Each AUSMAN product is carefully designed and produced to ensure that they meet user needs. 

Whether you are used indoors or outdoor, AUSMAN can bring you eye-catching visual effects. 

Whether it is family parties, outdoor gatherings or professional activities, they can bring you an unparalleled music experience.

Exceptional Manufacturing 
AUSMAN chooses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes

Whatever it is the shell material of the speaker, the internal electronic components, small lamp beads, etc., 

AUSMAN uses strict craftsmanship to manufacture excellent speaker products.
Materials of party speakers

party speaker serie
OEM & ODM Manufacturing
AUSMAN factory provide OEM/ODM Manufacturing.

Those includes function customization, hardware structure adjustment and software technology development to final product packaging.

AUSMAN China also offers professional consulting services to help in technology.

Certification and Quality Standards of AUSMAN
* ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company
* CE certification for European market.
BSCI cerification for business
RoHS for environmental products
* UL for product safety performance

We can produce party speakers according the test standards for your conutry.
cetifications for party speakers

import and export from China
AUSMAN Experience in Export
As an international speaker manufacturer, AUSMAN has established a worldwide sales network. 

We can provide everything from prototyping and physical sampling to mass production and global logistics.

AUSMAN Global Strategy 
This serie is actively expanding continuously to meet the needs of different countries.

Whether in North America, Europe, Asia or other regions, AUSMAN plans to establish a complete sales network and partnerships.

AUSMAN can respond to the needs of different markets and provide users with personalized solutions quickly.
AUSMAN Party Speaker Global Strategy
Choose AUSMAN Party Speaker Serie is A Wise Business Decision
From design capabilities, process manufacturing, product global market distribution to export experience, AUSMAN has demonstrated unique experience and advantages. 

AUSMAN is looking forward to be your next distributor, we are committed to building a long-term partnership. If you need more information about us, please feel free to contact us.

Party Speaker: The Complete FAQ Guide
If you're looking for high-quality speakers, you should give them a try.
Party speakers are currently one of the most widely used speaker series products, which can be applied in various scenes in our lives.

But how do you pick out high-quality product and manufacturer?
This ultimate FAQ guide has everything you need to know about.
What is A Party Speaker or party Box?
It's refer to audio equipment specially designed for parties, gatherings or large events.
They usually can provide a wide range of frequency response and full coverage of the sound field.
So they are also capable of producing powerful sound in indoor or outdoor environments.

People like them for the features below:

1. High Power Output
 High powered amplifiers to ensure adequate volume and SPL in large venues.

2. Powerful Bass
Equipped with dedicated woofers unit or bass reflex design to deliver strong bass and punch.

3. Multifunctional and Easy Connection
Has a well-designed speaker layout to achieve all-round sound field coverage, so that the music can be spread evenly throughout the venue, ensuring that listeners can enjoy good sound quality no matter where they are.

4. Multi-directional Sound Field Coverage
Well-designed speaker layout to achieve all-round sound field coverage, so that the music can be spread evenly throughout the venue, ensuring that listeners can enjoy good sound quality no matter where they are.

5. Built-in Dynamic LED Lights
At present, basically all of them have built-in dynamic LED lights, which can bring the party atmosphere to a climax.

6. Durability and Mobility
They usually have a sturdy case and a portable design to adapt to various usage environments and easy to carry.

So Party speaker is a kind of audio equipment specially designed for parties and large-scale events, aiming to provide high-quality, high-volume music performance to meet people's needs for music in party occasions

What is The Typical Size of A Party Speaker?
The size of party speakers can vary greatly, depending on different manufacturers, models, and design purposes. 
To be precise, it has no fixed size, and there is no industry standard like the drive units, such as 4"/8"/12"/16" and so on.
But they are much bigger than portable handheld speakers.

Small size: usually 1 foot smaller in cabinet size, can be used as simple music amplifiers.
Medium size: with a cabinet size of 1-3 feet, usually suitable for occasions with a small number of parties.
Large size: with cabinets that may exceed 3 feet in overall height, these speakers are larger in size for larger parties, open air music events, or stage performances.

The above classifications are only based on the size of this serie on the market today, and are not industry standards.
Are Party Speaker Enclosures Durable?
The enclosures are designed to withstand a variety of environments and conditions of use to ensure their durability and reliability.

They are typically built with sturdy materials such as high-density polymer, wood composite, or metal enclosures.
The common ones are PP/PC/ABS and so on.
These materials are able to provide good shock resistance and wear resistance to withstand bumps, bumps or other external forces in daily use.

Anyway, durability depends on usage and maintenance.
If the loudspeaker is subjected to severe shocks, dropped, or mishandled, even with a durable enclosure, internal components may be damaged.
What Are the Enclosure Materials of Party Box?
There are many options for enclosure materials for party box, here are some common enclosure materials:

Material 1: ABS plastic Enclosure
ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ABS)is a common plastic material with good durability and protection properties.
It is commonly used in the manufacture of enclosures for small to medium.

Material 2: PP plastic Enclosure
PP plastic is also a common plastic material, its performance is slightly worse than that of ABS, and its price is much lower.

Material 3:Wood Cabinet
The wood cabinets offer better structural strength and sound performance, and generally has a more premium feel in appearance.

Material 4: High-density polymer (High-Density Polyethylene, HDPE)
HDPE is a strong, durable plastic material commonly used to make speaker enclosures.
It has good shock resistance and wear resistance, and also has the characteristics of waterproof and dust-proof.

Material 1: Metal Enclosure
Some have metal enclosures such as aluminum or steel.
The metal housing provides higher shock and vibration resistance, as well as excellent heat dissipation.
Metal casings are not common in the market because of their high price.

Additionally, some box enclosures may use a combination of materials to incorporate different properties and benefits.
How to Judge the Enclosure is PP ?
Whether the casing is made of PP material, we can make a preliminary judgment through the following methods:

Method1. Visual Inspection
Carefully observe the appearance and color of the speaker enclosure. PP materials usually present a translucent or cloudy appearance with a certain luster.

Method2. Tactile Inspection
Gently touch the speaker shell, PP material usually has a relatively smooth surface, and is soft and slightly elastic to the touch.

Method3. Bending Test
Carefully try to bend a small part of the speaker enclosure gently by hand, PP materials usually have some bending properties and can return to their original shape without cracking or significant deformation.

Method4. Hot Water Test
Prepare a pot of hot water, the temperature should not be too high to avoid scalding. Put a small part of the speaker shell into hot water, PP material usually has better heat resistance and will not be deformed or damaged by high temperature.

The above method can only provide a reference for our preliminary judgment. 
They cannot be 100% sure it is PP material.
And you also can consult the manufacturer or refer to the product specification, so that you can confirm the exact material of the enclosure.
How to Judge the Enclosure of is ABS ?
There are many options for enclosure materials, here are some common enclosure materials:

Method 1: Read Product Specifications and Instructions
Consult your party speaker's data sheet, official website, or other reliable source for information on its enclosure materials. Manufacturers usually provide clear specifications, which may include details about the housing material.

Method 2: Observe Appearance Features
ABS plastic usually has a smooth, uniform appearance and can be somewhat scratch resistant.
Check the exterior of the speaker to see if it exhibits the typical ABS plastic appearance.

Method 3: Light Touch and Haptic Check
ABS plastic generally has a certain hardness and solidity, but it also has a certain elasticity.
Gently press the speaker shell to feel its hardness and elasticity to judge whether it conforms to the characteristics of ABS plastic.

The above methods are helpful to judge whether the casing is made of ABS material.
But the most reliable way is to confirm the case material through official sources or information provided by the manufacturer.
Are there Disadvantages for party speakers?
Of course, they also have some disadvantages and shortcomings:

1. Heavy Weight and Big Size
They are usually 1-3 feet and larger. 
Although some are equipped with pulleys at the bottom, it is still not very portable

2. Sound Quality Problem
High volume and bass, the sound quality may lack detail or be distorted, especially in the treble region.

3. Short Battery Life
Battery life is an important issue.
Battery life can be increased through technical means, such as using a larger capacity battery. 
But this also increases the cost and overall weight of the them.

4. Durability
Since they are often used outdoors or in hyperactive environments, their durability can become an issue.

It's important to note that these disadvantages don't apply to all, but are general issues.
What Causes Distorted sound and how to reduce it in Party Speakers?
Party speakers can experience distortion when playing music, especially at high volumes or bass frequencies.
Distortion refers to the deformation or distortion of audio signals during transmission, resulting in reduced sound quality or noise.

Distortion can be caused by a variety of factors, including power limitations, poor audio sources, poor audio quality, and speaker design and quality.

To reduce distortion problems, we can take the following measures:
1. Moderate Volume Control
Avoid turning the volume too high beyond the speaker's rated power.

2. Use High-quality Audio Sources
Use high-quality audio files or streaming services to ensure that the audio itself is of high quality.

3. Adjust Speaker Settings
According to the audio content and environment, adjust the equalizer and sound effect settings of the speaker to obtain better sound quality performance.

4. Choose High-quality Speakers
Choose the speaker for party from reputable brands, and check user and professional reviews for better-sounding.

In summary, distortion problems can exist in party speakers, but with reasonable operation and proper speaker selection, distortion can be minimized and a better sound quality experience can be obtained.
Is The Power of Party Speaker bigger the better?
Of no.
You should choose a suitable power level according to the usage scenario and personal needs.

We can consider the following 4 aspects to consider the power selection.
1. Volume Requirements
Choosing the right power depends on your volume needs. 
If you plan to use it in a large outdoor space or with a large crowd, higher power may be more suitable to ensure that the music can be carried clearly and loudly. 
But in smaller indoor spaces, too much power can cause excessive dispersion and distortion.

2. Environmental Factors
If you plan to use your boom box near residential areas or where noise restrictions apply, you may want to pay attention to power control to avoid excessive noise. In this case, selecting the appropriate power level balances volume requirements and environmental factors.

3. Sound Quality and Distortion
More power doesn't necessarily mean better sound quality. It is important to choose good quality speakers with excellent audio processing capabilities and a proper balance of sound quality. Some low-quality speakers can be prone to distortion at high volumes, so choosing the right power is just as important as the speaker's overall quality and design.

4. Budget 
The power is often correlated with price. Higher powered speakers are usually more expensive. Therefore, it is wise to choose a suitable power level according to your budget and actual needs.

The power selection of party speakers should be based on factors such as volume requirements, usage environment, sound quality and personal budget.
The most important thing is to find the balance between power and environment, so that we can get the best music experience.
How Many Types of Wireless Party Speakers Are There?
Wireless party speakers usually use different wireless connection technologies, here we lsit  5 common types wireless connection.

* Bluetooth Wireless
Bluetooth wireless speakers are one of the most common and widely used types.

* Wi-Fi Wireless 
Wi-Fi wireless speakers connect to audio source devices over a Wi-Fi network and can stream audio over a Wi-Fi network.

* AirPlay Wireless
AirPlay is Apple's proprietary wireless audio transmission technology.

* NFC Wireless 
NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless speakers use NFC technology to pair and connect with NFC-enabled audio source devices.

* DLNA Wireless
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard that allows sharing and streaming of media content, including audio, between DLNA-enabled devices.

Each of these wireless types has its own set of features and benefits.
We need to choose the appropriate wireless connection technology according to the configuration of the device and personal needs.
Why Do People Like Bluetooth Party Speakers?
Bluetooth party speakers are one of the most widely used speaker types. 
It has a large volume close to multimedia speakers, high-quality sound close to professional speakers, and the most important thing is very convenient to use.
More and more people like them.

Here are 5 main reasons why people like them.
1. Easy Wireless Connection
Connect wirelessly with the audio source device without using any cables or plugs with Blue tooh technology.
This eliminates the tedious process of wired connections, making setup and use easier.

2. Wide Compatibility
Bluetooth technology is one of the most popular wireless connection technologies at present. Almost all modern audio source devices, such as smart phones, tablets, computers and music players, etc., support the Bluetooth function. This means you can easily pair and connect various devices to without worrying about compatibility issues.

3. Portability
Portable and easy to carry to different occasions and locations. 
You can use the bluetooth speaker anytime indoors, outdoors, at parties, in the field, or at your friends' homes to enjoy the fun of music.

4. Control Flexibility
Through Bluetooth connection, you can directly control music playback, pause, volume adjustment, track selection and other functions from the device connected to the speaker. You can use the music app on your phone or tablet to easily manage your music without touching the speaker directly.

5. Simple Pairing
Simple pairing process.
 Just enable Bluetooth on both the speaker and the audio source device, then go through a simple pairing step and the two are connected. Once paired, they will automatically connect the next time they are used, no need to repeat the operation.

6. Low Cost Bluetooth Component
The high -speed development of Bluetooth technology is currently a very mature product.
Even the most advanced version of Bluetooth 5.1, the cost price of Bluetooth components is only $ 3-5.

The convenience of Bluetooth party speakers stems from their wireless connectivity, wide compatibility, portability, and flexible controls. 
This allows users to enjoy music more freely and easily, no matter when and where.
And this is why more and more people like them.
Does the Party Speaker Have TWS function?
More and more electronic produts have TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function in current market.
TWS technology allows two or two speakers to be connected together wirelessly for stereo sound.
By using the TWS function, you can pair two TWS-enabled party speakers to make them the left and right channels for a more immersive and stereoscopic audio experience.
How Does A Full-range Party Speaker Play?
Full-range party amps typically play well, delivering rich, well-balanced audio performance.
The full-range type has a driver unit with three frequency bands of treble, midrange and bass.

It can have a wide frequency response, powerful bass performance, clear and balanced midrange, accurate treble details, high power and volume output capability

In the end, the full-range system deliver great audio performance in the bass, mids, and highs, providing a rich, dynamic, and lifelike musical experience for parties. 
They can adapt to various music genres and bring users immersive music enjoyment.
How Many Types of Built-in Lights for Party Speakers?
Party speakers often feature a variety of built-in lighting effects to add party ambience and visuals.

The built-in lighting types include LED light strips, rainbow lighting effects, jumping lighting effects, starry sky lighting effects, and mode lighting effects

The specific lighting types and effects will vary with different brands and models.
How Much Does A Party Speakers Cost?
Prices vary by brand, model, features, and performance.
Prices can range from a dozen dollars to thousands of dollars.

Simpler entry-level ones are usually cheaper, such as the wholesale price of AUSMAN AS-8809 around $25.
Higher-end ones with more features and better sound quality cost more.

In addition, the price is also affected by other factors, such as origin, sales area, sales channel, sales season, and market supply and demand conditions.
Therefore, specific prices may fluctuate according to time and location.

If you are interested in a specific brand or model, it is best to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information by referring to the brand's official website, online retailer, or brick-and-mortar store.
We holp they can help you find party speakers that fit your budget and needs.
How to Choose the Right Party Speakers?
Choosing the right speaker requires consideration of several factors to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.

We need to consider whether the party box meets our current needs from multiple aspects.
* Sound Quality
Sound quality is one of the key factors in choosing, and it's best if we can try it out for ourselves.

* Power and Volume
They usually need to have enough power and volume output to accommodate the demands of a party or large event.

* Connectivity Options
It is best  to have as many connectivity options as possible, such as Bluetooth, wireless, USB, AUX, and more.

* Built-in Functions
Such as built-in lights, microphone jacks, mixers, etc. The more functions, the richer our experience will be.

* Budget
Compare and evaluate based on budget and other factors to find the speakers that best suit your needs and budget.

* User Testimonials and Recommendations
Get user testimonials from sources such as online retailers, social media or audio forums. By understanding we can know whether the corresponding can meet our needs.

In the end, it's best to listen and experience a speaker for yourself before buying to make sure it meets your expectations and requirements.
How to Check and Test A Party Speaker Quality?
It may be difficult for non-professional staff to check the quality.
But we can still preliminarily judge the quality through some simple steps.

We can use the following steps as a reference:
1. Visual Inspection
Carefully inspect the exterior to make sure there are no visible damage, scratches, or cracks to the enclosure. Check that switches, knobs, jacks, etc. are working properly, and make sure the connections are of good quality.

2. Material Quality
Touch and feel the material quality. 
Good quality speakers are usually made of strong and durable materials, such as high-quality plastic, metal or wood. Make sure the shell feels solid and doesn't feel loose or empty.

3. Weight Check
Higher quality ones are usually heavier because they may have more powerful speakers and sturdier construction inside. A lightweight speaker can mean thinner materials are used, which can affect the speaker's performance and durability.

4. Function Test
Test various functions, such as Bluetooth connection, wireless connection, AUX input, etc. Make sure the speakers are connecting and playing music, adjust the volume and other settings. If the speaker has other additional features, such as built-in lighting or a mixing console, make sure these are working as well.

5. Sound Quality Detection
It's a good idea to listen to them yourself to check their sound quality. Play different types of music, test the performance of the speaker at different volumes, listen to whether the sound quality is clear and balanced, and pay attention to whether there is obvious distortion or noise.

6. Warranty and After-sales Service
Learn about the warranty period and after-sales service policy.
Check that the manufacturer offers an adequate warranty period and has a reliable after-sales service so that you can get proper assistance should repairs or support be required.

Ordinary consumers are not dedicated to audio equipment staff. 
Without professionals, we can only do some simple checks on we are going to buy, but these checks can meet our daily needs.
How Party Speakers Are Made in Factory?
The production process of this serie is similar to that of professional speakers, multimedia speakers, and column speakers. However, there are differences in the selection of materials, electronic components, etc., because the positioning, usage scenarios and user groups of each type of product are different.

The manufacturing process generally includes: design and planning, material preparation, shell manufacturing, internal assembly, circuit connection and testing, functional testing and debugging, product assembly and completion, quality inspection, packaging and delivery, and after-sales service.

The entire manufacturing process needs to rely on professional equipment, technology and workers to ensure that the quality and performance of the speakers meet expectations.

Manufacturers typically follow standard production processes and implement strict quality control measures to ensure quality.

For example, the manufacturer AUSMAN is strictly implemented and accepted according to ISO90001:2015. 
At the same time, we will customize different production processes for inspection standards in different regions, CE/FCC/BSIC., etc.
How to Choose A Party Speaker Manufacturer in China?
When choosing a party speaker manufacturer in China, we need to consider from multiple angles, after all, this is a cross-border procurement or customization.

1. Manufacturer China: Quality Assessment 
Make sure the products from the manufacturer are of good quality and performance.
manufacturers can be asked to provide product samples for testing and evaluation, or to consult their product specifications and certification materials.

2. Production Capacity
Understand the manufacturer's production capacity and equipment level.
Do they have enough production capacity to meet your needs?
Do they use modern production equipment and processes?
These factors can affect the delivery time and quality of the product.

3. Experience and Reputation
Check out the manufacturer's experience and reputation.
Find out how long they have been in business in the industry, what their partners and customers have to say, and their market reputation.
The stability and reputation of the manufacturer is very important to your partnership and subsequent support.

4. Support to Customers
Learn about the customer support services offered by the vendor.
Do they provide after sales support, product warranty and technical support?
The professional and prompt support from the manufacturer can come in handy when using and maintaining.

5. Cost and Price of Party Speakers from China
Consider the manufacturer's pricing and cost structure. Compare with different manufacturers and find out their quotations, delivery terms and payment terms. At the same time, be wary of manufacturers who under price to ensure that product quality is not compromised.

6. Quality Control
Understand the manufacturer's quality control system and process. Do they have an effective quality management system, such as ISO certification, etc.? Do they undergo rigorous product inspection and testing? Quality control is essential to provide consistent product quality.

7. Manufacturer China: Certifications
Ensure that manufacturers' products meet relevant compliance standards and certification requirements.
For example, CE certification, RoHS, BSCI, etc. These certifications certify that products meet international quality and safety standards.

8. Manufacturer China: Communication Skills 
Communicate with manufacturers to assess their communication skills and understanding of your needs. Good communication can ensure that both parties can cooperate smoothly, solve problems and meet needs in a timely manner.

It is best to communicate and compare with multiple manufacturers in order to make an informed choice.
You can refer to channels such as industry exhibitions, trade platforms, and web searches to find potential manufacturers, and have detailed discussions and understanding with them.
Can You Design the Party Speakers We Need Models?
AUSMAN is a party speaker manufacturer from China with more than ten years of experience. 
We are providing speaker manufacturing services to the world.

You can carry out OEM production according to our current product parameters, or send us drawings for new customization.

At the same time, we are also one of the exporters with price and technical advantages, which can turn your concept into real products.

What you only need to do is just send the drawings to us, and we will finish the work for you.

How Much is the mold of the party speaker?
The mold cost is directly related to the material.

The mold cost of PP enclousre is 5000-200,000 US dollars;
The mold cost of ABS  enclousre is expensive, generally more than $ 50,000.

For example, the shell of Ausman AS-219 is ABS material, with a total cost of more than 100,000 US dollars.
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