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Custom Party Speakers

Custom Party Speakers

High-quality Wholesale and OEM Bluetooth Party Speakers
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Bluetooh Party Speaker OEM Manufacturer & Supplier
The New Mold Cost Development Is Too High?
As a professional Bluetooth Party Speaker Factory and supplier from China since 2010, AUSMAN has specialized in Party Speaker wholesale, export and OEM globally for more than 10 years.

 We offer a wide range affordable custom solutions or OEM manufacturing services in this field: over 500 mass-production models, 200,000 units of monthly output, and products exported to over 50 countries and markets.
1000+ Clients Choose Us 
 Your Ideal OEM Factory 

We Assist You Improve Brand Satisfaction
Get AUSMAN Party Speakers To Delight Your Customers
What challenges are you facing with Party Speaker wholesale business? 
The style look outdated? Can't upgrade the performances from supplier? Low brand recognition in the local market?
We can assist you in solving the problems above with our professional manufacturing capacity and experience.

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Why Party Speaker Is Important For Wholesale
Its Sales Is Growing Rapidly In The Past Two Years
According to the Report 2024 on Cognitive Market Research.
The Global Party Speakers market size was $71.69 Billion in 2022. 
Party Speakers Industry's Compound Annual Growth Rate will be 27.3% from 2023 to 2030.

So, this series boast significant market potential, and speaker wholesalers should reassess their market.
All the data is from "Cognitive Market Research", you check the details on their website.
Base Year
Historical Data Time Period
Forecast Period
Global Party Speakers Market Sales Revenue 2022
$ 71.69 Billion
Global Party Speakers Market Compound Annual Growth Rate 2024 to 2031

The Advantages of Party Speakers
It Meets The Needs of Mobile Music
Party speakers fulfill both aesthetic and mobile needs, making them more and more popular in the market. 
Therefore, the party speaker series will attract more customers for you.

Here, we list some key features: 
High-quality sound, multiple connectivity options, portable design, long battery life, durable, dynamic lighting effects, versatile functionality and multi-scenario applications.
Tower Bluetooth Speaker AS-8809 On Street Party
Street Party

Outdoor Party Speaker AS-0809 In Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Activities

Guitar AMP of AS-2125
Guitar AMP

AUSMAN Your Leading Party Speaker Manufacturer
High-quality and Quick OEM/ODM Factory
AUSMAN AUDIO is a professional party speaker manufacturer from Guangzhou China.
We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for party speakers, including design and OEM/ODM services. 

With over 500 different types of party speakers available, AUSMAN offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. 
Additionally, we offer customization services to tailor our products to your specific requirements.

Our selection includes Bluetooth party speakers, wireless party speakers, portable party speakers, party speakers with light(LED), battery-powered party speakers, outdoor party speakers, karaoke party speakers, and party speakers with different power outputs, drivers, and enclosure materials.

Inquiry now, and we will feedback with a perfect product solution.

Professional, Fast and Reliable Supplier
AUSMAN boasts a seasoned R&D team and manufacturing facility, with over a decade of dedicated experience in party speaker production. 
Simply share your design with us, and we'll offer valuable insights and oversee the complete production process tailored to your country's standards.

Our party speaker manufacturing process at AUSMAN covers solution design and testing, PCB manufacturing, cabinet production, speaker assembly, aging testing, packaging, and more.

Backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification, our factory maintains rigorous quality control measures. 
We're adept at designing technology to meet various testing standards such as RoHS, CE, FCC, UL, and BSCI, etc.

As a trusted party speaker manufacturer, AUSMAN offers comprehensive customization and manufacturing services across more than 100 aspects including appearance, hardware/software, performance, cost, and branding.

So you can count on us for seamless product supply, quality assurance, performance upgrades, and more, allowing you to focus on your market and customers with confidence.
6.5" Wireless Party Speaker AS-2601
ODM 6.5" Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Large Bluetooth Party Speaker AS-2125
15" Large Bluetooth Party Speaker

Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006
6.5" Portable Karaoke Party Speaker

AUSMAN Party Speaker Manufacturing Process
Your Idea, We Make It Real
Our party speaker production is mainly OEM and export.
Customers come from different countries, and brand customization and testing standards are also different.

Essentially, each batch's manufacturing process varies, necessitating stringent management to ensure seamless production operations.

AUSMAN's party speaker production process includes 6 key stages: 
   l R&D and Design: Prototype design and test(Acoustic and circuit solutions, cabinet volume and lighting, etc)
   l PCB Process: Make the PCB board based on the designed circuit.
   l Speaker Box Production: AUSMAN uses hydraulic injection molding technology to produce plastic boxes.
   l Component Assembly: Speaker welding, PCB, amplifier board, crossover, pulley, LED light installation, etc.
   l Complete Machine Assemble: Assemble the body, operation panel, etc., and test MIC/AUX/Bluetooth, etc.
   l Testing/Packing/Delivery: After passing tests, move to the warehouse and waits for the shipment.

Each part is finished by professional departments to ensure products align with customer requirements, delivering precisely what they need and creating value for them.

What Can We Do For Your Wholesale Business
Custom Party Speakers Match Your local Market Perfectly 
Party speaker plastic enclosure
l For Brand OEM
AUSMAN provides more than 500 party speaker prototypes to customers for OME production.

l For Brand ODM
AUSMAN AUDIO offers a fast ODM Process for you: 40 days from concepts to mass production.

l Stable Supply
You don't need to worry about the supply. Our two production bases can supply 200,000 units per month. 
So, all you need to do is map out your stocking plan and concentrate on wholesale business.

Custom Solutions: Increase Your Brand Value
Improve competitiveness with Custom Features
Why OEM Party Speakers Need Custom? Here we list 4 benefits of performance customization:
   l Make products have brand characteristics
   l Products Localized to avoid aesthetic inconsistency
   l Add features and capabilities such as MP5/APP/LED to attract more users
   l Delete unnecessary functions to save costs.

AUSMAN is a party speaker manufacturer integrating R&D and production.
We provide hundreds of party speaker prototypes for OEM production and more than 100 performance customization projects.
You can find satisfied OEM cooperation here.

The Manufacturing Party Speaker Casing
Save Huge Molding Cost For You
We have our plastic casing factory
Thanks to it, we can reduce the cost of party speakers effectively.

The factory uses a injection molding to produce the casing. 
There are 16 Injection Molding Machines in the mold workshop, with specifications ranging from 200 tons to 2,000 tons.

How AUSMAN Save the Case Molding Cost For You?
   l Our product designers will design product models and then make molds.
   l By signing a cooperation agreement with AUSMAN, we can waive the mold fee or return it to you in batches.
In other words, you can invest "zero" in mold making.
Molding Cost of Plastic Speaker Cases In AUSMAN
Speaker Type
Box Material
Molding Cost
Monthly Output
Soundbar Speaker
15-30 Days
50,000 Units
Party Speaker
30-90 Days
20,000 Units
Plastic-wood Speaker
30-90 Days
5000-10000 Units

Win Attentions with Excellent Packaging Design
Unique Packaging Can Attract More Users
The packaging of your party speakers is one of the many factors that contribute to the product's success.
Personalized packaging can not only grabs consumers' attention but also reflect your brand values.

AUSMAN's expert design team will craft custom packaging tailored to your brand, elevating your products and driving sales.
Party Tower Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box
Bluetoth Party Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box

The Reliable Party Speaker Supplier in China
More Than 10 Years of Manufacturing and Exporting
Throughout over a decade of party speaker manufacturing, AUSMAN AUDIO has been dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and refinement.

From product prototype development, raw material management, quality monitoring during production, and testing to logistics, every detail is executed by a professional team to ensure quality and customer interests.

AUSMAN Professional Manufacturing 
Trusted Party Speaker OME and ODM Factory
Throughout over a decade of party speaker manufacturing, AUSMAN AUDIO has been dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and refinement.

From product prototype development, raw material management, quality monitoring during production, and testing to logistics, every detail is executed by a professional team to ensure quality and customer interests.
Property Design

MDF Enclosure Factory
Injection Molding Department

CNC Cutting Machine
Manufacturing Department

Tower Speaker ABS Control Panel
Anechoic Chamber Test

The Party Speaker Quality Control 
International Quality Management System
l Green Production
Our Party Speakers are all RoHS and REACH certified.

l Certifications
In production, we strictly implement ISO 9001: 2015, and our products can obtain CE, FCC, SASO, BSCI and other certifications.

l Customized Quality Standards
AUSMAN develops an exclusive quality system for each customer, from raw materials (IQC), production (IPQC) to final inspection (QC), so that party speakers can pass the testing required by their country.
AUSMAN Certifications

The Production and Shipment Time
Fast and Efficient Manufacturing Services
Throughout over a decade of party speaker manufacturing, AUSMAN AUDIO has been dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and refinement.

From product prototype development, raw material management, quality monitoring during production, and testing to logistics, every detail is executed by a professional team to ensure quality and customer interests.
Order Quatity
Production Time
Shipment Term
1000 Units ≦
15 Days
15-20 Days
1000-5000 Units
30 Days
30-40 Days
5000-10000 Units
40 Days
40-50 Days
10000-50000 Units
50 Days
50-60 Days

Party Speaker: The FAQ Guide
Learn More About This Series
If you're looking for high-quality speakers, you should give it a try.
Party speakers are currently one of the most widely used speaker series.
What is A Party Speaker or party Box?
It refers to audio equipment specially designed for parties, gatherings or large events.
They usually can provide a wide range of frequency response and full coverage of the sound field.
So they are also capable of producing powerful sound in indoor or outdoor environments.

People like them for the features below:

1. High Power Output
 High powered amplifiers to ensure adequate volume and SPL in large venues.

2. Powerful Bass
Equipped with dedicated woofers unit or bass reflex design to deliver strong bass and punch.

3. Multifunctional and Easy Connection
Has a well-designed speaker layout to achieve all-round sound field coverage, so that the music can be spread evenly throughout the venue, ensuring that listeners can enjoy good sound quality no matter where they are.

4. Multi-directional Sound Field Coverage
Well-designed speaker layout to achieve all-round sound field coverage, so that the music can be spread evenly throughout the venue, ensuring that listeners can enjoy good sound quality no matter where they are.

5. Built-in Dynamic LED Lights
At present, basically all of them have built-in dynamic LED lights, which can bring the party atmosphere to a climax.

6. Durability and Mobility
They usually have a sturdy case and a portable design to adapt to various usage environments and are easy to carry.

So Party speaker is a kind of audio equipment specially designed for parties and large-scale events, aiming to provide high-quality, high-volume music performance to meet people's needs for music in party occasions

What is The Typical Size of A Party Speaker?
The size of party speakers can vary greatly, depending on different manufacturers, models, and design purposes. 
To be precise, it has no fixed size, and there is no industry standard like the drive units, such as 4"/8"/12"/16" and so on.
But they are much bigger than portable handheld speakers.

Small size: usually 1 foot smaller in cabinet size, can be used as simple music amplifiers.
Medium size: with a cabinet size of 1-3 feet, usually suitable for occasions with a small number of parties.
Large size: with cabinets that may exceed 3 feet in overall height, these speakers are larger for larger parties, open-air music events, or stage performances.

The above classifications are only based on the size of this series on the market today, and are not industry standards.
Are Party Speaker Enclosures Durable?
The enclosures are designed to withstand a variety of environments and conditions of use to ensure their durability and reliability.

They are typically built with sturdy materials such as high-density polymer, wood composite, or metal enclosures.
The common ones are PP/PC/ABS and so on.
These materials are able to provide good shock resistance and wear resistance to withstand bumps, bumps or other external forces in daily use.

Anyway, durability depends on usage and maintenance.
If the loudspeaker is subjected to severe shocks, dropped, or mishandled, even with a durable enclosure, internal components may be damaged.
Are there Disadvantages for party speakers?
Of course, they also have some disadvantages and shortcomings:

1. Heavy Weight and Big Size
They are usually 1-3 feet and larger. 
Although some are equipped with pulleys at the bottom, it is still not very portable

2. Sound Quality Problem
With high volume and bass, the sound quality may lack detail or be distorted, especially in the treble region.

3. Short Battery Life
Battery life is an important issue.
Battery life can be increased through technical means, such as using a larger capacity battery. 
But this also increases the cost and overall weight of the them.

4. Durability
Since they are often used outdoors or in hyperactive environments, their durability can become an issue.

It's important to note that these disadvantages don't apply to all, but are general issues.
What Causes Distorted sound and how to reduce it in Party Speakers?
Party speakers can experience distortion when playing music, especially at high volumes or bass frequencies.
Distortion refers to the deformation or distortion of audio signals during transmission, resulting in reduced sound quality or noise.

Distortion can be caused by a variety of factors, including power limitations, poor audio sources, poor audio quality, and speaker design and quality.

To reduce distortion problems, we can take the following measures:
1. Moderate Volume Control
Avoid turning the volume too high beyond the speaker's rated power.

2. Use High-quality Audio Sources
Use high-quality audio files or streaming services to ensure that the audio itself is of high quality.

3. Adjust Speaker Settings
According to the audio content and environment, adjust the equalizer and sound effect settings of the speaker to obtain better sound quality performance.

4. Choose High-quality Speakers
Choose the speaker for party from reputable brands, and check user and professional reviews for better-sounding.

In summary, distortion problems can exist in party speakers, but with reasonable operation and proper speaker selection, distortion can be minimized and a better sound quality experience can be obtained.
Is The Power of Party Speaker bigger the better?
Of no.
You should choose a suitable power level according to the usage scenario and personal needs.

We can consider the following 4 aspects to consider the power selection.
1. Volume Requirements
Choosing the right power depends on your volume needs. 
If you plan to use it in a large outdoor space or with a large crowd, higher power may be more suitable to ensure that the music can be carried clearly and loudly. 
However, in smaller indoor spaces, too much power can cause excessive dispersion and distortion.

2. Environmental Factors
If you plan to use your boom box near residential areas or where noise restrictions apply, you may want to pay attention to power control to avoid excessive noise. 
In this case, selecting the appropriate power level balances volume requirements and environmental factors.

3. Sound Quality and Distortion
More power doesn't necessarily mean better sound quality. It is important to choose good quality speakers with excellent audio processing capabilities and a proper balance of sound quality. 
Some low-quality speakers can be prone to distortion at high volumes, so choosing the right power is just as important as the speaker's overall quality and design.

4. Budget 
The power is often correlated with price. Higher powered speakers are usually more expensive. 
Therefore, it is wise to choose a suitable power level according to your budget and actual needs.

The power selection of party speakers should be based on factors such as volume requirements, usage environment, sound quality and personal budget.
The most important thing is to find the balance between power and the environment, so that we can get the best music experience.