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OEM Speaker Cooperation: Problems and Solutions With Manufacturers In China

OEM Speaker Cooperation: Problems and Solutions With Manufacturers In China

Feb 23,2024
OEM speaker manufacturer China
Speaker Facotry Production in China
OEM Speaker Cooperation
Here we'll list the 9 main problems and solutions in the process based on AUSMAN's experience and experience in speaker OEM manufacturing. 
It will help companies or people who have OEM needs with manufacturers in China.

What Is Speaker OEM?
OEM speaker cooperation means branders find OEM factories to manufacture speakers with their logo.
For brands or wholesalers, this cooperation model has no manufacturing burden and can provide them with high-quality supply. 
It can save huge R&D and manufacturing costs and is a common manufacturing model currently.

The Advantage of Speaker OEM In China
As the world's factory, China can provide low-price and high-quality OEM products, so it has naturally become the first choice for brand owners looking for OEM partners.

The Common Kinds Of OEM Speakers In China
OEM Bluetooth Speakers
OEM Portabler Speakers
OEM Pro speakers
OEM Soundbar Speakers
OEM Car Audio Speakers
OEM Outdoor Speakers

Table of contents  
1. OEM Speaker Cooperation
2. 9 Problems in OEM Speaker Cooperation
    ① Is the Supplier Worth Trust?
    ② Language and Cultural Barriers
    ③ Manufacturing Capability
    ④ Quality Control
    ⑤ Difficult to Custom Features For Your Local Market
    ⑥ Unclear Purchasing and Manufacturing Processes
    ⑦ The Importance of Effective After-sales Support
    ⑧ Law Problem: Intellectual Property Concerns
    ⑨ Negotiation: OEM Speaker Manufacturers China Price
3. How To Find Reliable OEM Speaker Manufacturers in China
    Researching Chinese Speaker Companies
    Assessing Manufacturer's Reputation and Experience
4. Case Studies of Successful OEM Speaker Cooperation
    Why You Need Case Studies?
    Highlighting Best China Speaker Brands
    Sharing Positive Experiences with Chinese Manufacturers
5. Conclusion

Bluetooth speaker manufacturing line
9 Problems in OEM Speaker Cooperation
1. Is the Supplier Worth Trust?
The risks associated with cross-border trade are significantly higher compared to domestic trade due to various influencing factors. 
For example: exchange rate fluctuations, non-delivery after receiving deposits, or delayed shipments.

Selecting a trustworthy supplier is paramount.
For companies with ongoing procurement needs, it's advisable to engage directly with manufacturers rather than intermediaries. 
This approach can help reduce costs while ensuring both quality and after-sales support.

What You Need To Do?
To identify suitable suppliers, extensive research is necessary.
Engage in communication with manufacturers, request qualification certificates, inquire about prior cooperation experiences in your country, or conduct on-site inspections at Chinese factories. 
There are no shortcuts in this process.
2. Language and Cultural Barriers
Communication is the basis of any cooperation. 
One of the most significant barriers to OEM speaker collaboration is language and cultural differences.

The same thing may have different names in different regions. For example, "Tower speaker" refers to a larger-sized floor-standing speaker.
"Tower speaker" is very common in America, the Middle East, and Europe, except China.

What You Need To Do?
You both need to reach a consensus through pictures, professional translators, and multiple meetings or communications to ensure that the needs of both parties are treated from the same perspective.

3. Manufacturing Capability
The assessment of OEM factories' production capacity is a crucial collaboration metric.
It directly impacts your sales strategy.

The production capacity of each factory is different, which is related to equipment, factory and management.
For example, plastic speakers can be produced much faster than wooden speakers.

Brand owners should request a production and supply plan from the OEM factory.
If their production capacity doesn't meet your requirements, consider skipping them altogether. 

Here's AUSMAN's "Tower Speaker" production plan list.
From the list, our customers will know the time and delivery required for the corresponding purchase quantity.
In addition, after the order is initiated, our sales specialists will regularly send progress information (information, emails) to customers, so that customers can learn about their order status at any time and arrange freight forwarding logistics.
OEM speaker manufacturer China

4. Quality Control
Ensuring consistent quality throughout production batches presents a notable challenge. 
While Chinese OEM speaker manufacturers may provide attractive pricing, the potential for inferior workmanship is a significant concern. 
Effectively managing quality control necessitates thorough supervision and regular audits to maintain standards.

What You Need To Do?
As a purchaser, at first, uou need to confirm that the OEM company has production qualifications, such as ISO, and whether the product can pass relevant certifications, such as CE in Europe and SOSA in Saudi Arabia.
Then, you must list the quality specifications in the contract.

If traveling to China for inspection isn't feasible, you can engage a third-party testing agency to finish it.
For example.
Reputable testing institutions in China include: SGS, EBO, PONY, CCIC, BV, CTI, SMQ, and TüV.

5. Difficult to Custom Features For Your Local Market
Why Speakers Need Branding and Local Customization?
Branding enhances product recognition, while incorporating specific features can swiftly attract potential customers. 
For instance, developing apps for speakers can effectively engage younger consumers. 
Localized customization helps avoid cultural conflicts and enhances competitiveness in regional markets.

Achieving this requires OEM manufacturers to possess professional sales teams and comprehensive development and manufacturing capabilities. 

Here is precisely how the AUSMAN team operates. 
We have six distinct sales teams, each catering to different regions. 
Our sales representatives are intimately familiar with their respective countries, enabling them to swiftly grasp your requirements and offer expert advice to tailor products perfectly to local markets.

Bluetooth speaker manufacturing line
6. Unclear Purchasing and Manufacturing Processes
This issue primarily stems from the disorganized management within the foundry companies themselves.
It underscores the significance, once again, of brand owners selecting speaker OEMs with credentials, manufacturing/export expertise, and dependability.

Additionally, post-order placement, brand owners should maintain regular communication with the foundry to stay informed about the production status, utilizing information, pictures, video calls, and other means.
Achieving this requires OEM manufacturers to possess professional sales teams and comprehensive development and manufacturing capabilities. 

This is AUMSNAN’s OEM order management process.
Once the sales department receives the order, it is forwarded to both the engineering and production departments.
These departments determine the necessary timeframes and delivery dates based on precise customization, quantity, and quality requirements.

During the production of the order, our sales team will provide real-time updates to the customers, including pictures and videos.
Our customers can track the progress and plan sales strategies accordingly based on the delivery date.

7. Effective Efter-sales Support
After-sales maintenance tasks encompassOEM speaker damage, performance failures, upgrade, and more.
While order production may be completed within a few months, product after-sales maintenance extends throughout the entire cooperation process.

This is particularly crucial for import-export trade, where factors like geographical distance, time zone differences, and diverse holidays come into play, affecting communication and support.

Here is how AUSMAN manages its after-sales operations:
Our dedicated after-sales team comprises sales representatives and engineers, typically organized into teams of two assigned to specific accounts.
The salesperson conducts customer visits, gathers feedback, and collaborates with the engineering team to devise solutions. 

Here is our after-sales working rules:
  1. Response to feedback within 6 hours.
  2. Provide solutions within 3 days.

8. Law Problems: Intellectual Property Concerns
The protection of intellectual property (IP) remains a paramount concern for brands engaging in OEM speaker cooperation.
Cases of design theft or unauthorized replication can tarnish reputations and undermine market competitiveness.
Robust contractual agreements and stringent IP protection measures are indispensable in safeguarding proprietary innovations.

Your brand names/logos may have already been registered in China.
Consequently, the OEM speakers you manufacture could potentially infringe upon these trademarks, leading to the seizure of your goods by Chinese customs. 

Subsequently, you may face one to two years of litigation, legal judgments, and compensation claims. 
Surely, no company would like to suffer such an ordeal. 
For detailed cases, please check our post.

9. Negotiation: OEM Speaker Manufacturers China Price
Pricing and Negotiation Challenges
Navigating pricing structures and negotiation dynamics presents yet another obstacle. 
OEM speaker manufacturers in China often quote varying prices based on order volumes, product specifications, and prevailing market conditions. 
Skillful negotiation tactics coupled with market research are essential in securing favorable terms without compromising on quality.

You need to be cautious of OEM price traps.
Some OEMs intentionally adjust their prices to undercut competitors in order to secure orders, then proceed to use lower-quality materials to fulfill those orders.

One of our customers in the Middle East contracted a Chinese OEM factory to manufacture a batch of tower party speakers (Pair).
Upon sale, users reported experiencing a burning smell emanating from the speakers during use, followed by complete malfunction.
Consequently, the speakers were left backlogged in warehouses.

In 2023, our founder Randy visited this customer. 
Upon disassembling the speakers, Randy discovered that the entire batch was equipped with low-quality PCB boards and capacitors, resulting in power overload and ultimately burning out the motherboard.

Finding Reliable OEM Speaker Manufacturers in China
Researching Chinese Speaker Companies
Conducting thorough research on prospective OEM speaker manufacturers in China is the initial step towards forging successful partnerships. 
Leveraging online resources, industry directories, and trade exhibitions facilitates the identification of reputable players with a proven track record.

Google is a very excellent search engine and many of our clients find us through Google.
Another way is B2B platforms, such as TradeWheel, Forie, etc.
The Chinese suppliers above have passed corporate certification, and you can find a reliable speaker OEM factory through screening.

Bluetooth speaker manufacturing line
Some of The Cetifications For Speakers
Assessing Manufacturer's Reputation and Experience
Delving deeper into the manufacturer's reputation and experience is crucial for mitigating risks. 
Chinese speaker companies with extensive tenure and positive client testimonials offer reassurance of reliability and professionalism, thus warranting closer consideration.

Another brand of our parent company 7-Sword Electronics, "IBR", has a good corporate reputation in the Middle East and South Asia, which indirectly brings inquiries and orders to our company.

Case Studies of Successful OEM Speaker Cooperation
1. Why You Need Case Studies?
China boasts a comprehensive industrial chain, affording unique advantages in raw materials, assembly, manufacturing, and logistics. However, there are significant variations in manufacturing capabilities and quality control among Chinese companies. 

Brand owners must carefully choose OEM factories aligned with their product paths and quality standards. 
This can save you huge costs on development, production, and after-sales maintenance costs.

2. Highlighting Best OEM speaker manufacturers or Bands In China 
Several Chinese speaker manufacturers have garnered acclaim for their commitment to innovation and quality.
Brands like D&W exemplify excellence in OEM earphone cooperation, MR Audio is a professional car audio manufacturer, and Swan is a relable Bluetooth speaker manufacturer in china.
By the way, Swan also supplies OEM speaker drivers
Here is Swan website.
More: " Swan Speaker 

3. Sharing Positive Experiences with Chinese Manufacturers
Countless success stories underscore the immense potential for fruitful collaboration with OEM speaker manufacturers in China.

OEM speaker cooperation presents both challenges and opportunities for brands seeking to leverage the expertise of manufacturers in China.

By surmounting linguistic barriers, implementing robust quality control measures, safeguarding intellectual property rights, and fostering transparent communication, businesses can navigate the intricacies of OEM speaker cooperation with confidence and resilience.

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