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The Importance of Custom Bluetooth Portable Speakers for Wholesale

The Importance of Custom Bluetooth Portable Speakers for Wholesale

Jan 6,2024
Custom portable bluetooth speaker

Customized Speakers Becomes A Marketing Trend
Bluetooth portable speakers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They can be used indoors and are a fast and convenient way for people to enjoy music and audio on the go.

However, the market has witnessed a significant shift towards customization, especially in the wholesale segment. 

The importance of wholesale customized portable Bluetooth speakers is becoming more and more obvious, and it has become one of the areas of fierce competition among wholesalers.

Table of contents  
1. The Development of All-in-one Bluetooth Speakers
2. The List of Portable Bluetooth Speaker Customization Projects
3. Molds Are The Largest Part of Customization Costs
4. Bluetooth Speaker Box Customization
5. Advantages of Customized Portable Speaker Bluetooth
6. Choosing the Right Manufacturer Is Your First Step
7. Custom Bluetooth Speaker Box Design According to Marketing
8. Affordability of Custom Bluetooth Portable Speakers
9. Quality Assurance in Customization
10. Market Trends and Demand
11. Embracing the Latest Technological Features

The Need of All-in-one Portable Bluetooth Speakers
All-in-one portable Bluetooth speaker functions
Intelligence + Multi-function Are The Direction
In the early days, Bluetooth speakers were basic devices with limited functionalities. However, with technological advancements, these speakers have evolved into sophisticated gadgets that offer a range of features. For example, TWS/Wifi/Intelligent voice/APP. 

The portable speaker has become a multifunctional all-in-one electronic device. These provide manufacturers with a basis for customization. The customization function also effectively differentiates the wholesaler's products from competitors, which is beneficial to your market sales.

The List of Customization Projects
High Customization Makes Your Product More Distinctive
1. Bluetooth Speaker with Company Logo
    Incorporate the company logo seamlessly into the speaker design for enhanced branding.
2. Tailored Audio Specifications
    Customize audio specifications to optimize performance based on specific needs.
3. Unique Designs and Themes
    Create eye-catching designs and themes for speakers to stand out in the market.
4. Bluetooth Speaker Box Customization
    Design a custom speaker box that extends branding and provides a cohesive brand experience.
5. Industry-Specific Customizations
    Tailor speakers to meet the specific needs of different industries, such as rugged designs for outdoor use.
6. Smart Integration
    Incorporate smart features like voice control, app integration, and connectivity with other devices.
7. Eco-Friendly Materials
    Use sustainable materials in customization to align with environmental values.
8. Charging Solutions
    Customize charging features, such as built-in battery, wireless charging or fast-charging options.
9. LED Lights
    Incorporate customizable LED lights into the design for a dynamic visual impact.
10. Customizable Control Interfaces
    Explore customization options for control interfaces, such as touch controls or programmable buttons.
    Through customization, users can connect to a variety of devices, such as electronic keyboards, guitars, or live broadcasts.
11. Weather-Resistant and Water Proof Design
    This allows the speaker to be used in outdoor venues, such as swimming pools, forests, beaches and other humid environments.
12. Personalized Accessories
    Extend customization to accessories like carrying cases, straps, or mounts for a comprehensive brand experience.

Molds Are The Largest Part of Customization Costs
How To Save The Custom Molding Cost?
No matter which type of speaker, the molds are needed.

We have discussed the mold development costs of different types of speakers in the article "Save Huge Cost: Working with Speaker Enclosure Molding Factory". You can learn the specific data from the list on the left.

Wholesalers and buyers can get mold cost reimbursement from manufacturers through long-term cooperation, thereby further reducing development costs.
Speaker case custom mold cost and process

Advantages of Customized Portable Speaker Bluetooth
Speaker case custom mold cost and process
Custom Features Make Your Company Stand Out
One of the main advantages of choosing a custom Bluetooth speaker is the ability to incorporate your company logo into the design. In addition, businesses can select elements or features that align with sales in local markets to ensure optimal performance.

For Example: 
AUSMAN AUDIO's customers, in different regions also have different requirements for OEM.
Customers in South America like louder external sound, and in the Middle East MP5 functions is popular.

Choosing The Right Manufacturer Is Your First Step
Chinese Manufacturers Are Your First Choice
For buyers or wholesalers, choosing the right manufacturer is crucial. Over 5,000 speaker manufacturers and suppliers in China provide you with a wide range of choices.

World-famous speaker brands like JBL/BOSE/Harman Kardon/Anker/Edifier also have production bases in China, which shows the reliability of Bluetooth Speaker Manufacturers in China.

For Example: 
W-King/Swan Speaker/HiVi/IBR/AUSMAN
portable bluetooth speaker factory workshop

Custom Bluetooth Speaker Box Design According to Marketing
wooden empty speaker box
Personalized Appearance Is More Attractive.
A well-designed and customized Bluetooth speaker box not only protects the product but also serves as an extension of the brand. Wholesalers can explore various design options to create products that stand out in terms of performance and packaging.

For Example:
A personalized logo can increase brand recognition;
The appearance combined with trendy elements will be favored by young people.
The built-in battery life of more than 10 hours will be the first choice for outdoor activities.

Affordability of Custom Bluetooth Portable Speakers
Contrary to common belief, opting for custom Bluetooth speakers doesn't necessarily break the bank. In fact, there are cost-effective solutions available in the market. Finding the best custom portable speaker Bluetooth factory in China can result in affordable yet high-quality products for wholesale purposes.

AUSMAN AUDIO will return customers' customization fees (mold fees) to customers in stages through a long-term cooperation strategy.
In other words, customer customization is "zero investment."
portable bluetooth speaker connected with guitar

Quality Assurance in Customization
Black Leather Vintage Speaker AUSMAN AS-PG05
AUSMS Offer Full Certification Production
Maintaining quality is paramount for products. Reputable manufacturers implement strict quality control measures, ensuring that speakers meets the highest standards. 

For Example:
AUSMAN has always adhered to the creed of quality first and implemented a strict quality management system (ISO 9000: 2015) in the production process.
Our portable speakers can be produced according to your quality requirements and pass various regional quality standards, such as CE/RoHS in Europe, FCC in the United States, and SASO in Saudi Arabia.

Applications in Various Industries
Multi-scenario Applications Can Attract More Users 
The versatility of personalized Bluetooth speakers extends beyond the consumer market. Various industries, including hospitality, events, and education, have embraced these devices for their adaptability.

For industrial applications that are not possible, AUSMAN AUDIO provides various types of portable speakers. Our product catalog includes Party speakers/PA speakers/Trolley speakers/Floor-standing tower speakers/Retro Classic speakers/soundbar speakers, etc.
IPX7 water proof portable speakers

Do The Market Trends and Demand With Your Supplier
Analyzing the current market trends is essential for businesses looking to invest in custom Bluetooth speakers. 

The AUSMAN team will work with you to discuss and study your local market needs to customize the products that are most suitable for your wholesale or sale.

Embracing the Latest Technological Feature
Staying ahead of the competition requires integrating the latest technological features into custom Bluetooth speakers. Wholesalers should explore options such as advanced connectivity, enhanced battery life, and innovative audio technologies to offer cutting-edge products to their customers.

Wholesalers can realize related ideas or functions by working with OEM manufacturers.
Create comprehensive portable speakers that used in different scenarios to suit different consumer groups and increase sales.

Customized Bluetooth portable speakers are crucial for wholesale. From branding opportunities to custom specifications, businesses can gain numerous benefits by investing in personalized audio solutions.

Customization can improve brand recognition, product performance and differentiation in different geographical markets, thereby achieving growth in brand value and sales.

What Should You Do Now?
Share the characteristics of portable Bluetooth speakers in the local market with AUSMAN team, custom a new and competitive models for better sale.
Read: Portable Bluetooth Speakers: China OEM Factory Advantage "

1. Are custom Bluetooth speakers more expensive than generic ones?
Contrary to common belief, custom Bluetooth speakers can be cost-effective, especially when sourced from reputable manufacturers.
You can achieve "zero investment" in customization costs by establishing a long-term contract with AUSMAN.

2. How can I ensure the quality of custom Bluetooth speakers for my business?
Selecting a reliable manufacturer with a proven track record and stringent quality control measures is crucial for ensuring product quality.

3. Can personalized Bluetooth speakers be used in industries other than consumer electronics?
Yes, personalized Bluetooth speakers find applications in various industries, including hospitality, events, and education.

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