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Custom Trolley Speakers

Custom Trolley Speakers

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OEM Trolley Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier In China
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As one of the trolley speaker leading manufacturers in China, AUSMAN AUDIO is committed to speaker manufacturing since 2010.
Our vision is to improve product performance and reduce manufacturing costs to benefit users.

We improve products from product design, raw materials, manufacturing processes, quality standards, etc., and provide customers with the possibility of customized manufacturing.
The custom projects encompass brand OEM, performance customization, software development for wholesale, import, SKD and so on.
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Leveraging AUSMAN's extensive speaker manufacturing expertise, we can offer customers a plethora of customized options for trolley speaker OEM. 
Custom solutions include sound solutions, styles, LED lights, pull rods, waterproofing, and dustproofing.

AUSMAN's technical team redefines performance based on actual end-user needs.
We offer over 100 custom options and you can find the perfect solutions here.

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Customized Solutions and Manufacturing Process
AUSMAN's team operates with the goal of ensuring that all customers can find satisfactory products or problem-solving solutions here.

The following is an introduction to our customer procurement or customization process.
You will konw how AUSMAN completes a customized project for customers throught the following steps.
custom trolley speaker plan
Product Plan
Through the survey, custom the trolley speaker solution for you.
Product Demo
Preliminary design of the product's 2D drawings or 3D demo.
amplifier of trolley speaker
Performance Confirmation
Confirm the desired performance and unique features from your side.
Physical Prototype of trolley speaker
Physical Prototype Production
Manufacture a physical model based on the previous steps and conduct testing.
Audio Test Curve
Testing and Feedback
Deliver the model to the customer for testing and make adjustments based on feedback.
trolley speaker boxes of Mass Production
Mass Production
Develop the optimal mass production plan and proceed with bulk production.

Wooden/Plastic Speaker with Pull Rod and Wheels
Based on AUSMAN Audio's manufacturing experience, we divide it into two major categories.
Here they are distinguished by the material of the trolley speaker box.

We think it will be easier for people to understand, because they are completely different in the production process of early stage.
In addition, you can also learn about the popular name of the speaker trolley with wheels on the market.
Ok, let's drive right into it.

wooden trolleys speaker
Wooden Speaker Box
Plastic Trolley Speakers
Plastic Speaker Box
Wooden Trolley Speakers
The design styles can be diverse, and the sample production cycle is short, with low mold costs and low development costs.
They are convenient for wholesalers with local brand influence to develop new styles.
Due to the longer production time and cycle for wooden cabinets, the average production output is around 200-500 units per day.
In Ausman's product catalogue, there are 8 models belong to this category.
For example

Plastic Trolley Speakers
New model development requires the creation of molds, which incurs higher costs (generally over $5,000) and longer lead times (AUSMAN's fastest new product development requires a minimum of 40 days).
However, once the molds are completed, production and assembly efficiency is significantly higher, with output reaching 2,000-5,000 units per day.
Most of the AUSMAN trolley speaker boxes are made of plastic.
You can check the models on the catalogue above.

The above classification is only classified from the manufacturing process, and it is also easy for readers to understand.

Other Trolley Speakers
Of course, the classification of their characteristics is also recognized by consumers.

l Portable trolley speaker: With samll size and focus on portability during use.
l Bluetooth trolley speakers: Named after the Bluetooth function.
l Party trolley speaker: Named after a specific scene.
l Trolley speakers with wireless microphone: Highlights additional entertainment features.
l LED light-equipped trolley speakers: Accentuate the lighting effect.
l Karaoke trolley speakers: highlight the use of K-song.

l Battery-powered trolley speakers: Highlight Built-in Power Bank.
l Outdoor/indoor trolley speakers: Differentiated by the place of use.
l DJ party trolley speakers: Highlighting Entertainment Features.

l USB/SD card-supported trolley speakers: Classified by the sound source.
l FM radio trolley speakers: Highlight the function of radio reception.
l Multifunctional trolley speakers with built-in amplifiers and mixers: Highlighting the product's comprehensive functionality.
Portable Model AS-E08
LED Lighting trolley speaker
LED Model AS-5053
Karaoke trolley speaker
Karaoke Model AS-1608 
Bluetooth Model AS-1801


Why Mnaufacturer AUSMAN Can Meet Your Market Needs ?
 l Collaboration Starts with Details
From the moment you view AUSMAN's information, our collaboration begins.
The early-stage collaboration includes product consultation, repeated confirmation of customized product performance, payment, and delivery.

We take responsibility for every detail to meet your requirements.
Details include product performance, logo and packaging design, production arrangement, payment process, and delivery.

 l Direct Manufacturing Source
We directly participate in the design and manufacturing process of this series.
This ensures that every detail meets your quality requirements and the quality acceptance standards of different regions.

 l Stable and Reliable Manufacturing Ecosystem
Through years of manufacturing experience, AUSMAN has established a stable and efficient manufacturing ecosystem.
This ecosystem consists of "low-cost raw material supply-efficient production-convenient logistics distribution."
We control key aspects from the supply chain to the end product, providing reliable product quality and on-time delivery.

trolley speaker logo custom
Logo Custom
Control Panel Design & Layout
 l Comprehensive Customization Capability
For trolley speakers, we possess customization capabilities to meet specific customer requirements and provide unique solutions.
Those who are interested in AUSMAN R&D capabilityes, please go to AUSMAN OEM&ODM Page.

 l Competitive Pricing
As a direct manufacturer, we understand the importance of competitive pricing. We strive to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. 
By eliminating intermediaries and directly manufacturing the trolley speakers, we can provide competitive prices that suit your budget while ensuring excellent product performance.

 l Perfect After-sales Support
Whether it is product warranty, maintenance, or technical support, we have a professional team to provide timely help and solutions to customers 24 hours a day.
The purpose is to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with customers.
Get a hot-selling trolley speaker of your brand, starting from AUSMAN at once.

FAQs For Trolley Speakers
In this section, we will introduce you to the common problems of the trolley speaker.
Whether you are an individual user, a seller, or a brand owner, you can all benefit from this section.
Let's get into it.
l Part 1: Individual Users
1. What Is A Trolley Speaker System?
It is a speaker system that integrates speakers, amplifiers, and a portable design.
It generally has wheels and a retractable handle, and we can easily move it to different positions.
Also, they have installed built-in batteries, which are widely used in outdoor activities.
2. How Is The Sound Quality of Them?
They are PA speaker systems too, and the sound effect is comparable to that of a party speaker.
On the other side, sound quality depends on many factors, including the quality, power and design of the speakers, as well as the acoustic tuning and audio processing technology of the speakers.
But at present, manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature, and the quality of most products on the market is excellent, which can meet our daily needs.
3. What Is The Common Size and Weight?
This series of products emphasizes mobility and outdoor use, and the size and weight design need to take portability into consideration.
Therefore, manufacturers don't design them too big and heavy, but battery life also needs to be considered.

Here are the common size and weight references:
l Dimensions/mm
Cabinet height: 200-600mm, generally not more than 800mm;
The width is 200-300mm, generally no more than 400mm.

l Weight/Kg
Weight range: 2-6Kg, generally no more than 7.5Kg
This is the general parameter summed up by AUSMAN in more than ten years of manufacturing experience.
But there are still a few products that exceed the above range.
4. How Long Is The Battery Life of The Trolley Speaker?
Speaker battery life depends on several factors, including battery type, frequency of use, volume settings, and usage of other features.

Considering the size and weight, manufacturers generally use smaller lithium batteries instead of lead-acid batteries.
But lead-acid batteries have more advantages in terms of battery life and power.
In general, the battery life of a trolley speaker can be between 2 and 10 hours.

The average battery life of most of AUSMAN's battery speakers is 6 hours.
For example, here is the battery solution of AUSMAN AS-1518: 7.4V/3600 mAh Li-ion Battery, and the battery life is 6 hours.

In addition, continuous high volume and frequent use of extra functions such as Bluetooth connection and LED lights will consume more battery energy.
5.What Are The Connection Methods and Audio Input/Output Interfaces?
The trolley speaker integrates speakers, amplifiers, and batteries to enhance its portability and ease of use outdoors.

They generally provide multiple ways to connect to audio devices, such as wireless Bluetooth, USB flash memory, TF card, and 3.5mm/6.5mm AUX interface.

We connect K-song with a wired or wireless microphone, and then it becomes a Karaoke device.
Some manufacturers also add XLR/1/4 inch input, which is convenient for users to connect guitars, keyboards, and other musical instruments.
6. How To Use A Trolley Speaker To Connect Two or More Speakers?
Through the TWS function, we can connect to another speaker to achieve a more shocking playback effect.
7. Does Trolley Speaker Support Radio Function?
Trolley Speaker is an active speaker, and most of the products have radio functions.
We can switch modes at will, such as Bluetooth/USB/FM Radio.
8. How To Use Trolley Speaker To Adjust The Pitch and Balance of Music?
These functions can be realized on its control panel.
These options may be in the form of knobs, buttons, or a touchscreen.
We can adjust the tone and balance of the music by adjusting the corresponding switch.

Tone adjustment usually involves the control of bass (Bass), midrange (Mid) and treble (Treble).
Depending on your personal preference and type of music, you can experiment with different tone and equalization settings until you are satisfied.
You can make fine adjustments at any time to achieve the best sound quality.
9. Do they have lighting effects?
According to AUSMAN's industry experience, only a few trolley speakers have lighting effects before 2015.
But in recent years, most of the products have lighting effects.
These lighting types include LED flash, rainbow lighting effects, light rings, etc.
10. Can We Use It Outdoors?
As one of the outdoor trolley speaker manufacturers, we can tell you responsibly that it is possible.
Their casings are durable and generally dust and water-resistant.

But you need to read the product manual to know whether the waterproof level of the product you purchased is IPX4 (splash-proof) or IPX7 (completely waterproof).
This way you can get an idea of whether it is suitable for the household scenario you will face.
11. How to use trolley speaker for karaoke?
Karaoke with Trolley Speaker is very easy.
Here are the relevant steps for your reference:

1. Prepare the microphone
Either wirelessed or wired is OK.

2. Connect the microphone
Plug the microphone into the microphone port of the Trolley Speaker.
If using a wireless microphone, make sure the microphone is successfully paired with the Trolley Speaker.

3. Select karaoke mode
On the Trolley Speaker's control panel or remote, look for the Karaoke Mode option.
There is usually a dedicated button or setting to switch to the karaoke function.
If there is no shortcut button, skip directly to the next step.

4. Adjust the volume:
As needed, adjust the volume through the volume buttons on the control panel or remote control.

5. Select a song
Choose the song you want to sing.
This can be achieved via Bluetooth connection, USB flash drive or TF card etc. audio input.

6. Start singing
Test the effect to see if your voice can be captured by Trolley Speaker.
At this point, you can start the K-song.

7. Adjust pitch and volume
Fine-tune to suit your personal preferences and sound requirements with the tone and volume controls on the Trolley Speaker.

8. Enjoy your karaoke
Hope you have a pleasant K-song experience.
12. What is the Bluetooth connection range of Trolley Speaker?
The Bluetooth connection range of civil speakers is basically at 11m (33 Feet).

FAQ Part 2: For Distributors/Branders/Wholesalers
Product Duality and Certification
1. Do your products meet international quality standards or certifications?
AUSMAN is a speaker manufacturing and exporting company, our products are mainly exported all over the world.
Therefore, our products can pass the testing standards of various regions.
For example, CE, RoHS, BSCI, FCC, UL, PSE, Telec, Reach, etc.
2. Is there any product quality control system or process?
AUSMAN has always managed our production and quality with the ISO:9001 quality control system.
Facts have proved that this management system is very effective, making our products meet the testing standards of customers.
3. How long is the delivery time? Can it be delivered on time?
The production cycle of the trolley speaker is not long.
The delivery time varies according to the order quantity and testing requirements, generally within 40 days, and the longest is more than 60 days.
AUSMAN will deliver the goods strictly according to the time specified in the contract.
However, some special circumstances may extend the delivery period, such as program changes, natural disasters, or epidemics.
Production and R&D Capabilities
1. How about your company's production capacity?
The Trolley speaker production capacity of AUSMAN can refer to the following two data.
Wooden box: 5000-8000 units per month.
Plastic box: 200K units per month.
2. How about your company's research and development capabilities?
AUSMAN has a research and development team of more than 20 people, with independent research, and development capabilities.
This team includes graphic design, 3D model design, software engineering, hardware engineering and other small teams.
3. How long does it take to develop a new product?
We have an efficient research and development team, so that your project can achieve the effect in the shortest time.
The following is the time required for a trolley speaker from drawing to mass production.
Wooden box: 15-20 days
Plastic box: within 40 days.

Contact For Hight-quality Trolley Speakers or Custom Solutions
If you are interested in custom trolley speakers or want to resell our products, please contact us. 
Our team will help you get further information, including pricing, customization options or technical problems.