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Custom Pro & PA Speakers

Custom Pro & PA Speakers

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Professional Pro & PA speakers Manufacturer & Developer China
AUSMAN's Pro & PA speakers offers a wide range of choice for dictributor around the world.
From music speaker box, sound speaker systems for confoerence rooms, to stage speakers or instrument speakers, you can find a model that match your local market needs here.

As a Professional PA speakers Manufacturer with 12 years of experience, we observe changes in the market and provide the competitive PA speaker that integrates current popular elements and technologies, in order to confirm that it brings value to your brand.

In addition the existing Pro & PA speaker models, we also provide customized services for speaker wholesalers which we call OEM/ODM.
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Custom PA speakr AS-219
What Are PA Speakers?
PA loudspeakers are loudspeakers designed for public addresses and broadcasting systems. 
They are commonly used in meeting and event venues, houses of worship, schools, and other places where sound amplification is required. 

PA speakers come in many shapes, sizes, and power ratings, and can be used in conjunction with other audio equipment such as amplifiers, mixers, and microphones. With the right PA speakers, you can deliver clear sound to your audience.
How to Choose PA Speakers?
1. Place and Size

If you need a PA speaker, you should consider these things first. Depending on the characteristics of the indoor or outdoor space where the speakers will be placed or the number of people who will be listening to a speech or music, you should decide which type would perform and fit better.
Subsequently, you will choose a bigger or smaller speaker with bigger or smaller drivers and more or less wattage.

2. Active Pa speakers

Active PA speakers, also called powered PA speakers or PA speaker systems, combine a power amp and power supply in one, and require less cabling because they don't need to be connected to an external amplifier or mixer to function properly. 
They usually have multiple inputs and outputs on the back panel, so you can connect different devices at the same time.

The benefit of active PA speakers is that they take up less space and are easier to transport because of the built-in amplifier. 
Still, there is a downside to this type of speaker: you can't use an external amplifier like you can with other types of speakers. 
Active PA speakers require their power source (battery or AC outlet) to function properly.

3. Subwoofers

A subwoofer is a low-frequency speaker in a PA system that provides low-end sounds such as bass or drums. The benefit of having a subwoofer is that it makes music sound fuller and more powerful.

If you're playing music in a small room, or you need speakers to play someone's speech, you don't really need a subwoofer. If you're using PA speakers for a big event, you definitely need a subwoofer. 

We all know regular speakers can produce low-frequency sound, but they can't really cut it down like a subwoofer. To experience true full-range sound, a subwoofer is essential.

4. Additional Accessories

Microphones and stands can be essential for microphones and vocal performances. Additionally, you may want to consider cabling and connectors to get the best sound out of your PA speakers. 
If you plan on using your PA speakers outdoors, you may want to look into waterproof covers to protect your speakers from the elements. 

Finally, you may want to consider PA speaker stands, which can help to get the sound to the right level and position in the room. 
With the right accessories, you can make sure your PA speakers are set up and maintained properly for optimal performance.

5. Customer Support

As a speaker wholesaler, when purchasing PA speakers in large quatity from speaker factory, make sure to look for good customer support. Look for a manufacturer that is knowledgeable and can assist you with your purchase. 

If you have any technical questions, make sure you can find someone to answer them. Additionally, make sure to look for any online reviews or customer testimonials before making your purchase. 

By doing your research and considering customer support, you can make sure you get the right PA speakers for your needs. 
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