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Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819

Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819

Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
CategoriesCustom Party Speakers
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Business TypeWholesale/Custom
Minimum Order Quantity200 PCS
CertificationBSCI/FCC/CE/ROHS/REACH ext.
PackingPE Bag+Carton
Place of ProductionChina
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeFeb 28,2024
Detail Information
Your Leading Supplier For Custom Outdoor Speakers China

l You don't know how to expand your product range?

l Your existing suppliers can't meet your product development needs?

l Please check out our customized outdoor speaker with built-in amplifier AS-0819, it might be what you are looking for.

l As one of the outdoor speaker suppliers in China, AUSMAN Audio provides you with more than 500 models. Our design or production capabilities can provide you with comprehensive customization, from appearance, hardware to software.

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  • 2*8"

  • Plastic

  • LEDs

  •  80W

AUSMAN AS-0819 all in one outdoor speaker

l General
Model No:  
Speaker Type:
Party Speaker
Driver Units:
2*8" Woofer+Tweeter
Frequency Response:    

Power Output:

80 W
7.4 V, 3600mAh Lithium Battery
l Weight&Dimensions
5.5 Kg
280 mm/11 inches
560 mm/22 inches
280 mm/ 11 inches

Custom Features
Dual 8-inch Driver Units for High-quality Sound
The wireless speaker system for outdoor AS-0819 uses dual 8-inch woofer drivers, matched with tweeter, which can output high-quality music.
Unique LED Strips: Colorful LED Lighting Effect
The front panel of AS-0819 is uniquely designed and equipped with a dynamic light bar, which adds style and atmosphere to your event.
This feature not only adds color to the speaker, but also makes your event more eye-catching.
Built-in Power Amplifier - Support Multiple Types of Source Access
AS-0819 has a built-in power amplifier, so you don't need additional power amplifier equipment.
You only need to connect the audio source device (mobile phone/computer/MP3) to the speaker, and you can enjoy your favorite tracks immediately.

AS-0819 supports multiple audio source access methods, including Bluetooth, AUX input, USB, MIC, etc. You can easily connect various audio devices according to your needs, so as to realize more diversified music choices.
Portable Design to Meet Your Outdoor Activity Needs
The AS-0817 supplied by AUSMAN Audio China isn't just a speaker;
It's an immersive entertainment experience designed to redefine how you enjoy music.


How Many Watts Is Good For An Active Outdoor Speaker?
The answer may not be very clear to the average consumer.
In fact, this involves two completely different playback environments, indoors and outdoors.

The noise in the indoor environment is small.
For example, in a room of 40-50 square meters, a 6.5-inch 40W speaker can meet our needs when the volume is adjusted to 50%.

The outdoor environment is noisy, and part of the sound will be attracted by the open environment, so we require the sound system with a higher power.
60/80/100/120W is the common output power of outdoor portable speakers, such as AS-0819 adopts double bass driver and 80W design to overcome these influencing factors.

How Does AUSMAN Audio Satisfy Your Brand Customization of AS-0819?
AS-0819 can be customized according to your specific needs.
You can choose the shell color, paint type, Bluetooth version, frequency response curve, etc. to make AS-0819 localized and in line with your sales route.

Why Choose AUSMAN Audio AS-0809 to Expand Your Sales Market?
As a professional audio solution provider, Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with high-quality audio products.
The AS-0819 outdoor speakers represent our commitment to provide superior products.
If you are a wholesaler, audio chain store or home appliance store, AS-0819 can help effectively attract new user groups and expand sales.

speaker with amplifier for your outdoor activity
6-hour built-in battery
80W Output power active outdoor speaker
High-quality bluetooth 5.0 and TWS
easy-operated panel of AS-0819
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AS-0819 product parameters
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