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China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105

China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105

China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
CategoriesTower Speaker
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Output Power240W
Business TypeWholesale/Custom
Minimum Order Quantity200 PCS
CertificationBSCI/FCC/CE/ROHS/REACH ext.
PackingPE Bag+Carton
Place of ProductionChina
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeApr 13,2024
Detail Information

Your Karaoke Party Speaker Leading Manufacturer In China


Dealers will never stop looking for OEM manufacturers with reliable manufacturing and innovative technology.

And AUSMAN's latest Karaoke Party Speaker with Disco Lights AS-PS105 will help you gain more customers' attention.

We combine the popular elements of the karaoke speakers to meet the needs of the current market.

AUSMAN offers AS-PS105 custom solutions based on local user habits to meet different markets.

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  • 4*12"

  • Wood

  • LEDs

  •  240W

China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS105
1000+ Clients Choose AUSMAN
 Your Ideal OEM/ODM Manufacturer 

Custom Karaoke Party Speaker According To Your Market
Item No:
Plastic ABS+Metal
Driver Units:
4*12" Woofers+4*3" Tweeters

Power Output:

Input Voltage/Adapter:
110-240V/AC, 50/60HZ
32 Kg/ 70Lb
Minimum Order Quantity:
200 Units
OEM Price:
Delivery Time:
15-45 Days
Optional Accessories
AUSMAN AS-PT6006 speaker accessories
AS-PS105 Options For Wholesale:
To meet different market needs around the world, we offer a variety of tailor-made accessory combinations.
Accessories: Wired/wireless Microphone, Accessory Logo, Remote Control, Tripod Stand, Color Custom, etc.


Get Quality Bluetooth Karaoke Party Speaker To Delight Your Customers

High Performance Dual-tower Sound System

Home Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS110 Main Box
Performance Overview
Unique, modern aesthetic twin-tower cabinet design, four 12-inch woofers, 240W output power and beautiful dynamic lighting.
It provides users with high-quality sound and gorgeous visual impact.

Brand Custom Options
The manufacturer AUSMAN can help you customize the details to perfectly integrate with your brand and open up the sales market.

AUSMAN Strictly Controls The Whole Manufacturing Process of AS-PS105

We strictly control every part of the production to produce high-quality Bluetooth Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105.

It uses high-quality 12mm thick MDF (Plywood) to make the speaker casing, and each box weighs 32 pounds,
At the same time, we designed the internal structure of the speaker based on acoustic principles.
All of these are prerequisites for providing you with high-quality sound.

Therefore, whether product details or sound, AS-PS105 can help you conquer customers and increase sales.
Quality Plywood MDF

MDF Enclosure Factory
Speaker Box Workshop

CNC Cutting Machine
CNC Cutting Machine

Tower Speaker ABS Control Panel
Party Speaker AS-PS105

Attract Customers with Captivating Dynamic Lighting

The LED light design of AS-PS105 integrates current popular elements and application needs in users' lives.
We equip different LED lights on the front, the top  the LCD area and buttons.

The front face dynamic LED and DISCO light ball on top will synchronize with your music, so it is easy to bring users into the music or party atmosphere.

Brand Custom Options
You can select LED solutions tailored to local market demand, and AUSMAN will support you in executing all projects.
Home Karaoke Speaker System AS-PS110 Main Box


Skyrocket Your Business With AUSMAN Karaoke Party Speaker
How To Custom Ideal  AS-PS110 For Your Market
AUSMAN is a professional manufacturer of Karaoke Party Speakers with Disco Lights.
We've dedicated over 10 years to designing and producing these products.
Just tell us your sales requirements, and AUSMAN will customize PS105 to meet them.

Time Needed
Conventional Custom: 1-3 weeks.
Deep Custom: 3-6 weeks.
Karaoke Party Speaker AS-105 Custom Process

Production Tracking & Shipment Term For AS-PS105

As an OEM supplier, we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the demands of the global market and delivering top-notch customized services to distributors, importers, and audio equipment supermarkets.
The monthly supply capacity of AS-PS105 is up to 20,000 units.
Order Quatity
Production Time
Shipment Term
1000 Units ≦
15 Days
15-20 Days
1000-5000 Units
30 Days
30-40 Days
5000-10000 Units
40 Days
40-50 Days
10000-50000 Units
50 Days
50-60 Days

China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party SpeakerAS-PS105 with disco lights
OEM Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105
the main box of  Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105
Sub -box of AUSMAN AS-PS105

What Shold You Do Now?

Your Reliable Manufacturer For Best Karaoke Party Speaker
Professional Supplier Makes Your Sales Easier

  • 1. Get Cusom Solutions
    By consulting with us, gain insights into the project budget and assess its investment viability.

    2. Deep Investigation
    Visit our factory or schedule a video conference to verify if our manufacturing capabilities align with your sales requirements.

    3. Keep Growing With Technolical Support
    Feedback on the market response to AUSMAN team, keep optimizing to ensure its competitive advantage.
Top panel Karaoke Party SpeakerAS-PS105

Customization Is An Effective Integration of Product With Your Brand and Local Market. 
 We Can Help You Realize It 
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