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Custom Multimedia Speakers

Custom Multimedia Speakers

Custom High-quality Multimedia Speaker To Delight Your Customers
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AUSMAN is a professional multimedia audio manufacturer from China. In 10 years of manufacturing, we have gradually improved and optimized the types and quality.

We provide 2.0/2.1/3.1/4.0/4.1/5.0/5.1/6.0/6.1 channel multimedia speakers and also provide wholesalers or brand owners with a full range of customized services.
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What are your problems with multi media speakers now?
Quality complained by customers? Is the customization cycle too long? Factory delivery is always delayed? Copyright dispute for OEM?

By cooperating with AUSMAN, you will no longer be troubled by these problems.
You can find multimedia speakers that perfectly match your local market at AUSMAN.

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In years of multimedia speaker manufacturing and export trade, manufacturer AUSMAN China, we summarize a set of effective product management experience: product must meet market and user needs, so as to ensure product competitiveness.

We also offer ODM manufacturing for wholesalers around the world, our team can help your company develop a new multimedia speaker to mass production in the 40 days.

AUSMAN Audio ODM projects includes speaker box design, Sound programs, Apps develope and so on, you can find the perfect solutions for your brand here.

What are Multimedia Speakers?
Multimedia speakers are audio speakers specifically designed to provide a higher quality sound experience when listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, or using other audio-visual media. 
They typically include features such as volume control, bass and treble adjustments, surround sound capability, and more. 
Multimedia speakers are designed to bring multimedia content to life and are a great way to enhance your listening and viewing experience.

There are many types of multimedia speakers available, including wired speakers, wireless speakers, home theater speakers, radio speakers, and portable speakers. 
Wired speakers are the most traditional type, using a wired connection to provide basic audio and radio reception, but with poorer sound quality.
Wireless speakers utilize a wireless connection to provide better sound quality, but are limited by the range of the wireless signal.

Home theater speakers are a popular type, providing clearer sound and allowing you to experience a movie theater-like audio and visual experience in your own home.
Radio speakers are also a common type, capable of playing audio signals and receiving radio broadcasts, for both audio and radio reception.

Additionally, there are portable speakers that are designed to be easily carried around, so you can enjoy audio and visuals wherever you go. 
Finally, there are smart multimedia speakers that have intelligent voice capabilities, supporting a range of audio and video devices for all your multimedia needs.

In conclusion, multimedia speakers are popular for their versatility, high-quality sound, and excellent multimedia effects, providing you with a high-quality audio and visual experience.
How to Choose Multimedia Speakers?
1. Budget

When choosing multimedia speakers, you need to determine your budget. 
There are various multimedia speakers with different prices on the market, you can choose the most suitable equipment according to your needs and budget. 
Generally speaking, the higher the price of the equipment, the better the sound quality and functions, but you can also choose according to your budget and your requirements for multimedia audio to meet your needs. 
Be aware that some less expensive equipment may have some functional limitations, so you need to choose your multimedia speakers carefully to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

2. Applications

Multimedia speakers can be used for home entertainment, business presentations, home KTV, etc. 
You can choose the multimedia speakers you need according to your needs and the functions of the equipment. 
For example, if you need to use it for home entertainment, you can choose to include speakers that connect to mobile phones, computers, etc., so that you can watch movies or listen to radio programs at home. 
If you need to use it for business speeches, you can choose a larger speaker to make a stronger sound to meet your business needs.

3. Sound Quality

First of all, you can choose the type and quantity of built-in speakers according to your needs to meet your sound quality requirements, such as how many frequencies, how much volume, etc. 
Second, you can consider the frequency response of the device to determine whether it can meet your needs, such as low frequency, mid frequency, and high frequency response. 
Finally, you also need to consider the signal-to-noise ratio to determine how well your device will perform.

4. Single or Bi-wired

Most speaker models come with either two or four terminals on the back for you to connect the speaker cables. If you choose a home speaker with four terminals, you can bi-wire for better results.
Usually, with a regular set of cables, the speaker launches all sound frequencies equally. If you use bi-wire, your speaker can drive upper/middle/low frequencies individually for a much pure and more precise sound.

5. Adaptability

The adaptability of multimedia audio means that it can be compatible with a variety of devices and can support different input devices. 
For example, it can support different input interfaces such as HDMI, USB, and AUX, or support the connection of mobile phones, MP3, iPod, and other devices. 
In this way, you can switch between different input devices more conveniently, so as to better meet your needs. 
Therefore, when choosing a multimedia speaker, be sure to consider its adaptability.

Customize Multimedia Speakers from AUSMAN
We provide a wide range of multimedia speakers customization services, from the initial custom design to installation and commissioning, we can meet your needs. 

First of all, our custom design team can provide the best design solution according to your special needs to ensure that your audio equipment can meet your actual needs. 
Secondly, we have a professional technical team that can accurately install and debug your audio equipment to ensure you get the most perfect audio experience. 
Finally, we also offer scheduled maintenance services to keep your audio equipment up and running. 

We will provide you with the most perfect customized audio experience with the best service.