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China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30

China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30

China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30
China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30China Factory DJ Karaoke Speaker For Sale AUSMAN AS-PS30
CategoriesTower Speaker
BrandAUSMAN Audio Speaker Manufacturer and Supplier
Output Power240W
Business TypeWholesale/Custom
Minimum Order Quantity200 PCS
CertificationBSCI/FCC/CE/ROHS/REACH ext.
PackingPE Bag+Carton
Place of ProductionChina
FOB portGuangzhou/Shenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeFeb 28,2024
Detail Information
Your Leading Supplier For Portable Speaker With Bass In China

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l Enhance your user experience and brand value with the AUSMAN AS-PS-30 DJ Karaoke Speaker.Crafted by China manufacturer and supplier Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd.

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  • 4*12"

  • Wood

  • LEDs

  •  240W

DJ Karaoke Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS30

l General
Model No:  
Active DJ/Karaoke System
Driver Units:
4*12" Woofer+Tweeter
Frequency Response:    

Power Output:

120 W
120-240 DC
l Weight&Dimensions
22 Kg
850 mm/33.5 inches
320 mm/12.6 inches
320 mm/12.6 inches

Custom Features That Make Your Brand Stand Out
Stand Out at Every Event
AUSMAN Audio AS-PS30 DJ Karaoke Speaker boasts an impressive 240W output power, delivering thumping bass and crisp highs that keep your audience grooving all night long. It is designed to take your sound to the next level.

Customize Experience For Your Local Market
At AUSMAN, we understand that every city' party DJ speakers have their unique style.
That's why we offer customization services for the AS-PS30, allowing you to tailor it to your local market. 
The power supply battery or AC is optional.
Customize the DJ experience for your clients with discover the AS-PS30 DJ PA Karaoke Speaker.

Elevate Your Events with Captivating Light Circles
The manufacturer of the AS-PT102, Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd., is renowned for excellence. For instance, in designing the LED light strip, we opted for a subtle approach by installing it along the metal grill and the edge of the plastic casing. This enhances the live effect when music plays without being overly flashy. 
Light Up Your Events with Dynamic Sound and Lights.
Customize your light mode to match your market's preferences.

Experience Mesmerizing Lights and Sound
Featuring two 12-inch woofers and two 2.5-inch tweeters, AUSMAN AS-PS30 creates a dynamic audio experience. 
The colorful light circles add a visual spectacle to your performances, while the LED screen display adds a touch of sophistication. 
The MDF box body and ABS operation top board ensure durability and ease of use. At the same time, the MDF cabinet can effectively improve the sound quality.

Total Control at Your Fingertips
Total Control at Your Fingertips
One of the standout features of the AS-PS30 is the ability to control each speaker's volume independently. This versatility allows users to use one or two speakers depending on the needs of different scenarios.

Join the AUSMAN Revolution and Wholesale To Expand Your Market

Whether you're a distributor, importer, or audio product store, AUSMAN invites you to join our global network. This powerful 2.0 Karaoke system can satisfy your customers.

Elevate your DJ experience with the AS-PS30 DJ Karaoke Speaker from AUSMAN. Get ready to make your mark at parties, karaoke nights, and events like never before. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale opportunities and how you can get your hands on this exceptional speaker.


1. What Is The DJ PA Karaoke Speaker Price of AUSMAN AS-PS30?
We can provide different price plans according to different customer needs, such as ex-factory price/FOB/CIF, etc.
It costs about US$100 from the factory, and we can develop different customization and quotation plans according to your situation.

2. Can We Customize Accessories For My Brand?
Our customized accessories include the following:
Outer packaging design, microphone (wired/wireless/quantity) and DJ Pa Karaoke Speaker Manual, etc.

karaoke DJ Speaker System Pair
DJ Pa Karaoke Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS30
DJ Speaker with LED Display
Easy-operated panel of AUSMAN AS-PS30

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DJ Karaoke Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS30
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